Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not all who wander are lost...

This is one of my favourite sayings! While I was contemplating the innate beauty of rust at A New York Magpie's Eye this afternoon I stumbled over it again in the form of this great giveaway over at A Prairie Thistle Life.

I'm a sucker for inspirational jewellery and while I'm significantly reducing my chances of winning by letting you in on it ;-), thought it was so gorgeous that I really did have to share. My conscience wouldn't let me hear the end of it otherwise.

Enjoy the wander over ...


  1. I love inspirational jewlrey as well. In fact, one of my favourites is a sterling silver ring I have with "strength" engraved on the side. =)

  2. I hope you win Ange, since i don't think you'll have much time for producing your own works of art at the moment

  3. thats the theme of my life right now haha. except im not so sure that im not actually lost, but whatever. im enjoying the space between what was and whatever is next.
    have a great day
    ~laura xx

  4. What about if you are lost but not wandering? I feel like that sometimes too!!

    Must say I loved your previous post. What an adventure you've had. Didn't you feel like sneaking into that bath tub out of hours... just to be daring??


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