Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To discover new oceans...

...means finding the courage to lose sight of the shore!
(who DID say that?)

The last 20 days have been magical, trying, not with out their challenges, and not unlike discovering an ocean either.

After the usual French air traffic strikes that kept me across the other side of the ditch in lovely Wales a little longer than I expected (I vaguely thought about swimming across but my suitcase doesn't fit snugly enough on my back ;-), I've just spent the last 3 days battling the dust bunnies that had all but taken over my living space and welcoming spontaneous displays of affection from my giggling, cuddly messmonsters. 

I do believe I have 20 days of catching up on all your news now. What have you all been up to?  
During a brief truce with the dust bunnies yesterday I somehow found the time to start Amelia Critchlow's Experimental Art E Course which has motivated me to get stuck into finishing those bits and pieces for my Etsy store.

I'm all excited to be home and dying to find out how you've all progressed in Bloglandia while I've been away.
Any of you discovered a new Ocean I should know about?



  1. Good to have you back Ange, you went away at the right time. the weather has been terrible here for the last two weeks, of course now you are back, the sun is shining.

  2. Welcome home Ange!
    We have all missed you! How exciting that you are joining the experimental art e-course!
    We have lots to catch up on!

  3. Ange, glad for you that you are back home and getting back into your art. I've intended to get an email off to you. Perhaps this weekend. I'm very much enjoying my piece Sign by Ange. :-) More on that in the email.
    Have a great day! ~ Sarah

  4. ooh welcome back, we missed you! Gosh you've missed loads... but the important news is that England just qualified for the knockout stages of the world cup... You will love Amelia's course. I did the last one. It was FAB and worth every penny.

  5. welcome home! the thought of being stuck in another country.... is intriguing. I go to Italy in a couple of weeks, to visit my sister.... will I get there, will I return...
    how wonderful that you are doing a course that is inspiring you to complete things. xo

  6. Hey look who's baaaack.
    I am glad you had a good time Ange. I'll have to check out your ETSY store.
    Is it true? happy for you with the homeschooling- Sophia is doing Oakmeadow this year and Jules is doing another correspondance h.s program
    Hope to hear more about your plans soon.

  7. always new oceans around here. not sure which one to explore first.
    mostly enjoying every moment of sunshine and daylight and friendship available. :)
    ~laura x

  8. I can't wait to hear what you've been up to, you tease!

  9. Hey - welcome back, Ange! It hasn't been the same without you. I can't wait to hear about what it is exactly that was so darned important that we were deprived of your input for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Hope you are back in the swing of things now - look forward to catching up on all your news:) Meredy xo.
    p.s. I haven't discovered a new ocean, so much as a fetid pond. I've been attempting to inspire responsibility for ones belongings and actions at Chez Joy. So far, I have met with recalcitrance and obstinance at every turn. Thank God for Lindt balls!

  10. How lovely to have you back. Looking forward to seeing new creations.

  11. Oh yes - I'm on that ocean of experimental art with you. Feel like I'm on a boat with no oars. And I'm so so so pleased to have you back!

  12. HI Ange
    Welcome back.. I just noticed this post.. a little late.. but that seems my theme lately... Well I have been just as absent as you. almost.. and anything and everything has been happening....

    Hope you are well.. you sound happy and relaxed!! xxx Julie

  13. welcome back! so nice to have you out in bloglandia again!! all is well here! pop in to my blogs when you get the chance! xx's

  14. Hello Babe,

    Good to have you back!
    Following your "A rebel in her own mind" post end of March you got me interested in "Alternative Schools".
    While doing some research and talking to other parents, I came across this school.
    I was told that the founder is thinking of developping "dans les régions". Check out her website and let me know what you think!
    Bisous Beaucoup

  15. Hi there dear Ange,
    Welcome home. It's lovely to see you back in the land of blog. Sounds as if you've had a challenging time. There have been no oceans lapping at my door I'm afaid. Just washing machine water, bath water and a few raindrops !!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. XXXX

  16. Welcome back!!!
    No new oceans, here,
    but I am in Savannah, Georgia,
    while my 15-year old
    finishes a course at the
    local art college.
    It's been a hot and steamy,
    but extremely lovely,
    week in this fair city!
    Hopefully it won't take me
    20 days to get caught up
    once I'm back home!
    xx Suzanne

  17. Welcome home Ange, we have missed you. No real news to report apart from the fact that the new cusine is almost finished :-) Mr FF has been working very hard and I have been busy painting :-)

    Hope to catch up soon,

    Leeann x

  18. Well, let me tell you... I've been up to all sorts of naughty things in your absence. But mostly, I just ate a whole lot of chocolate and dozed in the sun. Missed you tons! Glad you're back safe and sound. Love and hugs!

  19. Hi Ange,

    helloooooo so glad to have you back too. Missed you witty views on life and I am really looking forward to having you join us over on the experimental art e-course - I know your work will be totally inspirational! :)

    Well, I always have oceans lapping at my door, I just don't think they're new ones - he he! I am learning every single day of my life. The living with autism exhibition went really well at Putney library in london and they want to put it in westminster library now - oooh. As for different types of schools, there's been news here in the UK that the government are going to help fund parent led school initiatives, with mixed opinions about this. One day we will talk all this through I'm sure. This comment's getting waaaay too long!



  20. There's no place like home, being away always makes me appreciate it even more! But then the adventure of being away can be most alluring too. Curious about what you will show us from your time away. Welcome back Ange! ~Lili

  21. Sooooo pleased to see this blogger back and in action. We've really missed your humour and your art and friendly comments. Please tell us more about your time away and show us a few masterpieces! Le plus vite possible!


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