Monday, August 2, 2010

If you want to draw... must shut your eyes and sing
Pablo Picasso

It's been kinda like that recently. I'm not sure if it's the sunshine that I was convinced had given up on Southern France and taken up permanent residence in Aussie, the messmonsters who gaily go about making more mess for me to clean up or the great friends who've been popping back into my life after long absences ... 
But sing I do! 
And Fling! 
I'm still  a bit overly resentful of my Mac and it's place of residence in our sinister rather dark office which is why my disappearing act has been extended for another season. Methinks a laptop out in the sun could be the solution to all my problems!!

Anyway, back to Picasso's wise words... There's been a lot of singing going on at La Rivière. 

First of all Amelia Critchlow via her Experimental Art E- Course has suggested we take time to fling stuff at the page just to see what would happen. What a delight! HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET ORDERED TO DO THAT?!! Of course, the art course has just finished and I'm finally getting the time to work on it... but I'm hoping Amelia will forgive me for that too.

 Belting out 'I'm Yours' at the top of my lungs, obedient girl that I am, I let fly: Food colouring, ink,  water colour ... more ink ... I don't know why people call going back to childhood 'regressing.' To my mind, being a child is much more fun when you're a responsible adult.
Then there's been the practice for my 40th birthday party coming up in September. I'm forewarning those of you who are coming before it's too late that there's still time to pull out. The voice that hasn't been brought to the public ear since her last high school musical if you don't count the fiasco at my wedding is preparing to make its next appearance to an unsuspecting audience. This means lots of rehearsals as I fling, fling, fling! 11 year old Chickpea told me I was really cool and she was proud of me. She's too young to ask me to borrow the car yet so it must be sincere. If I'm not going to embarrass my 11 year old, I may not embarrass myself either!!

Have I forgotten something important? I was meant to tell you about Wales? You ask about Wales??? What's Wales got to do with singing? Through all the singing and doodling and time spent in my garden, I have finally come up with the most unboring way of telling you about my trip to Wales.  You just have to wait another couple of weeks days.

The messmonsters have just taken their father for two weeks holiday while I 'work.'  Since I started writing this post a week ago, I have painted the kitchen walls and ceiling, and am moving into the dining room. Wednesday (as in the day after tomorrow Wednesday) we start building a bona fide REAL studio for MOI in our garage. Praise the powers that be - my dining room will be set free of its identity crisis and the table will finally be used for presenting food once again!!  Of course, with  all this space and light, I am bound to find the time write more blog posts...

Well possums, I look a bit like a living Jackson Pollock painting (remind me not to answer video chat sessions when I've been painting the ceiling ... it's interesting the descriptions one's friends can come up with) and I can hear the call of my paint pots!


Picasso would be proud of me - I'm sure ;-) 

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  1. Ange...that was a really entertaining blog post! I think you should record yourself singing and give us an audio as well as a visual blast!

  2. Welcome back! Gosh! You're all energy, girl.

    Oh yes...I'd have thought there's a HUGE connection between Wales and singing, if only Rugby songs. ;-)

    more idle thoughts, not anon. It's a blogger thing! sigh...

  3. Love all of this!
    I'm all for bringing back the fling....

    Happy everything esp. singing...

  4. Jackson Pollock does it for me! I'm sure the result will be spectacular.

  5. Ange I'm just so happy to see you back and I'm loving your version of Jackson Pollock! Of course you're not the only one behind with the experimental art course. Maybe you and I can complete it together! I have so been enjoying myself too - much to my surprise!! And definitely a birthday to celebrate. I'm a September girl myself. Not that I would remotely be wanting to sing about it. Brave I am not.

  6. Well, I am certainly proud of you!

    I say,
    and fling, fling, fling..

    Live it..Love it Ange !!!

    Jeanne :)

  7. yea congrats on the Real studio!! you will love having a dedicated space!!

  8. Dear Ange,
    I think singing at the top of your voice is good, whatever you're doing !! I do it all the time, much to my family's disgust !!
    I think that your work will be all the better for it (if that's possible.....oh dear, that was meant to be a compliment, but didn't sound like it !!!!)
    You will not know yourself, once you get your studio. How wonderful is that going to be ? .... and, the kitchen will thank you for it as well !!!! hehe.
    Have a lovely week, Ange and, keep singing. XXXX

  9. Hi Ange,
    I love visiting you here...your positive energy and cheerfulness always leaves me with a big smile...and now, I am imagining you belting out your songs! I too, have struggled with time for the e-art course with all that is going on right now but it was so inspiring and fun and I have all the lessons to enjoy as time allows! Looking forward to hearing about Wales...
    Take care,

  10. the colours are delightful, thats for sure. pretty sure this fall i am about to embark on a painting expedition of my own. someone elses house but i think it will be FUN. i will sing also
    rock on

  11. ha ha! Of course forgiveness doesn't even come into it!! I hope you are having fun whenever you find the time to do the assignments!! :)

    Sounds superb where you are. I wish I could get to painting my kitchen/dining room and everywhere else, but it feels with a little horror!!!!

