Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colour me yellow

The sun's come out.

There's definitely spring in the air.
I can hear messmonsters laughing outside.
I am in a yellow phase

Sending a big splash of yellow to my family and friends in New Zealand who now have to rebuild again after the Earthquake. It's my way of sending Hope. Good vibes. Prayers.

If I could paint the world yellow, 
would it start to grow back beautifully?
Like spring daffodils
poking their tender, brave heads out gingerly
from the thawing Earth?

I feel like I have to try.
I'll start with splashing some around in my studio
Might be safer for us all ;-)


  1. I like the notion of saving the world though colour. I could be Superhero White while you are Artangel Yellow. Looking forward to seeing your yellow creations.

  2. Such a cheery, sunny colour that always brings a smile to my face and, I think that's what people in New Zealand could do with right now Ange. Your studio will soon be a room of happiness and sunshine, making it a wonderful environment to work in.
    Hope all's well with you and your family and that you are settling back into everyday life after your great adventure. XXXX

  3. our hearts do go out the people of NZ, just found out that my friends are all alright, whew! but still such tragedy and work... love your yellow thoughts of brightening the world!

  4. A little yellow positivity would go a long way at the moment. Splash away Ange!

  5. i wanna see what was painted with that daffodil brush

  6. Saw my first daffodils out today - Spring and hope.

  7. oh I love yellow - the most cheerful colour in the world

  8. I love the color yellow. It makes me smile and feel happy just seeing it. Go paint the world yellow!

  9. yes, go do it. we sure could use some over here. its still very much winter...need... more ... sunshine !
    ~laura xx


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