Monday, June 28, 2010

Older, wiser, sexier... ?

Given the ahem, intriguing title, you may be asking yourself just what exactly I was up to during my time in Wales ;-) Was I on a luxury, week long spa with black peat body packs and  pure merino sweat blankets? 

Noooo friends - but given the copious amounts of great vegetarian food that I lacked the strength not to take extra servings of, I had to run a lot of kilometres through the black peat that week, startling more than one poor sheep out of it's slumber at the unGodly hour of 6am most mornings as I scaled the green hills above the retreat centre. Why so early? Can't miss breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day. Well, along with lunch and dinner that is ;-)

Many of the people I was with rose at dawn for their yoga practice. Regrettably there was no chocolate to encourage me to stretch that far so I opted for long runs where I could lose myself in the heath and banish all thoughts of chocolate from my head. Not that I got lost - my running partner had a map. This comes in handy when you're in unfamiliar territory. So does chocolate ...

In fact, I spent my week in meditation and reflection all about life and what the heart wants. So far it appears that my heart wants the same things as Ava Gardner. Ok - before I'm old and grey it wants a few things too ... but a girl can have a long term goal too can't she ? ;-)
For now, I'm back to working on the photo above. Reckon at my age I'm wise enough not to ever be seen in a midriff shirt again, but I'm working on my sexy sweeping glances and hoping they will be enough to clean the house. Efficiency girls! 

If you get the chance, check out this little pearl of a book by very talented cartoonist, Bev Williams. I've often bought her gift cards in England but it was more than I could do not to let out raucous squeal of delight in the middle of the rather British calm department store when I found a whole book of her anecdotes on life.  It almost made up for getting home 5 days late after the transport strikes!!  

There is more to tell of my trip - but I'm still reeling from the magnitude of it. So the telling of the tale will have to wait until I can find the words adequate enough not to reduce the whole marvellous experience to new age hype. 

In the mean time - I have been slowly getting back into blogging. Some of you may not be fully aware of this as although I've been finding just the right amount of time to read your blogs, my attempts at commenting have so far been thwarted by Libellule's unplanned for broken wrist, Chickpea's impromptu school art show, racing out at the last minute to buy gifts for the teachers, make costumes for the afterschool activity finales and generally trying to climb the new mountains of washing that have materialised out of thin air. Of course, this has been exacerbated by the amount of time it takes to master my sweeping glances which unfortunately seem to have NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on any of the tidying up that needs to be done around here!

Joyfully I can say that the last day of school is tomorrow and there are week long summer camps coming up - for the kids - so I shall be free of school obligations, the loads of washing that mushroomed while I was away have started to dwindle and bit by bit life, and blogging, will be back to normal at La Rivière. 

Thanks for all welcoming me back... Here I come!!

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  1. There is never a dull moment with you Ange. I hope Libellule's wrist mends quickly and you enjoy the lack of school obligations over the holidays. xx

  2. Ange, sounds like your trip was quite the adventure. I'll be eager to hear more details. ~ Sarah

  3. older and wiser is definitely sexier - but then I would say that.

    I'm exhausted just reading about that whirl of activity - you need a weekend walking in Wales to get over it all ;)

  4. Dear Ange,
    I am so in awe of you. Whilst ypou have been running up mountains and generally being extremely fit, I have been slobbing out watching Wimbledon !!!!One match went to 70/68 in the 5th set !! I was tired, just watching it !
    One thing in my favour though. I haven't eaten chocolate since April !! How about that ?
    Welcome back to the world of posting.
    I've missed you. XXXX
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my giveaway post. You're a precious blogging chum and I love you in my blogging life ! XXXX

  5. Hilarious. I am really really good at sweeping glances too. Welcome back I would love to visit Wales. Our new PM was born in Wales !! xoxo

  6. missing you terribly and can't wait until life returns to normal - or as normal as summer break can be... sending love - lots of it, not to mention hugs and kisses and an extra special one for my lil and her pauvre petite arm...

  7. *sigh*.... jealous, and i also concur with ava.
    im good at sweeping with a glance... especially since im practically blind and just dont see the dust :)
    im looking forward to hearing all the new age hype.
    ~laura x

  8. Oh that made me smile from ear to ear...couldn't agree with the qoutes and the funny illustrations more.
    Yes, definitly a pearl.
    Well Ange battle on with running in the a.m. breakfast is definitly a highlight in my day too.
    Ps. glad your back.

  9. Welcome home Ange! Sounds like a spectacular getaway. I am eager to learn more. Apparently, I too share the Ava Gardner heart.

