Monday, May 30, 2011

Au Clair de la Lune, mon Ami Pierrot, please lend me your 'plume'

Au clair de la lune mon ami Pierrot 
(not often you see a sad face around here, is it?)

Prête-moi ta plume pour écrire un mot
(Be a sport! Loan me your quill, I have a few words I'd like to share)

Ma chandelle est morte, je n'ai plus de feu
Ouvre-moi ta porte pour l'amour de Dieu
(Go on. For the love of God open your door. I can't see a thing out here)

(background of a wee door I'm about to start once I've finished the backlog of projects hanging around)

Au clair de la lune, Pierrot replied
'Sorry cobber, have you seen the time? A bloke's gotta sleep!!!
What sort of hour is this to be up brandishing quills???
(heard that one before???!!!)
Try next door at Colombine's
She's up. I just saw the light go on.

You'll have to wait a couple of days for the rest of the story about Colombine and Pierrot.
I only just found them again after 6 years while looking for some old lamps to do up. I love the way Beaker 'tidies' our garage…! 

Anyway, Pierrot has gone to bed like any reasonable person. That is where I will be soon too.

In the mean time, I found my own quill and have a wee word to say to Pierrot and all of you:

Where ever you are… 
and make them big enough so you don't lose sight of them in your pursuit

Bonne nuit mes ami(e)s


  1. merveilleux.

    i immediately remembered all the words when i read the first line. and the tune. so funny: i hardly remember anything - not nmaes or experiences or what i had for dinner last night...but i remember songs in their entirety from summer camp fifty years ago!

  2. You are making me smile. Thanks for your recent note. I know your life is oh so busy. Take care, dear friend. ~ Sarah

  3. Always a pleasure to visit here and soak up your fun and joyful spirit!
    Take care my friend :)

  4. You've embraced yellow! I like it. xx

  5. How lovely - my dad still sings this to me from time to time - and he's 86!

  6. Hello gorgeous girl - I love this post! The perfect words for me tonight, it was my last day at my old job today & I was feeling oh so sad. But your words reminded me that a whole new world awaits next Monday when I start with my new Company, thank you Ange.
    Millie x

  7. Poor Colombine and Pierrot......orphaned for six years and doomed to a life in the garage !! haha.
    As much as I LOVE the white with blue script that you often do Ange ( my lovely heart hangs in the window and I see it everyday) I am loving the red on yellow and the primary colours.
    Beautiful work Ange and testement to you needing a good nights sleep. XXXX

  8. They are gorgeous Ange and I had to smile as a few weeks ago I bought a pierrot lamp which I cannot bear to give away.....I am sure you know that feeling all too well :-)

    Hope to catch up soon.

    Leeann xx

  9. He looks so sad, and she looks rather jaunty with her wee beret. How I love your 'mini message' (albeit with giant meaning) on a stick. Something you could carry with you everywhere. xx

  10. Beautiful words Ange. A wonderful message for all of us- and love that you found those dolls looking for something else. What a great thing to smile about! Too late for me to be up- but wanted to see what you were up to! I will follow my dreams and make sure they are large enough not to lose sight of!! Thanks for the great reminder! Have a wonderful and creative week!

  11. The happy yellow is a perfect counterpoint to Pierrot's sadness. How about you randomly incorporate the price of freshly baked croissants in your uplifting pieces to make us feel envious? Des reves cinq croissants 1.80 euro assez grands. Comme ca.


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