Saturday, July 17, 2010

Filling up my Senses ...

You might have noticed I can't quite make it back to blogging.
This is just a glimpse of why ...
It's summertime and I'm completely overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude for life in general.

Well, there you have it! From time to time I have a soppy moment ;-) Make the most of it as the humour will be back next time. I know, I still have to tell you where I went and why in Wales. I still have to show you my latest artwork, and I'm pleased to say, I've been productive afterall ...
But in the mean time - I've been too busy just with the pure joy of being alive.

Hope you are too.


PS - This song brings back childhood memories. There is an interesting string of exquisitely happy coincidences that are happening in my life at the moment which make me giddy with joy. As they continue, I will share them with you. Ever had that feeling like the whole universe is opening up before your eyes? It's a bit like that ...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9 minuti...

I would like to say I have writer's block. In fact - I almost passed it off that way ;-)
I will admit to spending an inordinate amount of time over the last week
playing in my own back yard, painting, and 
watching my youngest messmonster play with his little Italian best friend.
They talk and talk like two old dames.
It's fascinating enough for me to spend my whole day observing them from behind my paintbrush.
Natter. Natter. Natter.
But now I'm under stress.
I have 9 minuti only to make sure the pasta is perfect.
For this boy only eats what 'La Mama' cooks.
Thank Crikey I won 'The Silver Spoon Cookbook for Kids'
from Meredy or 'La Mama' may not leave me her son tomorrow ;-)
And then how would I occupy my Pokemon so I could paint?
9 minuti doesn't leave me much time for doodling or painting for Amelia's art course.
But I slipped a bit in.
These are the fun, playing around doodly bits that I just never allow myself to do. 
The pasta's boiling over.
Beaker's away so my evening is free after the two 'old dames' are in bed for me to drop by later.  Expect a visit!
Ciao Ciao Bellas ;-)
9 minuti goes so fast ...

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