Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9 minuti...

I would like to say I have writer's block. In fact - I almost passed it off that way ;-)
I will admit to spending an inordinate amount of time over the last week
playing in my own back yard, painting, and 
watching my youngest messmonster play with his little Italian best friend.
They talk and talk like two old dames.
It's fascinating enough for me to spend my whole day observing them from behind my paintbrush.
Natter. Natter. Natter.
But now I'm under stress.
I have 9 minuti only to make sure the pasta is perfect.
For this boy only eats what 'La Mama' cooks.
Thank Crikey I won 'The Silver Spoon Cookbook for Kids'
from Meredy or 'La Mama' may not leave me her son tomorrow ;-)
And then how would I occupy my Pokemon so I could paint?
9 minuti doesn't leave me much time for doodling or painting for Amelia's art course.
But I slipped a bit in.
These are the fun, playing around doodly bits that I just never allow myself to do. 
The pasta's boiling over.
Beaker's away so my evening is free after the two 'old dames' are in bed for me to drop by later.  Expect a visit!
Ciao Ciao Bellas ;-)
9 minuti goes so fast ...

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  1. Lovely images there - in words and pictures! Our boys' best friends are half Swedish and I love hearing them all communicate in French but with English and Swedish asides...

    Hope the pasta went down well!

  2. that child cracks me up~ we too have sunshine today and I am going to finish my lunch and then head outside to wash cars and enjoy the sunshine. I will however have both of my telephones close at hand... just in case...

  3. Finalmente!

    Oh busy mama...sounds like you are having busy time. Hopefully you are enjoy the sunrays and the boys.
    I am off to sew my quilt.


  4. Well Spent!
    Love the scribblly doodly piece...

  5. What a cute post Ange....love little boys at play...I will have to check on the course...haven't had much time at all this week.
    I am sure your doodles are fabulous!

  6. Brilliant typewriter! and your scribbledy-doodle- do is definately to my taste. Keep up the good work, and enjoy listening in on your childrens play, its so amazingly precious hearing all that goes on. xx

  7. Scribbly-doodles! Yes, I think I need to cut myself a slice of scribble time...

  8. I'm loving your doodling Ange! I am so far behind with Amelia's course - need a few quiet moments to try and catch up - and play of course!

  9. This is sweet Ange, you're so right to take the time to appreciate the special bits that each age brings.

    Nice doodle!

  10. beautiful ange, absolutely loving your post.
    sending you virtual hugs & hoping you enjoy every minuti of everyday ♥

  11. Had to laugh, as my husband and I say the same thing about our 11 year-old boy and his best friend ~ they are like a couple of old men when they chatter away in the back seat on the way to baseball practice or games! Guess it's a global phenomonen. Fun doodle ~ Mama's got to have her time, too! xx Suzanne

  12. Especially love those cream colored doodles in that beautiful wash of dreamy deep pink tones Ange. And nine has always been my favorite number! What a fun day you must have had with your art and the boys! ~Lili

  13. its WAY too nice outside to work. the season is so short. i wish i could take summers off.... not yet.

  14. I am convinced you do your best work when you are under pressure dear Ange!
    Millie ^_^

  15. Love the "doodles"! Though to me this is fine art not doodles, my friend. Enjoy the ease of summer days! ~ Sarah

  16. So cute! I love your new piece and I wish I was about to sit down at your table.

  17. Goodness Ange, you can multi-task like nobodies business! Glad the cook book's hitting the spot:) Your day sounds utterly, completely perfect...a day playing and watching and enjoying your children is never wasted. By the way, your doodle deserves a frame. Love it. Meredy xo.

  18. oh so lovely to see some of your experimenting dear Ange :) It's gorgeous I want to see more ;) I am glad you are getting to fit bits and pieces in with messmonsters about! I am going CRAZY; stitching, cutting, sploshing for my show that is coming up, wish you could come!!


