Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Never give in!

It is 4.45am and I have decided to arise earlier on a regular basis in a desperate bid to improve my efficiency ratio on 'school' days and have some peaceful 'thinking' time before 3 whirlwinds of activity sabotage the calm. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do n'est-ce pas? 
All is dark and chilly, and the only sound is the gentle takakakakakakakakak of the keyboard, if you don't count the occasional curse whispered iolently under my breath as the 'b' and 'v' keys get stuck on the 'Nerd' lollies that the messmonsters have spilt while they play educational games on the Mac.

There's rather a lot going on in the dark around here in fact and one of the reasons I've alighted so early is to gather my thoughts and shed a little light on areas I'm personally unclear about. I guess you could say I'm in the process of redefining my core values and working out a clearer mission statement for my life.  Nothing like a good cuppa and a blog post to help me on my way… ;-)

When I feel like I've lost my footing in the great adventure race of life. I know it's time to stop, reorient my compass and narrow the options for effectively getting to the next point. 

Sort of like the run I went on last night in the forest. In the beginning it was all a bit scary hazy and vague and I had to pick my way forward slowly, placing each step carefully but firmly. After a while the momentum picked up naturally and, even though nothing was bright as daylight, I could  clearly identify the white stones of the right track shining through the darkness. By the time I got back, the dark and I had become familiar friends and the path  felt more like a Yellow Brick Road.
This is my own personal mantra of the moment with which I'm completely enjoying brainwashing myself: 
"My body is a mountain" 
(Note to self: gotta stop the chocolate ;-)

"Never give in!"

Thanks for the emails and comments I've had for the last couple of posts. It's enriching getting some wider points of view on those existential situations we all go through in life :)
 Have a great week all. 
Don't lose your focus :)


  1. needed this. every word of this post resonated with me. quiet time to ponder our own personal path is a must.

    enjoy your journey...every up and down of it.

  2. 4.45 Ange?!!! I like to get things done too, but I don't think I'd be heroic enough to leave my warm bed that early. Hope it pays off and that your alone time helps you sort things through.
    A hug from Normandy

  3. A brilliant metaphor Ange, with the running in the dark, and the pondering. Hope the path is light, bright, steady and sure soon. Amanda xx

  4. 4.45 is even before the crack of dawn!! An ungodly hour if ever there was one. I hope you efforts to reorientate pay off and you can get back to bed! :)

  5. i'm loving the work you've been doing
    (as well as the posts)
    i've been so ___________
    (fill in the blank with excuse for not blogging
    and not even reading blogs)

    as the weather cools and the days darken
    i seem to be drawn back to the screen.
    might return to scanning my negatives
    and slides - always good for a laugh
    and hours of occupation...

    be well. do you celebrate some form
    of thanksgiving? have a good one in case you do.

  6. never give in! I like it Ange...works for me in so many ways.
    all the best...c

  7. You are so right Ange, it must be a Virgo thing...we are thinking so much a like these days...and what is with chocolate?? Is it just signaling Virgo's or what? I feel like a homing pigeon for it ...I like your way of thinking. "My body is a mountain, never give in". I must remember that when I sit down for our Thanksgiving meal later in the day. :)

    Best wishes Ange...

    Jeanne xx

  8. i just simply want to wake up earlier, and it seems that my body wants to sleep :)
    its an introspective time in my world too. i like it
    ~laura xx


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