  10. You are so delightful Ange! I have missed you...Sweeping it!

  11. Yay!(as my yoga teacher would say). I can't wait to hear more about your retreat week.

  12. i love you...and your blog. welcome back dear friend.

  13. I'm so glad you had a grand time in Wales. I can't wait to hear more about it. Running with the sheep - sounds interesting.... I think I'd have taken the yoga myself.

    Welcome back!

  14. That title DID catch my eye. Hey, Agne, it's good that you are exercising to keep yourself healthier, stronger, and sexier. As for the cartoons, I found them hilarious, especially the chocolate on the floor one. :D

    Write on and keep up the good work!

  15. Ange you make my pathetic attempts at Pilates seem even more pathetic. Can't wait to hear more about your sojourn, new age hype and all! Don't spare any details. Amanda xx

  16. So glad you are back Ange!! I am with you and Ava Gardner! Sounds like you had the perfect 'me' break and are raring and ready to go again. You have inspired me with this one!!

    Jeanne :)

    PS..that book looks to good to pass up....great gift idea!

  17. I proudly eat a little chocolate every night. But I've stopped worrying about the waistline. Glad you home and getting back into the swing of blogging again.

  18. That is just about the best quote I've ever read...
    Glad you are back!
    Thanks for the supportive comment Ange...Perhaps I need to run and scare sheep to rid me of this black mood...It sounds fun at the very least!

  19. you were well missed, so glad to hear that the retreat was lovely! so glad you are back!

  20. Welcome back to Blogland Ange! Sounds like you had a fabulous break in Wales.

    Think that the Ava Gardner quote is perfect for moi!

    Just need to find a house by the sea...

    Bisous et a tres bientot budgie,


  21. These really made me smile Ange, I can very easily relate them all to myself LOL!!!

    I would love to do a retreat like that, day!! Where in Wales was it? Near Hay on Wye maybe?

    Hope all is well with you! xoxo

  22. I can only smile, you are a treasure.

  23. ~delighted to have you back...and can hardly wait for the tale you tell with all...sweeping glances...when you learn to master this please do share much simpler my days would be!! much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always...blessings dear ange~

  24. I'm hoping to achieve a sexy sweeping comment here but am unsure how to go about it. Being the exact same age as you and all, I feel I need to keep a close eye on you to make sure I do all the important things that you are doing, but even now I have failed as I have already not bought gifts for the teachers. Inconsiderate me, thinking only of myself. Take, take, take.

    But I'm so pleased to see you back. No one inserts an Ahem into a post quite like you.

  25. Ava is my new hero! I'm off to buy some alcohol and save my pennies for a fabulous kitchen! Love all the illustrated funnies in this post and will definitely need to practice my sweeping glances too! You are terrific Ange! ~Lili

  26. I'll have you know that is the only way I sweep the room. Perhaps that may be the reason for our allergies. Hmm...
    I am so glad you are back, and whatever it is they did to you in Wales, so thrilled your sense of humor is still intact.

  27. HI Ange
    Glad to know you had a great time on your retreat.. will look forward to hearing the condensed new age hype version!!!... Now I agree with Ava... and you.. my life long dream.. a cottage by the sea... and painting sounds good to.. although for me it might be a bit more finger painting... I'll stick to the camera and ps,,

    Have a great week Ange... xxx Julie

  28. You had a spa retreat? No wonder we all envy you! I came over from Robin's blog.

  29. It sounds like you had an incredible trip....welcome back! I am now heading into our third week of summer vacation, and we are all settled in and relaxed, it is wonderful. I am slowly tackling the to-do lists and dust bugs that have been hanging around my neck all year, and life is good. Hot here, but good!

  30. Hey Angie, thank you for writing an other post!
    I was missing them!!
    Great work! I really love reading your blog!
    Bravo mon amie et à très bientôt! Biz Nathalie.

  31. Love Miss Gardner's advice, shame her taste in men wasn't as advanced as her take on life! Welcome back mate, I've missed you.
    Millie ^_^

  32. Lovely to have you back

    i like your long term dream... i'm almost living it now... in my dreams that is ;)

    see you soon
    x robyn

  33. What a great post - longing to hear more about your retreat. And how about that Ava Gardner then: what a great ambition!!

  34. Missing you, dearest Ange. I have been mostly away from blogging recently, too, and life has been full of surprises. While you were running and meditating and traveling and chasing after little ones, I was running and figuring and searching and planning. It's good to be over here reading your words. Hope you are thriving!

    xoxo Gigi

  35. I have enjoyed reading your funny humorous fun post-- all the cartoons are lol and so true

  36. You are very funny !Love that cartoon book and your description of your trip!



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