Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I dare you, whoever you are...

... I dare you to share with others the fruits of your daring. Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you.

William H Danforth

Thanks to my darling friend Kimberly's very kind, and VERY SURPRISE birthday post, you are all aware by now that I've just hit the big FOUR O! I have to admit, I kinda like it! In fact I love it. I wouldn't be 20 again for anything. It's got something to do more with growing up than growing old. It's all about embodying who you are. 

Stand back! I can feel a Helen Reddy song coming on.  "I am Woman hear me roar ..." (sighs of relief that there is no sound embedded in this post) 

Yup, now my opinions finally have some weight behind them, although we won't go into exactly how much weight of course, and even my MiL listens to me from time to time. At last! It's not unpleasant to be taken seriously, at least some of the time!!

Oh dear, those nine days in Wales, coupled with all the culinary, logistical and decorative preparations for the birthday bash of the year, not to mention the start of the homeschooling Mum role, have obviously had a profound effect on me. But I digress.

Now where was I? That's right! We were being strong,  and daring... That's what you do when you're 40 n'est ce pas?! The wee book shown above was one my dear dad gave me when I was a rather less daring 11 year old and we had just moved to Australia from New Zealand. I've written a little more about it for Gigi's "Legacy" series. If you don't know Gigi already, I suggest you pop over and visit here for she is one of the most sensitive, delicate, articulate poets/writers of our time and I feel very privileged to be included as one of her guests. 

Summer is gradually winding down here at La Rivière. A more reasonable schedule is finally settling in: my new studio is practically finished (if you don't count the calligraphy paraphernalia littering my bedroom floor that hasn't been sorted into shelves out there yet), the messmonsters are feeling ripped off that homeschooling still means reading, writing and doing a bit of maths while we're at it getting used to their homeschooling routine, and I am looking forward to spending a few evenings whiling away the hours visiting you with a glass of wine and a friendly comment instead of painting ceilings, laying concrete, limewashing walls and cooking party tucker. I feel a bit like Dorothy after the Tornado and all that excitement in Oz ... I shall now click my ruby slippers and say, "There's no place like home Bloglandia" 

I definitely have so much to share with you all. In particular, I feel touched to the point of tears for all your kind words and birthday wishes. I've been thoroughly spoilt! Merci. Merci. Merci. :)

So this Thursday night, I shall snuggle down, fluffy slippers on tootsies and glass of wine in hand to spin you a yarn. One I've been promising to tell for a while now. A story of Paris, Bereavement, Fear, Wales, Daring, Strength and Joy. I'm also a wee bit excited to announce that I'm soon going to be interviewed by Laura from the very chic blog 52 Flea for one of her upcoming contributions to Kim Klassen's 'The Inspiration Studio.' But you'll hear about that in due time.

I think I started this post off with a dare. I still dare you. But it's now 23.30am and I'm using my new found woman's wisdom to suggest that a richer life is much more easily accessible to those who get a minimum amount of sleep.  Promptly, on that note, I shall now bid you 

Bonne nuit 

PS - I haven't forgotten my giveaway idea from a month or so back to celebrate my 200th follower and now I can join that to one WHOLE year of blogging and a whopping great birthday celebration!! Some fine French vintage ware is in preparation for a post next week. Stay tuned...


  1. You are back!!! Oh dear, how I have missed you so! (okay, only a little being the blessed one that steals your time in other places and sees your face regularly!!)
    I do however look forward to you getting back on track and posting your inspiring tales more often - we need you!
    Big love to you my sweet~

  2. Home, Bloglandia, whatever you want to call it, I'm so glad that you're here. Your beautiful post is up over at my place, and all is right with the world. Thank you, thank you. You rock my little corner of Bloglandia. Yes, indeed. xo

  3. Ange, don't give up on me. I haven't forgotten about the package. I just seem to be stuck in mud when it comes to getting my act together on what I want to do.
    Hope to see more of your inspirational posts as time permits. You are going to be a busy mom/teacher/artist/wife/friend/ . . .
    Hugs to you~ Sarah

  4. I haven't got the faintest idea about what you've just been going on about (perhaps it was all in girlie language) but am looking forward to Thusrday night.

    Do I need to dress up?

    All the best


    P.S. Happy birthday!

  5. I am looking forward to the spinning of that tale. Now, don't make us wait!

  6. Glad you had a good birthday and I'm looking forward to hearing all your news. Love the messmonsters' reaction to the truths of homeschooling...

    Sleep is, indeed, what makes everything else possible. When I worked that out, everything else started to work too!

  7. you really do write with such sharp-witted panache (if that's right?!) I can't believe I wasn't there celebrating with you and you sound so delightfully sorted now having gone through the hard bit - and of course getting to 40! - and now settling down with vino and slippers and I wish I was there chatting over interesting things too :)

    Count me in for the give-away too - I have just announced mine over at my bloglounge finally (blogging been getting a bit slower recently) and need to get up the pace a bit too.

    Nice to have you back, you busy bee - don't know how you do it! :)


  8. Hello dancing queen and welcome back!
    It was great seeing you last week-end but I have missed reading you :-)
    Soooo looking forward to hearing all about Wales...
    Loads of bisous!

  9. She's back! Forty is fabulous my dear, and do you know what, in the blink of an eye it edges closer to 50, so enjoy where you are right now!
    Love your dare...
    Can't wait to hear more,

  10. How good to find you mirthful at 40, where I'll be in a few months' time. We'll take you seriously over at Gigi's, where you are very wise, but not here, where you are cloaking your wisdom with effervescence. Deal?

  11. Hello stranger! Well happy birthday to you. I'm glad you are embracing 40 (I'm still not particularly keen on it myself and have put on a stone in weight - I blame this age thing personally!).
    I like the thought of you sitting in France with a glass of the local brew and blog hopping. Enjoy your travels!

  12. welcome back dear lady
    you sound entirely full of life and adventure.
    wishing you time to spin us a yarn and enjoy a glass of fine wine...

  13. welcome back and thanks for all that you share here.... I really enjoy my visits.

  14. Welcome back dear Ange,
    How naughty of you to be aware from blogland for your birthday.. but then I suspect being away from home and kiddies was no fun... and I'm sure you made up for it with your birthday bash.....

    So congrats on your 200 followers, one year of blogging and the big 40... and your upcoming interview... I might have to get those slippers back and see if they can improve my internet connection... as I fear my connection to the ether is slipping fast...

    Have a good one.. xxx Julie

  15. Oh Ange,
    I've missed you.....I dare you NOT to go away for so long again !!!!
    Many happy 40 you are a mere baby...I have quite a few years on you !!!.... and, you can still wear your skirts short (I still wear mine shortish sometimes, but with thick tights and a demeanor suited to a woman my age !!
    ..... and, how lovely to be interviewed by Laura, she is so lovely and very special. I am looking forward to reading it.
    A big welcome home Ange.....
    .... and a bonne nuit to you too !!!!

  16. So many things to celebrate Ange, I'm a little overwhelmed! Birthday hugs & kisses to you, the next decade will be a glorious one, trust me.
    Love Millie ^_^

  17. Welcome back Budgie girl and as they say LIFE BEGINS @ 40!

    bisous, L

  18. The forties decade is the best! 44 is the magic number though, what I wouldn't give to be 44 again


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