Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have nothing to declare...

Of course I'd like to be able to continue the title of this post with 'but my genius.' But that would be far too obvious. Worse! It would be plagiarism!

Perish the thought!

But it is a nifty, catchy expression, don't you think?
A hint of daring. A touch of 'up yours!'
'I have nothing to declare but my genius.'

The Irish have the knack for witty, pithy expressions.
They can pull them off really well.
I remain unconvinced that, upon arrival at the  Roissy CDG airport in Paris, in front of the customs officers, it would have the same effect if I said, "Je n'ai rien a déclarer Messieurs, sauf ma génie!" They'd be rummaging through my Louis Vuitton luggage, hunting for a wee leprechaun in a bottle in the blink of an eye ;-) Or hauling me off under a suspecting stare.

They say the French have a certain 'je ne sais quoi.'
I reckon it's the Irish that have it hands down.

In any case, Oscar Wilde definitely did.

This piece is flying out to NZ.
I'm whizzing off to give English lessons to my messmonsters
I would love to start with the analysis of the above phrase, 
but I believe, in the hands of the messies,
it would be my undoing ;-)

 Une fabuleuse semaine à vous tous et toutes mes amis


  1. I was so crushed to be told that Oscar's last words were not:"Either that wallpaper goes, or I do."

  2. This could be a great link up post Ange, ask everyone to try this phrase on passport control next time we travel then let you know how it went!!
    Totally agree about the Irish, I recently found the Irish blog Pretty Far West, her writing and her humour are wicked!!!
    Have a great day

  3. Hi Ange!
    Lovely that is!
    Still working with WordPress, but flying period at the moment, so not that easy ;-)
    I keep you posted!
    Take care, Nathalie.

  4. The Land of the Long White Cloud...the perfect place for your wonderful creation Ange. You do not want to get me started on passport control...it will never end!
    Best wishes to you and your messmonsters Ange :)

    Jeanne xx

  5. You'd wonder whether to carry your genius through the green channel or the red, and what duties would be imposed in the latter. I hope NZ is appreciative of the sentiment and of the very appropriate sweeping flair with which you have executed it.

  6. wonderful to see what you are shipping off to the land that I love.
    thank you for your fun post and gorgeous art

  7. Hi Ange
    great artwork today... I once had my stomached grabbed in Bangkok airport.. they thought I was smuggling 'fat'!! haha

    Sorry to hear about your 'blues'.. I'm the same blue makes me feel serene and happy!! and John Denver.. well he was at his peak during the worst time in my life.. will always have a soft spot for his music..

    ciao xxx Julie Have a great week..

  8. Oh, what a wonderful picture. So nice to discover you and your beautiful pictures through Mise!

  9. I often feel I have nothing to declare, but oh my goodness if one could see the thoughts and ideas buzzing around my mind - that'd be something else! Lovely, exquisite work :)

    Hope you are well, hugs from the UK.


  10. Ange, you are so bad! I just love your sense of humor. I'm reading this post in bed, sleeping hubby next to me, and I'm trying not to wake him up with my laughter.

  11. some airport security have no sense of humour.
    ~laura xx

  12. Oh my! Your mark making is exquisite. So happy to have found you.


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