Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming or going?

It feels a bit like a hurricane has passed over La Rivière since my last post, leaving me quite breathless. I'm not quite sure whether I'm coming or going.

photo from here

In any case, in a couple of hours I'm definitely GOING - taking off to Wales again for another retreat where I'm hoping to find myself before I return to France!

In the mean time, I thought I would give you a bit of an update as to the multitude of things that have been going on in since August 22, including, but not limited to a little splashing around with paint ;-)

First of all there was Beaker's 50th birthday bash to prepare. Yours truly being responsible for catering and decoration. My new studio was requistioned as an emergency food storage unit so I gathered the troops and we spent a couple of days cooking up a storm.

(click on the photos to enlarge them)

The boys looked after turning the house inside out … Literally!

Wine, champagne, food… Talk about the fall of Rome! 
But I'll spare you the boring details :)

What next? 1) Chickpea's 12th birthday sleepover and more cooking/no sleep. 2) A pitiful start to the school homeschooling year that has been put back to my return. The messies are shaking in their boots of course. 3) Trying not to waste the truckloads kilos of tomatoes wonderfully kind friends have been giving me by cooking up relish, sauces and ratatouille…

4) A touch of calligraphy to calm my frazzled nerves…

… with a little colour to brighten up the impending autumn

It's now 8:24 am and I've been sitting here since 7am. 
If I don't shower I'll  never make it to the airport by 10am.
The chutney is still cooking on the hob.
There's no time left for me to make anything else, not even conversation.

Much love and see you after the 17th

I'll be a year older by then, 
and hopefully graced with enough wisdom to start doing less!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Happy Birthday - obviously a Big One, and enjoy your retreat in Wales.

    Just a note to add that my blog address has changed before I told anyone (typical me - act first, talk second), so it's now

  2. Dear Ange,
    Crikey, you have been busy....but then again you always seem to be doing something exciting !! I'm afraid the weather is abysmal over here so, I hope that it brightens up for you. I know that you're not coming over for the weather but, it always makes things so much better when it's warm, dry and sunny doesn't it ?!
    I hope that Beaker's birthday bash went with a bang and he had a wonderful day. The food looks fantastic and the setting beautiful. Have a wonderful birthday yourself and many happy returns of the day to you.
    Your artwork is stunning.....I admire you so much with all you really put me to shame !!
    I know that you have been extremley busy but, I don't think that you would have it any other way. Take care Ange and enjoy your time in Wales. Much love. XXXX

  3. Oooh la la!
    You've been busy, I see:-)
    Firstly of Happy Happy Birthday to Beaker and lots of Bisous from me and my boys.
    And same thing goes for Chickpea ... OMG she's 12 already! with loads and loads of hugs from me.
    And of course lastly Have a great retreat. I wish you and Early Happy Birthday to you.

    Bisous Bisous,


  4. I hope the candle-power is not sufficient to warrant a visit from les pompiers, Ange! Have a happy time , whatever.

  5. Greetings Ange,

    Can you reduce me to the size of a mouse and hide me in your suitcase? Anyway, I love the 'coming or going' photograph - It is terrific!

    It seems that after a big party and another one down the road, you do need to head on out to your retreat and regenerate your energies. Have fun my dear.

    Wishing you all the best,

  6. I love your calligraphy and artwork. Beautiful Have a wonderful time
    Helen xx

  7. 1. can I tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing that back yard in person in 24 DAYS!?!
    2. did I see the word "inspire" in your beautiful stunning collection of calligraphy? ;)
    3. will you have your phone on on the 16th? please do!

    much much love and I am counting the days my sweet!!!

  8. Just breathe, my friend! Just breathe!

  9. ciao bella, hope it is an awesome holiday! xx

  10. Wow ! En tout cas, les photos sont sublimes ! Est-ce qu'on aura le privilège de voir la photo du violon calligraphié dans sa totalité ?

    Bonne retraite !

  11. Hi Ange

    That picture at the top of the post had me thinking "All Sorts of Strange Things!"

    Enjoy Wales - I went there once but it rained!

    All the best


  12. doing less? .... we'll believe that when we see it Ange, Have a great time in Wales and come back with some good stories to tell us!

  13. dear Ange, wish I could have been there, such madness and yet such fun it all looks. Delightful pictures that make me only imagine what it looks like where you are (wonderful from what I can gather). Life filled to the very brim and off again to distant shores - not really quite sure how you do it either!

    I think I am waiting too for that epiphany that tells me to do far, far less than I do and not worry as much if I don't! I hope you have the most fabulous birthday and wonderful retreat. Speak soon.


  14. OMG! That first photo freaks me out so much, my mind could barely register the words that followed.
    Happy early birthday to you! And Happy Birthday to Beaker and Chickpea, of course. Hope you find yourself in Wales. Love and hugs!

  15. That is the funniest coming and going photo! Hope you had a wonderful time- and seems if I'm reading your post right, that you had a birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful time and that this new year will bring you nothing but bliss, creativity and joy!! All the very best- Jill xo

  16. Hi Dear Ange
    Hope our birthday was fantastic.. sent you a 'Happy' via FB... So slack only just now seeing your post.. same day I flew home.. Have fun you busy bee.. ciao xxx Julie

  17. I am curious to know where you go when you are in Wales. I am always looking for a new off-the-beaten-track place to go!


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