Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update: dry your tears Pierrot

Thanks for your emails and comments. It looks like British Airways has come to the rescue and we will indeed make it over to the ditch to London. Direct from Toulouse to boot :) Strikers thwarted!

Did you notice the blue background behind Pierrot and Columbine? It's a medium sized door I'm working on. Stormy blue. Sort of fits this summer strike theme…

And here are some paper shells I've been making as my calligraphy dries. 
I'm imagining them as a wafty mobile floating in the summer breeze 
as it passes through my studio.

Don't forget to drop by The Altered Page to check out Seth's Style File.
I'm featured in there today along with some other fabulously interesting artists.

Have a great Sunday. 
I'm off to the airport :)


  1. oh Ange, thanks for stopping by, DO get in contact if you are coming to London - would LOVE to meet up! Have a good journey :)


    (ps . my number can be found on my website under workshops ;)

  2. Les fiends est thwarted m'amie! Bon vancance!

    I don't think we have anyone on strike over here at the moment... apart from the sunshine which is on a one day week.

  3. Thank goodness for thwartings - have a great time :)
    Loving those paper shells too. Great idea to make them into in a mobile.
    Perfect in fact :) Kx

  4. Ange, I'm so relieved to hear that all is well again. You really are so very patient and calm about all of this. I guess you have to be if you live in France!

    I hope you both have a fabulous time. I daren't tell Maddy about this...she is desperate to go horse-riding again but we can never find a spare day to go.

    Best wishes, take care and safe travels,

  5. Ange...ouch! A flight cancelled, just like that! I can feel your heart racing at the sight of that message. I hope that all has worked out for the best. I for one would have loved to have met you in London. I am returning tomorrow so if by any chance you find yourself by way of me!

    I have been long out of touch with the blogging world and hope to do some serious catch up soon. I will be sure to check out your latest at Altered Pages. A great blog!

    Best wishes Ange and safe travels :)

    Jeanne xxx

  6. paper!
    those shells are paper???
    gorgeous. how???

  7. Gorgeous work you shared with us. It is really very beautiful and awesome arrangement. I like those middle shells, really very beautiful.

  8. Hi Ange,
    I'm so pleased that you are able to get to London after all and that your daughter will be able to go to horse riding camp and not be disappointed.
    Next time you are in London, we must meet up for lunch or a drink.
    Have fun....the weather is supposed to be glorious this week. XXXX

  9. LOVE your shells... happy travels
    ~laura xx


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