Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming or going?

It feels a bit like a hurricane has passed over La Rivière since my last post, leaving me quite breathless. I'm not quite sure whether I'm coming or going.

photo from here

In any case, in a couple of hours I'm definitely GOING - taking off to Wales again for another retreat where I'm hoping to find myself before I return to France!

In the mean time, I thought I would give you a bit of an update as to the multitude of things that have been going on in since August 22, including, but not limited to a little splashing around with paint ;-)

First of all there was Beaker's 50th birthday bash to prepare. Yours truly being responsible for catering and decoration. My new studio was requistioned as an emergency food storage unit so I gathered the troops and we spent a couple of days cooking up a storm.

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

The boys looked after turning the house inside out … Literally!

Wine, champagne, food… Talk about the fall of Rome! 
But I'll spare you the boring details :)

What next? 1) Chickpea's 12th birthday sleepover and more cooking/no sleep. 2) A pitiful start to the school homeschooling year that has been put back to my return. The messies are shaking in their boots of course. 3) Trying not to waste the truckloads kilos of tomatoes wonderfully kind friends have been giving me by cooking up relish, sauces and ratatouille…

4) A touch of calligraphy to calm my frazzled nerves…

… with a little colour to brighten up the impending autumn

It's now 8:24 am and I've been sitting here since 7am. 
If I don't shower I'll  never make it to the airport by 10am.
The chutney is still cooking on the hob.
There's no time left for me to make anything else, not even conversation.

Much love and see you after the 17th

I'll be a year older by then, 
and hopefully graced with enough wisdom to start doing less!!