Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing around with a curvy Roman

Sigh - sort of. Playing around with a Curvy Roman hand that is - 'La Cursive Romaine.' I'm still only just getting the hang of it but have been enjoying it's soft rise and fall, similar to the gentle swell of the tide.

You see, when the family goes away (hijacking the camera in their wake - hence yet another long absence from yours truly)  I tuck myself away in my atelier with a text that inspires, a thermos of yogi tea and the unlimited reaches of my imagination. Of course, I am violently brought back to reality when my brushes refuse to trace the perfect lines I see so clearly in my mind. With a little coaxing, some uninterrupted concentration, ornery persistence gentle patience and the soft strains of the Brides of Christ soundtrack filling the atmosphere, somehow it all frees up enough to be a satisfactory first draft.

You can overcome all your negative feelings if you realise that they have no other power over you than that which you allow them to have. The day that you understand this truth, you will be FREE. Louise L Hay

I'm not sure that these are the EXACT words Louise Hay actually said - I couldn't find the English original on the Internet - Louise being a very prolific purveyor of wisdom. So I've translated it back out of French into the closest I could get.

I can tell you - It's done me an awful lot of good mulling over this one in all its various forms over the last few days. Doesn't it just bring ya home to the truth! Any of you have those days when you feel like you just don't cut it? Don't make the measure? Will never get there? Personally, this happens to me every now and again so I thank the person I've been working on this for. The universe is in alignment :)

(Never let it be said that I'm not patient enough to watch paint dry)

Now I'm playing around with the same text with a sort of more modern look. It's not finished by any stretch of the imagination. Still far too much white - and no graphic stability. However, it's an adventure that I'm feeling FREEEEEEEEEE to delve into, with willful abandon. Anyway, for the moment I thought it resembled a plane and it really tickled my fancy to imagine myself flying around the realms of my own imagination, so I just HAD to share it with you ;-)

I'll try not to spend so long locked up away from you again next time. I need to finish this piece this week so PROMISE to post the finished result before FRIDAY. Wow - that'll be two blog posts in a week instead of 1 per month!! Don't go thanking me now… y' hear! You're all worth it. Every single little bit :)

Righto - off to make a few visits and catch up on what you've been up to over the last 4 weeks.  Love to you allllllllll…

PS - I'm preparing a special post for those who wanted the recipe to reproduce the lime putty walls in my atelier. It too will be out this week :)

PPS. I had promised a lighting tutorial - but for the life of me I can't get the pieces I need to make the lights I have envisaged. The best laid plans huh… I'm going to have to find the bits because the summer is half way through and I won't have enough light to work in the dark autumn evenings. Fingers crossed I stumble across what I need in a brocante somewhere.


  1. Words to live by, and so beautifully done, Ange. Seriously, I NEED to live by these words. Can't wait to see the finished results.

    xoxo Gigi

  2. What a gorgeous bloody red Ange xxx

  3. Bonjour! No need to be all abject and grovelling on my account, Ange! Heck! How long is it since I wrote a new post!And the cats are looking for a new scribe!

  4. Just lovely...words and calligraphy.
    But then what to expect from such a lovely girl?
    I hope you are well my friend...enjoy your time to create! :)

  5. so wonderful to see what you have been breathing life into. Not only do you write script uniquely, you use language in a wonderfully witty way!

  6. It is absolutely a fabulous quote! I need to print out your translation and have it somewhere in direct eye contact ;) Your artwotrk is just gorgeous Ange. Loving the play piece too. Looking forward to seeing everything all finished :) Kx

  7. What a fabulous quote Ange. Love how you call your font a curvy Roman - written by a saucy scribe! xx

  8. I like where the bottom piece is going - grungy and interesting with many layers - just my kind of thing (though playing with a curvy Roman sounded fun too).

    I missed your last post so was not able to comment on your FABULOUS shoes until now. Who cares if they are impractical - for are they not just meant to be admired and swooned over, rather than actually taken for walks - a bit like a pampered pooch.

  9. Dear Ange,
    I LOVE the Curvy Roman ....... you have done a beautiful job with Louise's words.
    ........ and, when one is living life and working and looking after a family, one post a month is about right I think !! XXXX

  10. If you could bear to start another blog, your own words, 'a very prolific purveyor of wisdom' would make a fine title. The script is beautiful, the red of Libre absolutely splendid. It looks great.

  11. your choice of words
    their illumination is
    (comme d'habitude)

  12. just beautiful, love it and the little play on words...

  13. Oh quelle honte !!! Je ne me rendais pas compte que je ne t'avais pas visitée depuis si longtemps ... :-(( Déjà, félicitations pour le nouveau site. J'aime beaucoup cette nouvelle version. Pour moi, ça sera en 2012 ... est-ce que tu l'as fait seule ? J'accepte volontiers quelques tips ... ;)

    Ensuite, je suis tellement tellement heureuse que tu aies repris la création. Je suis toujours autant touchée par ce que tu fais. la calligraphie me lie au sacré, au coeur. Il y a quelque chose du respect, presque religieux.
    Le sacré me lie à ma spiritualité. Tout ceci mêlé à tes phrases si inspirantes ... Que de beautés.

    J'aime particulièrement ce "Libre" ... As-t-il déjà trouvé acquéreur?

    Je t'embrasse fort.


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