Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being nobody but myself - Thank you Mr Cummings!

I have just raced in, breathless from an hour's bike ride over the hills of the Gers. The fields look like huge, green, waves of earth and I just felt like this little cork struggling to bob up to the crest of each one. Victorious and grinning with each rise to the top! I  imagine I still looked somewhat akin a cork struggling and bobbing my way up the crest of each one though!!

Hehe, I would like to be more like a balloon wafting effortlessly up into the air, with not a care in the world :)

Today is a glorious day. The sun is shining, the messmonsters are outside at the neighbours horseriding and biking, and I got back to the wonderful surprise of having an hour more than I thought up my sleeve. Wooohooooo! Lucky you me!

Alors mes amis, am I going to shower straight away like I should? Then throw myself with wild abandon into the preparation of tonights vittels? 

Et NON! 
I am ALONE! 
(joyful  murmurings of a Crazy Woman!)

 I am going to firmly sit here and smell blog away to my heart's content, knowing I am not bothering anybody, then open the windows wide when I leave to pick up the possums :)

You see, I have this juicy  little piece of wisdom from E.E Cummings that I really wanted to share with you:

To be nobody but yourself 
in a world which is doing its best day and night 
to make you like everybody else 
means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight


That just hit the spot for me today. 

Especially as I'm still on my Tibetan trip and they have such a gentle but fighting spirit. Speaking of, here's a little more colour for you,  in the form of the glorious Tibetan costumes from the 50th Anniversary TCV festivities held last October in Dharamsala. 

I acutally have some exciting news to tell you about my plans in Dharamsala, I've just been a little shy about spilling the beans. A splash of colour first - and I'm sure I'll be able to recount the tale in a couple of days. Let's just say I'm taking you on a colour trip first. 

Have a great mid week everyone.
Hmmm - I'd better go have that shower afterall - it's become too chilly to open the windows ;-)


  1. I am sure you don't smell, Ange! Take all the time you need for yourself. I try to do that every day. Miss chatting with you!
    Gorgeous colors. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Ange, glad you are enjoying beautiful weather. It is cold and bleak here. Love the quote! You always have both beautiful images and wisdom to share. ~ sarah

  3. oh you are such a tease!
    coquette! we want to know!
    ah, another lesson in patience.

  4. lovely that you find time for yourself here and there, a treasure! As are all the other things you do, treasures!
    Love the tibetan colors and lovely faces... enjoy.

  5. OK, A, you made my day . . .I can fight the fight . . .I won't give up! You took my worries and lifted them, I can imagine that bike ride just as you described. Looking forward to your next posts, and for my sweet daughter to read that incredible passage you gave to us all today! xo

  6. You're really keep us on tenterhooks here Angie, if you carry on like this we'll just have to walk up to your door and demand the full story or else!!
    PS I'd love to know all about the homeschooling - who'd finding it toughest, mum of kids?!

  7. You had me with e,e. Cummings. Haven't read him in a long time. Going to the Library tomorrow.
    Pace yourself Kiddo, and take time to smell the roses.


  8. Good morning! I'm so happy to be here .... Lindo your blog and I am his follower! When you want to come visit my house and take a virtual coffee! hug from Brazil here!


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