Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BONNE ANNEE! Skidding in there, champagne in hand, to wish you a Happy New Year

Resolution number one: NO MORE BEING LATE! Gloups!!!
Having said that - I'm not exactly LATE. Technically in France we can send our New Year's wishes up until Jan 31st... However, apparently one's resolutions should be resolutely set before end December. Pfffff! Time is such a human invention!

If "To Change One's Life = Start Immediately! I see no reason to wait for Jan 1st to do so!! Anyone else with me on that one?

In fact, I've been collecting fabulous inspirational resolutions over the last few months on Pinterest and for all sorts of mental health reasons, got started working on them before the New Year popped over the horizon. One of them was a Facebook Sabbatical so you won't see me on there for a week or so ;-) The most inspiring of them I've decided to share with you every day until the end of January, starting with this one:

If I get the time while I'm Carp(e)ing the hell out of my Diems to actually scribble some of these down in my own style I'll be sure to substitute them in. It depends how long it takes me to light the wood stove in my atelier in order to keep my fingers warm. How much relative benefit is there in taking half an hour to light the stove for half an hour calligraphy? I'm thinking I may be better off going for an hour's run in the freezing rain, or 'saving' calligraphy hours for one long stretch when the time it takes to encourage some heat out of the stove is less disheartening, n'est ce pas?

In other words, sometimes Carp(e)ing one's Diem means knowing how to prioritise and best organise one's self in order to get the most out of the 365 things one should be probably be packing into a year rather than trying to fit into 24 hours!

While I'm prioritising and organising, however, you're welcome to pop by for a quick coaching session and a daily pretty Pinterest pick me up. Sort of like a visual wheat grass smoothie for you!

Have a wonderful DIEM yourself friends :) It's time I woke the kids for their homeschooling...

PS. I will be forever thankful to you Meredy for finding this on Pinterest :) It motivates me even on the darkest European winter mornings as the wind howls outside and the rain rattles against the window pane and I fight the urge to go back to bed and wait until Spring dawns...


  1. Oh is it really time to step away from the champagne, and get started on prioritizing and organizing? And I had no idea that in France we have until the 31st for New Years greetings--what's the limit of Christmas cards by the way? I need to get movin'!

    Looking forward to a daily-boost of inspiration and motivation--keep it coming! Best wishes for this fabulous year.

    gros biz---Cat

  2. ...or fight the urge to come home to us! Jules has set the date for 1 December. Start saving honey. Can't wait to hug you.

  3. ...or fight the urge to come home to us! Jules has set the date for 1 December. Start saving honey. Can't wait to hug you.

  4. And a very happy new year to you to too Ange, may 2012 see your - very ambitious - projects come through; you and your children enjoy their schooling and may we all stay happy and healthy.

  5. Oui! Time, like religions, is a human invention.
    But, nevertheless, I do wish you a happy year.
    (Maybe even a get-to-meet-you year!!!!!!!!!!!)

  6. Hi Ange,
    Well, I NEVER make New Year resolutions......I've always found it pointless and, if I'm going to stop or start something I can do it any old time of the year !!
    Thanks so much for all of your support and lovely comments throughout 2011.
    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year filled with magical moments, love and lots of fun.
    Sent with love from my family to yours. XXXX

  7. ~only with the best of intentions will you gracefully move throughout 2012...better late than never is how i feel!!! how i have missed your humor and wit and wonderful wisdom dear ange...i hope this finds you well and in good spirits...i look forward to catching up in the days ahead...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  8. Love it Ange. I laughed when I read it! You are the second blogger who has pointed out how fun and inspiring Pinterest can be this morning. I am definitely signing up! ;-) As for New Year's resolutions, well... Why put additional pressure on yourself? Having a couple of [attainable] goals for the next 6 months shall suffice for now. Good luck with the homeschooling by the way. You are one brave woman. Bonne année 2012. Looking forward to "chatting" with you on your blog or chez French Girl in Seattle this year. Veronique

  9. I've got a 'wise words' board on pinterest too - pop along and pilfer all you need. I just followed you on there so you should be able to find me easy enough.

    We have very similar resolutions - I am all for completing the many projects I start....

  10. wanting to wish you a VERY MERRY, HAPPY, WONDERFUL and PROSPEROUS New Year dear Ange :)


  11. My New Year's resolution was to NOT prioritize and organize. Maybe I got it wrong? ·_·

    Happy New Year to you too!

  12. Love it!Words to live by.
    No resolutions for me - at the moment feeling pretty blissful...probably because I survived 2011.
    I am hopeful 2012 is going to be a wonderful year!
    - always the optomist, the glass is always half full with me.

  13. I have to say, living in Toulouse really ill prepares one for ever being on time again in this lifetime! "le quart d'heure Toulousain" became such a habit that it's taken years to revert to Western time.
    I love Bruce! We have had no snow here in the muggy Midwest, a very bizarre winter, I'll enjoy yours and think fondly on the years of waiting for the bus in the cold rain the in Sud Ouest.
    The block arrangement was absolutely adorable. Good luck with the resolutions. I made one back in December, but I've forgot it already, must not have been very important.

  14. Happy New Year! This post has made my diem!

  15. Wishing you a happy healthy new year Ange! Love your post and hope all is organized for you in all of your 24 hours! xo hugs Jilly


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