  19. Amelia's course was such fun. In fact, I am working on a doodling project myself right now - as inspired by our wonderful teacher and this art here (Nikki Farquah...son)

  20. Dear Ange,

    I am speechless as I look at the typewriter! I know I am getting off the subject but I saw one in mint condition at my children's elementary school a few years ago in the storage room. Since I was friends with the principal, I was going to ask if I could have it. Now I wish I did, for I learned it was dumped into the trash.

    Nine minutes, mmmm. Not much one can do in nine minutes and I need to be off an running to the bank, get gasoline, pay the registration on the car and get some items from the grocery store as I would like to try my hand at making bread, and here I am to be twenty-eight minutes back for a chat on-line. I don't think I am going to make it . . .

    I do love your writing style.

    Take care,

  21. Yuummmmm noodling and doodling I'm now hungry for pasta but it's gonna have to be noodles

  22. Oh you are so funny Ange! I hope the pasta was good...I just ordered the same kids cookbook by the Silver Spoon.
    Enjoy your summer and don't stress about not being here, even though you are missed :)

  23. Hooray for time for doodly bits!!

  24. You are so witty, Ange. I bet the pasta was delicious!

  25. Hi Ange. I just popped in to say Hi after reading about you on Laura's blog and seeing the sweet things you sent her. You calligraphy is beautiful as well as your heart.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  26. A beautiful 9 minutes if you ask me and those typewriters are to die for!
    Now Ange...where did you go just a few short weeks ago???

    Wishing you peace and more peace on this beautiful day :)

    Jeanne xx

  27. you paint a beautiful picture with your words not only on your boards but in your blog. It took me to a place of peace and calm even in the chaos of children and dinner boiling over. Your child is so blessed to have such a sweet, creative mama to watch over. What an interesting life in a lovely place. Thanks for your comment....gave me moment to ponder.

  28. I forgot to sign...I am Suz (short for Susan).

  29. Ange.
    I just came here from Laura's blog and her lovely tribute to your friendship. You both sound like very special people and I am so glad you have found each other. I am a sucker for beautiful gifts and gasped over each picture...what lovely things and what lovely calligraphy!

    Her post reminded me of a very special friend I had for five years nd I ended up writing about it on my reply to her...I haven't even written about her, or the illness that brought us together.

    I am anxious to read your blog and see your website...it already looks so lovely. I starting blogging with my daughter about four months ago (she set up the blog as gift). We make repurposed jewelry together and have done jewelry together for fifteen years (she is thirty). The blog is about our jewelry, but mostly about our lives and other things we dabble in. i love mixed-media paper and she loves fashion, especially vintage. Come and visit, but only if you would like...


  30. How good of you to spare a few of your 9 minuti on a blog post for us! May we have a bowl of pasta too, from Meredith's cookbook? Anything that woman has touched is full of good pasta karma. It's just coming up to lunchtime here.

  31. The life of a mommy is busy, but I'm so glad you had time to paint. I really like the piece you created!

  32. i'm visiting you in my nine minutes :)

    love what you're painting... very beautiful.

    best wishes for more fun and creativity
    x robyn

  33. ~9 minutes...does it ever...i am stopping time for you today to continue doodling away...so beautiful fresh and fun is this piece...i hope all is well and life is being only kind to you all...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  34. Hi Ange,
    Lovely to see you back.....I've missed you lots.
    Well, if that's an example of your 'doodling', no wonder your 'non-doodling' pieces are so beautiful !! I think that, when you are just fiddling about with something, you are not under any pressure and you work with a freedom that one sometimes doesn't have when it's a commision or something special. I think that it works that way sometimes, don't you ? Anyway, what do I know ? All I know is that it's gorgeous !!
    ....... and, I hope that you didn't go over that magic nine minute deadline ..... little Italian friend would certainly know that his pasta wasn't 'al dente' and might not be allowed to come to dinner gain !!!!
    Hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine ...... our weather has taken a bit of a turn and it's more like Autumn than Summer at the moment !!
    Lots of love and enjoy the outdoors. XXXX


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