Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to you~

Hello there!

My name is Kimberly today I am visiting from across the sea, OVER HERE.  I am so excited to be here, although, truly, I would rather *really* be there, with Ange and her beautiful family (which, as some of you may know, have been my second family for some time now...).

smiling while cutting herbs...

So, as you know, Ange is away this week, and I am quite certain that you have been missing her because, to be honest, she hasn't been posting as much as all of us would like lately.  She has been so incredibly busy - what with summer holidays, and putting in her fabulous new atelier (studio) where she will be creating more of her absolutely stunning work.  (I have seen it first hand and trust me - divine.)

laughing while removing confit~

Now, what some of you may not know is that today is actually Ange's BIRTHDAY!!!  Yes indeed, today, right now, Ange is celebrating a milestone.  I won't say which milestone - I will let her share that with you herself, but let's just say that I will be celebrating that same milestone in November...

she dances while cooking...

So today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite photos of Ange from when we spent a week together this past April.  You can read about the first day of that trip HERE.  That very first day really solidified our friendship and showed me how incredibly blessed I was to have met her, and in turn, her family.  The second post is HERE - more to come, I promise!

laughing hysterically - maybe next time we will leave a bit more room to get out when we park....

One thing about Ange that you should know is that she is nearly ALWAYS smiling or laughing.  Really, she is quite honestly one of the happiest people I know!  I don't know if I have laughed as much in one week as I did with her, ever.  She has a wicked sense of humor, she laughs easily at herself, and she sings and dances all. of. the. time!  Being with Ange (and her family) is like a constant state of celebration.  It is what I wanted most to bring back home with me when I left.  (okay, that and her entire family, and her linen collection, and have I mentioned French Husband?!?)

always gorgeous~

As you can see, I miss her terribly, I wish every single day that she was closer, and I am already looking forward to my trip back next summer.   Ange - I wish you a marvelous birthday today (yes, I know you are already half-way through it as I am just beginning), and that the year ahead is an absolutely magical one.  I love you with all of my heart my friend, and I can't wait to see you again~



  1. Joyeux Anniversaire Ange ! Au plaisir de lire tes lignes et d'admirer tes magnifiques créations !


  2. Oh Wow I have my dates mixed up..

    Happy Birthday Ange.... I hope your year is filled with many moments of joy and happiness and all your dreams are fulfilled.. thanks for your friendship this year... My life is all the better for having 'met' you.. Lots of love xxx Julie

    Thanks Kimberly for the heads up... wonderful 'Ange' pics..

  3. Gratulerer med dagen Ange!
    Happy Birthday!
    You are such a sweetie,(smiling from to ear to ear from these photos)I hope you have a wonderful day and the best year.
    PS..I can't wait to hear how homeschooling is going...congratulations for taking the leap.
    Love from Montana

  4. What a beautiful post!

    Smiling and laughing is always how I imagine Ange....of course I have never met her but in my mind that's how she sounds.

    Happy Birthday to you Ange!! xoxo

  5. What a beautiful post about a truly beautiful woman! Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos of Ange, Kimberly! They show her exactly how I always imagine her: laughing and creating.

    Happy, happy birthday, sweet Ange! Wish I could be there for the celebration. Sending you hugs and much joy from across the sea.

    xoxo Gigi

  6. Wonderful to see these photos of you Ange, I feel as if they've really captured your personality well. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. what a great friend...and happy birthday to you Ange!

  8. Joyeux anniversarie Budgie girl, as they say life begins at 40 and it certainly did for me thanks to Mr FF.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful time in Wales and will be down to visit soon.

    Mille mercis to Kimberly for writing such a fabulous and true post - you are one in a million Ange.

    Mr FF sends you a grand baiser :-)

    Beaucoup de bisous,

    Signed the other budgie on speed & Mr FF

  9. Happy Birthday Ange! I haven't visited you in awhile, and what a great day to do so!

    enjoy the day!

    wonderful guest post :)
    Anne Marie

  10. hahaha I SO loved this post. :) And it has been WAYYYYYY too long since I've been here.

    Happy Birthday, Ange!! Hugs to you. May all your wishes come true. :)

  11. Hippo birdie, Ange!Right now, I raise my coffee cup to you, but later in the day(when I've done all my driving!) I'll switch to some of that sparkling stuff.

  12. Happy Birthday Ange!
    You are one special gal!
    I wish you a wonderful day....and all good wishes for the coming year!
    I know it will be your best year yet!
    Much love,

  13. A very Happy Birthday to you Ange, and thank you Kimberley for sharing these lovely photos.

    Many happy returns


  14. Well then,
    So happy that you are off celebrating somewhere Ange...
    YOU are a delight ~

  15. ~ange
    ...ooohhh...brightest birthday wishes to you dear one...i hope you are celebrating in the most beautiful way...may this year bring forth a bounty of blessings upon you...grand moments and memories to savor always...and always l♥ve from within and those who surround you!

    kimberly~ how kind you are...such a dear friend to share with us these l♥vely photos of ange! i hope your friendship will continue to blossom and bloom...truly a beautiful thing!~

  16. Happy birthday Ange,

    'we don't stop playing because we grow old,
    we grow old because we stop playing.'

    I can see that you will be forever young.

    Nice to meet you Kimberly and thank you for a very lovely post that you have shared here.

    best wishes for a lifetime of fun and love.

  17. Kimberly, what gorgeous photos of Ange! Thanks for advising us abut a milestone birthday. Happy Birthday and best wishes for a lovely day Ange!! xxoxx

  18. Happy Birthday to you Ange, what a lovely tribute, I loved those pics. xoxo

  19. Hi Ange, happy happy birthday my fellow Virgo friend! I love Kim's post, and she's right, I'm certain I'm not the only one to be missing your posts. But with everything on your plate right now, I'm still content with a little catch up now and then. And I hope we can catch up for real when you come to NZ. There's a bed here whenever you need it my friend. xx

  20. Happy birthday, Ange! And Kimberley, can you sneak us a few more pics of Ange's lovely house while you're at it? And French Husband?

  21. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Ange! And thanks to Kimberley for sharing! Hope to see more of you and hear of your travels once you return!

    ... what milestone birthday is it, may I ask!?!?

  22. Happy Birthday Ange! I've been away from blogging for the summer and today is the day I tune into a few of my favorites. Kimberely - what a lovely post (I'm in Seattle as well)! Although I've never has the pleasure of meeting Ange in person, her optimistic and oh-so-supportive spirit was immediately evident to me. Celebrate well Ange!

  23. ah, such a lovely friendship and birthday tribute for dear Ange!
    Ange, I wish you a lovely new year, full and overflowing with days that feel wonderful to you. May dreams come true and life be full of smiles, laughter, song and dance.

    with love,

  24. How lovely. Girlfriends are absolutely the BEST thing in the world. Happy Birthday, Ange!
    Rock on. xx's

  25. Avesome!!! Happy Birthday!
    with my love xxxx


  27. Happy belated birthday fellow Virgo. What lovely photos. How jolly you look.

    I hope you're having a super time in Wales. I'm half Welsh myself and spend every summer in Mumbles.

    Good luck with the dinner for 60!

  28. Happy Birthday Ange!!! I agree : you're always happy, laughing and dansing, such a great inspiration!!! Thank you!!
    Love, Nathalie.

  29. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend. Love seeing all these photos. Thank you, Kimberly! ~ Sarah


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