    Studio??!!! wow, you lucky lady, sounds fabulous.

    Looking forward to hopefully making it over in September :)


  12. Oh fun! Flinging paint - what could be better? I did some finger painting a while back (a long while, it seems.) I think it's great to embrace your childlike nature. Must do that more!

    Can't wait to hear about Wales!

    I don't suppose you'd like to record your birthday singing and post it for us? ~giggle!

  13. hello babe!
    Great to read you again.
    Keep singing my dear and grace us with your lovely positive energy:-)
    It was great seeing you and catching up!
    Loads of love,

  14. A REAL studio!
    How dreamy is THAT?!
    I often think that
    I could be more
    creative if I could
    just leave it all
    strewn about.....
    Maybe I'd just be
    more messy, but it
    sure would be fabulous
    to find out!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Loving your inner

  15. Keep flinging and singing Ange!! xx

  16. I sing no matter where I am or how false my voice. Thanks for the smile today. I'm under a ton of stress with work, so this was nice.

  17. 'we don't stop playing because we grow old,
    we grow old because we stop playng'
    george bernard shaw

    enjoy your playtime and may it be part of your daily life forever :)

    ps... i very much enjoyed hearing you sing ;)

  18. Oh Ange - I just love you! God bless your cotton socks. I can just imagine you singing and flinging away with wild abandon. I'm going to try and emulate you think it matters if I do it with washing up, rather than paint? Hmm, I like your version better...time for some finger painting for Mamma and the kidlets, methinks. Happy flinging, singing and living:) Meredy xo

  19. Oh, I think you need to share your beautiful voice with all of us. Perhaps make your own little video. I finally got the post up this evening. Thought it would be done this morning, but you know . . . best laid plans. Thank you again for my wonderful very own "words on wood" signed by Ange. :-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  20. Ange, you're a one-woman giddy musical. Or do I mean paintical? Just reading your words make me want to pink up my skirts and swirl. Don't forget to practise having cocktails for your 40th as well. It's important to get them just so on the day.

  21. Today the garage and tomorrow.... Muahhahaahahhahahaahahah :D

  22. Ange, you are always such a delight to visit! I would love to be in your world for a day (or more!), it seems such a happy place!How wonderful that you are creating a space of your own to create...I am in my family area also, overrun with legos at times and little notes of wisdom between two brothers...
    I do agree that you need to "vlog" or video your singing, I would adore it!
    Keep doing what you are doing...
    oh i think you might like the childrens pix i have posted rght now, if you have not seen them elsewhere...more fun inspiration!

  23. I love the "identity crisis" description of your dining room. Mine too is really a craft table, but my living room also doubles as a laundry but only because the sun isn't shinning down here at all.

    Your words are so happy.
    I cant wait for summer.

  24. I love that you are channeling that old retrobate Jackson P. Ange - you know he did his best work when he was totally out of it. Make the most of every second sans enfants & darling husband.
    Millie ^_^

  25. Dear Ange
    I think I need a bit of your sing and fling.. well actually I really miss the summer and hopefully my spring will come back with spring.. and my darn useless internet also... It is being kind today and allowing me to visit... missed you my friend!!

    Wish I could come for your birthday.. what a blast that would be!!! have a lovely weekend and keep enjoying all that sunshine for me!!! been wet and wet and windy and wet here!!

    xxx Julie

  26. Boy, you have really really been a busy thing, Ange. Wales, painting, flinging and singing...what a talented woman you are!

    I will be waiting for the video clip that everyone has asked for of you singing....

    Best wishes always,

  27. Great to hear from you Ange, and how awesome it will be having your own studio to sing and fling about in, I am sooooo envious. I love that you are an artist who 'flings' it says so much about your fun style, and, well, it just suits your personality I think. Keep practising your party songs, and I'm sure it wont only be Chickpea who is very proud.

  28. Haven't popped in here for ages but you've bought a smile to my face !!

  29. You're one busy lady! EnJOY every single minute in your own studio. Must feel fantastic!!
    Have a happy creative new week. xx

  30. how did i miss this post?!? i love that you are throwing yourself into everything - painting, singing, summer! once again it leaves me wishing we lived closer as you are such a positive force my friend!
    missing you and so happy that you are 'back' to blogging~

  31. Hey Ange!!!
    Nice to read this post! I love it! It really carries some "fresh air" into my screen ;-))
    Busy, rushing, driving a lot, trying to sort things out, but very happy to read your post!

  32. I miss you, woman! Where are you??

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