Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love and Do What You Will (while I'm in Paris)

It's nearly 1.30am and if I was a sensible girl, I would already be well in bed catching a few zeds before the alarm goes off at 6am. Sensible, however, is a word that's been banished from my vocabulary due to its palid shade and boring, flat heeled, black shoes. 

Tomorrow is a mission of LOVE - and we all know that LOVE overrides practical sensibility by a long shot. LOVE prevails. LOVE lifts us up where we belong . Oh Goodness, stop me before I start singing the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and wake the newly arrived messmonsters, would you be so kind?

Paris is reputed to be the city of Lurrrrrrrrrrve n'est ce pas? I've decided to whip up there on a whim and verify that for myself for a week. Ok - not really on a whim… but definitely  on a mission of love. Chickpea has landed on the home shores of Paris at last and is waiting, safely and patiently (Even a little too patiently for my liking: MUM DON'T COME TOMORROW PLEASE BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO GALLERIES LAFAYETTE!!) at her best friend's place for the remaining messmonsters and excited parents to drive up and drag her home kicking and screaming reclaim her.

It's a seven hour drive… which will get us there just in time for afternoon tea at Dalloyau and a wander round Boulogne Billancourt where we used to live. There's a great Lebanese restaurant there which is handy so I don't have to plan dinner! Excellent, that's tomorrow's food taken care of ;-)

Then it's four days jam packed with Angelina's on the rue de Rivoli (for the bona fide best hot chocolate in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD), Berthillon Ice Cream on l'Ile St Louis for the bona fide BEST mango sorbet and chocolate ice cream in the WHOLE UNIVERSE. Honestly, if chocolate grew on trees - that's what it would taste like! And KOBA for the best Japanese meal outside of Japan or Australia in the rue Michodière.  You may be wondering why I am going to Paris and not thinking of escargot or cuisses de grenouille...

Dash the frogslegs. I shall heed St Augustin's words once again and indeed do - or in this case EAT - what I will.  May I suggest you have a wonderful time doing the same :)

Should I reassure you that we are planning to do things other than eating? Like visiting the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Jardin des Plantes for the paleontology department -blame that on Pokemon and his dinosaur craze, Notre Dame... We may even take a ride on the Bateau Mouche and OH GOD! NOT. eat the food!

I've an extra little secret to share with you. Funnily enough, every time I go on holidays 'back home,' coincidence would have it that another Aussie blogger happens to be holidaying in the same place. On Saturday I should be lucky enough to meet up with Julie from Being Ruby in Versailles. where we will see the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes (you can find out more about what it is if you click on the Versailles link). Sigh...  Fitting! The paper that inspired this phrase in Roman Capitals is an old ledger dating from 1715. I must look more closely to see if it isn't the deed to a magnificent chateau! ;-)

Au revoir and see you in a week all chubby cheeked and eyes a sparkle with the late putty recipe. Gloups :( sorry - you'd rather I go to Paris wouldn't you? ) 


  1. Thank you for sharing your Paris with us.

    Sounds delightful and how lovely you are meeting up with blogger Being Ruby.
    That is heartwarming
    Wishes for a super trip
    Helen x

  2. Dear Ange,

    I would like to wish you all the best and I know you will enjoy yourself. While you are having that tea, do pour yourself an extra cup and have it for me . . .

    Warmest regards,

  3. Have a wonderful time - I've just booked a week in Paris for the autumn - yum!

  4. This is all so exciting Ange for many reasons!
    I was up till 1:30am too...with an early morning wake up, what is happening to us Virgo's??
    We are off to the Loire Valley for two weeks and then a Mother and Daughters weekend in Paris. We loved Angelina's and the book store close by. I am taking notes from this I thank you for your suggestions!

    Julie is in France? I have been away from blogging to long....I must catch up.

    Happy creating Ange...Enjoy !

    (and catch some z.....when you can)

    Jeanne xxx

  5. Have a fantastic time! It sounds like you absolutely will... and I'm pretty chuffed too to have a day's itinerary for when I'm in Paris with my girls in September! Have a great time Ange :) Kx

  6. I'm so buoyed up by your exuberance Ange that I'm looking around here wondering what I MYSELF can eat. And please give my warmest respects to Julie, who has been the best of virtual friends. I know I can rely on you both to have a wonderful, blog-worthy time.

  7. Yes, yes LOVE Moulin Rouge.....and especially love throwing "sensible" out the window (who needs it anyway?) Come by anytime when you're feelin' a little homesick or in need of some Aussie comfort.

    Lou x

  8. OK, so here I am at your place fresh from this post
    where I was dreaming of Paris. Then here you are waxing lyrical too. What's a girl to do?

    I want to go to Paris....

  9. oh! It sounds like you will have a marvelous time away! and your calligraphy is wonderful!

  10. Hi dear Ange I'm on the iPad so typing will be atrocious

    Looking forward to saturday and Versailles and may have to follow some of the examples you've suggested above. Now will today be Montmartre or tour Eiffel .. Decisions... Got to work out how to post from iPad

    Bonjour ciao ciao xxx Julie (in Paris)

  11. So envious Ange. Think I'm ready to pack my bags and come to join you. You did say you'd have us for six weeks didn't you? Hope you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy an ice-cream for me. Xx

  12. I just discover your blog thanks to A homeschool story. I love the way you use typography and words. Nice blog ! Stéphanie

  13. So, my wish is that one day you and I will meet in Paris. And we can eat our way across the city. Perhaps next year?


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