Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I love to sail forbidden seas...

... and land on barbarous coasts.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Talk about barbarous coasts! 
Cleaned out the garage. Painted the ceilingS. Painted the kitchen. Cleaned out the office and upstairs ready to place the new home-made shelves for homeschooling. 
Breathe IN. 
Breathe OUT. 
Breathe IN! 

These are just a few of the reasons I appear to have sailed off the end of the world. 

Mayday! Mayday!
Captain going down with ship!!!

 JUST got my last calligraphy assignment in by the skin of my teeth. 
The theme?
Le Voyage

Très apt! In one hour I'm leaving for 3 days at Cap Ferret on the Atlantic Coast. 

Better race off and quickly pack the car. Really, how hard can it be? 4 bikes, swimwear, 3 bottles of rosé and one of champagne. It'll be done in no time!

Happy 11th birthday today to my darling Chickpea! 
Nothing like a few waves to celebrate n'est-ce pas?

But wait!
There's more!
More on the travel theme that is on Thursday morning. 
In a rare display of uncharacteristic organisation I have answered Sharon's plea to explain how I sailed to French shores and even scheduled the post for 9am as at that precise time I hope to be half submerged in salt water by my 3 messmonsters (applause ;-). 

Surely I will make it firmly and resolutely back to the beaches of blogland soon. Help! SOS! Send me a lifeline and haul me back in. You all seem to be drifting off on the currents and disappearing over the horizon as I bob around like a piece of the driftwood I use so often as a canvas. 

I very much hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves on balmy shores.... 
Promise Promise I'll be popping by for a life-saving cuppa soon!

Much love


  1. ~angie...a breath of fresh air you are and HOW MISSED!! sink your toes in the sand...allow the waves to crash around you...savor the moments upon you...enjoy! happy safe travels and a life line i am throwing for a welcome return...much l♥ve and light to you always~

  2. ~oh oh...bright birthday wishes to yours...may this year bring forth a bounty of blessings...moments of l♥ve and laughter and grand memories to be created...happy birthday little chickpea!~

  3. Ah Ange....
    Enjoy the summer days with your family while you can! Your energy amazes me! Have fun! :)

  4. I have drifted far from blogland as of late, too. Summer is a time for island hopping, beach combing, and other adventures like major amounts of cleaning house. Who has time to sit at a computer?

    Still, I've missed you, lovely Ange, and hope you are thriving and happy. Love your Voyage assignment!!

    Big hugs,

  5. My dear friend Ange,

    When ever I come to your site, I am assured a lighter side of life and a good dash of humour and I have not been disappointed. Your art work / calligraphy reflects your positive energy and outlook on in general.

    Thank you for sharing this with us all.

    Wishing you all the very best from NOrthern California where the temperature is close to three digits.

    Warmest regards,

  6. Balmy shores? Barmy? Sure!
    Better make that TWO lifelines, please!

  7. oh yes, do come back soon, we miss you so!

  8. Hope you have a wonderful time in Cap Ferret, there are few places to beat its beaches and pretty chic town.


  9. Oh Ange what loveliness over here today. And so exciting that you're off once again too. Gorgeous new work and destination! xo ~Lili

  10. oh Ange I have missed you. Happy sailing and you lucky thing going to Cap Ferrat don't forget to have a stroll along the edge of the town thing (can't remember name of it). I love your new pieces, great colours and very summery. xoxo

  11. wonderful post and your Le Voyage is stunning! have a great time! cannot wait to read your post!

  12. WOW! I am In L.O.V.E with this painting!!! Will this one be for sale in your etsy shop? or on your website?

  13. A very bon voyage, and get plenty of splashing in before that home-schooling starts. Too busy working and gallivanting to blog puts the rest of us to shame.

  14. wishing you a magical holiday but truly, hurry back as I am missing you horribly! dad arrived yesterday and I was rushing around like a mad-woman - the only excuse I have for missing my sweetest girl's birthday!!!! please give her the biggest hug and kiss and tell her I will talk to her soon.
    love to you all~

  15. Oh take me with you! my messmonsters are keeping me from swimming in salt water this summer...I will dream through you :)

  16. Hi Ange, found you through Sharon today, loved your story. Also, love, love Le Voyage . . .would you recommend the e-art class for a mom (former high school art teacher) who hasn't produced much other than a clean house, dinner, or an empty bottle of wine for too many years to count. I also home school and dream of living in the s of F. Thanks for your positive inspiration, any ideas would be appreciated.

  17. Looking forward to the cuppa and to hearing of your sail-setting adventures. :)

  18. bobbing like a piece of driftwood sounds pretty good right about now


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