Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding the right Brand

This post isn't quite about what you might think it's going to be. I bet you're thinking I'm going to be going on and on and on etc about my own brand, or someone else's; one of my favourite brands perhaps. Or maybe have a bit of a rant about a terrible branding campaign.

Tricked ya! 

I have been far too busy putting the final touches (ie: a HUGE WINDOW) on my studio or atelier as we say here in France, so I can finally quit the kitchen table for good. Well - if you don't count meal times that is!!
(Meet Tiago, the lovely Portugese builder, putting a cage up around my mess)

(Mess firmly locked inside with a satisfying view of the surrounding vegetation)

ENFIN mes amis, I will be able to sit in the light of the setting sun in the evening, after the messmonsters ...

...have finished their hard labour supper and paint to my heart's content as the light gently fades in the sky, supping a wee glass of champagne delightfully in the peace and quiet. Sigh - I can almost feel the pleasure permeating into my wee pieces of wood.
 (Sometimes I potter around with things other than old doors..)

But that's not what this post is really about. This post, as I mentioned earlier possums, is actually about personal branding:

(Hint: It does NOT say 'NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!')

I have started scrounging around in the vide-greniers and brocantes again, on the look out for new and interesting pieces to transform and paint. As it turned out, this Sunday I found a piece that has the power to transform me, not necessarily for the better I might add.  My own initials 'n all! The brocanteur who sold it to me cautioned me against showing it to Beaker unless he got some sort of strange ideas about branding.

Now, where is the key to my studio. I may need a safe place to hide ;-)

Have a lovely week now y'all.  


  1. Oh, how excited I am to see it myself at the end of the summer!!! Promise me we can do lots of shopping for old cool props - pretty please!!!
    LOVE being able to picture it now - merci mon amie!

  2. I'm not even going to touch that one!
    But I adore your window (and the champagne-sipping!) :-)

  3. Your studio is certainly a room with a view! I am not sure I would ever want to leave a fabulous space like that!

    How brilliant and serendipitous to find those vintage letters too! It was meant to be!

    Take care and happy creating...

    Best wishes always,

  4. Well Ange your atelier is going to be fabulous and what a view!! so beautiful.. I'll trade you my view for yours. hehe

    Hope you don't 'brand' all the messmonsters... ciao ciao xxx Julie

  5. I love it. Waa! I want one too. Great Ange.

  6. A room with a view Ange...and it is beautiful. What a fantastic spot to create!
    I wish you many hours of creative inspiration... :)
    Jeanne xxx

  7. Your new atelier is looking fabulous Ange and I am pleased to hear that you are treasure hunting as are we as FBF is going to be opening a Brocante shortly. Note the word "shortly" or perhaps bientot is a better word as in true French fashion he is running a little late but hopes to open beginning of July.

    Hope to catch up soon perhaps after the season has finished :-)

    Leeann xxxx

  8. Oh Ange,
    You must be beside yourself with delight to have such light coming into your studio....ooop's, I mean Atelier !! If you lived in our house you wouldn't be's a pretty dark Victorian house but, I forgive it, as it has so many original features left !!
    I love the branding irons and can see you doing some fantastic pieces with them....or, are you just going to sign with them ? Either way, they are a wonderful new aquisition.
    Have fun with them and we don't want to see a picture of your posterior with the letters A & M on it any time soon !!!! XXXX

  9. I am busily being envious of your own personal space. Lucky girl! It looks amazing, and I can't wait to see it in person. I do hope that someday we'll go treasure hunting together.
    Hugs and love!

  10. Are you going to be branding your bits of wood?

    Love the view from the studio so greeeeeen. :)

  11. What a fabulous view, and I give a thumbs up to the champagne sipping.
    Great find! Oh, just the thought of the brocantes makes my heart skip a beat! ~ Sarah

  12. Great studio Ange, which bit of you is getting the brand?

  13. How wonderful! let there be light...this will transform you and your work
    I am sure...all grown up now! Love the branding irons...funny, I saw a guy
    walk around with some at the local flea market this Sunday and I thought
    how cool they looked. you’ve started something. All the best, Cynthia

  14. wow your all grown up now with such a beautiful space and window. Blogger just ate my last comment, so if this shows up twice in your comments I’m not going mad...Cheers Cynthia

  15. Im loving seeing into your space and what you will be looking out on. Just so beautiful. Its so good to have your own space, mothers often forget that. Those letters are sensational, full of character. Cant wait to see what you do with them.

  16. I was in a little daze of rapturous envy when I saw the big window and when you mentioned the champagne, and then you had to go and speak of peace and quiet as well, and it has pushed me over the edge. I plan to cash in my imaginary pension and buy a gazebo just so I can compete with you lot over there. One with a wine cellar.

  17. I dream of a window for my basement studio space. Maybe I should just trying calling it an 'atelier' and see if that helps? Congratulations on that glorious window!

  18. definitely worth a cheers or two with that champagne!
    what an awesome view
    **laura xx

  19. found you in the latest issue of artful blogging - great spread! and I am glad it made me come over - btw love love your blog header

  20. this will be a perfect place for inspiration! and what a great view! lovely... and your brand is wonderful, how fun!! xx

  21. What a wonderful space, I am not sure I would ever leave that room! How gorgeous!! :)


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