Friday, December 31, 2010

It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen;

 ... but it's even harder to give up when you know it's every thing you want!!!
(starring Pomo, street dog who followed us all the way up to 3,500m altitude. She was that HUNGRY!!)

I've been home for 2 weeks now - just in time for Santa to come and go.
I shouldn't tell you that, should I, seeing I have been so remiss in keeping in touch :(
I have soooo missed you. REALLY I HAVE.
I wanted to write while I was in India (sigh)
But it just seemed a bit too complicated 
sorta like "getting my ambitions mixed up with my (internet) capabilities..."

Although "getting your ambitions mixed up with your capabilities" 
is a predominant affliction in India and one I might try to cultivate carefully afterall!

I  suitably admonished myself for my lack of will power but promised myself I would make it up to you all while in Australia picking up the Messies and visiting M'ma for 4 days...

Of course, that was rather naïve on my part...

...Paying your mother a 4 day visit when you haven't seen her for 2.5 years comes with an implicit warning... something vaguely to do with not holing yourself up in an office if you want to get your Messmonsters back ... So what could I do but hit the waves in front of the Mooloolaba surf club with my M'ma and chicks in tow.?

"What about blogging in New Zealand then?" I hear you ask.

Erm, let's just say I'm currently writing the guide on how to see 20,000 cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmothers and fabulous friends in 10 different towns over 4,000km, while getting the Messmonsters to relive every possible experience I could've had before I was 11. They have come back to France proficient in Kiwi English, Aussie English and knowing what Maori airconditioning is!! We saw seals, kiwis and glow worms, smoked salmon, caught eels and trout, swam in rivers, climbed glaciers and learnt that 'If it weren't for your gumboots, where would you be?'
(Libellule would be barefoot, as usual!)
YET still NO time to blog!! 

Since I've been home the Mac has watched me forlornly from the corner while I put up the Christmas decorations, cleaned the house, shopped for Yummy Christmas dishes and swept the chimney in time for the ritual descent of the lovely man in the red suit and big black boots. 
So seeing I didn't make it in time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and while there's a lull in the New Year's preparations, and a brief pause in the newly resumed homeschooling, I've hijacked the computer, hell bent on sending you all a humungous cyber hug complete with an explosion of colour from India...

 ... and wishing you all


May 2011 sparkle and shine brighter than bling for you.

And most of all may you all find the courage to never give up
when you know it's everything you want!!

Looking forward to catching up with you all properly next year!