Sunday, January 15, 2012

The problem is...

Everytime I go onto Pinterest to find a fabulous quote to share with you all, one that really gets me moving myself. I get lost. Lost in ideas. Lost in possibilities. Lost in a future that is different from my today. Lost in another world. The fantasy world of Pinterest!!

This invariably means that the half hour I allow myself to blog fizzles out in a puff of virtual possibilities that, while magical and marvellous, don't allow me to achieve anything productive at all!! This has been happening EVERY DAY! Arghhhhhhhhhh! Sigh... The spirit is wiling but not as strong as the draw of the screen...

So in a desperate bid to regain my psychological freedom, last night I set myself a goal! No peeking at what the rest of the world is up to - just getting the job done.

This morning I have exactly 15 minutes before I have to get ready for an all day book-binding workshop, which includes making a yummy lunch, a usually simple task that will be riddled with pitfalls that involve the needs of wee mess monsters...

That's it! 15 minutes up!! Eureka! Isn't it great when you set yourself a little, well defined challenge and you meet your goal. If I can keep it up, I'll be blogging more often at this rate. Then I could sneak over and spend a bit of time catching up on what the rest of you have been up to...
Think I'll dress like Audrey today ;-)

Much love!


  1. Love the Hepburn quote. Oh, yeah! I'm pinching that one!
    Moi? No Twitter. No Pinterest. No fancy-dancy phone with a squillion apps. No time.
    Voila!Je suis sur le blog.[that's TV type franglais]

  2. what discipline - we are SO impressed! Can we havea picture of you in Audrey's LBD?

    have a great day

  3. ~so happy you met your goal for the day...a joy to see you here...pinterest...ah my dear friend i think you are hardly endless sea of wonder and enchantment to fill our curious minds...wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much love light and blessings~

  4. Hey stranger! So very true! I just blew off two hours looking at other people lives... At least they were inspiring , phenomenal people... Now get back to work and doing your own amazing thing! Happy 2012!

  5. This post made me laugh out loud, Ange!!! I could totally live without facebook and flickr . . . and a million other internet distractions, but I adore Pinterest! And it is just as you describe it, this wonderful fantasy life full of possibilities. I find that no matter what else I'm doing during the day, I love to catch little 5-minute sessions with Pinterest--little trysts, I suppose. It's a very dangerous game I play with that page, because it inspires me so much, and yet it also eats up time when I could be putting that inspiration to use. So naughty!

    It's so good to pop in over here to your fabulous space. You inspire me, but in a much more real way than that other place. :) I adore you.

    xoxo Gigi

  6. Hi Ange...Bookbinding! I bet it was wonderful...a perfect compliment to your beautiful work. :) I know what you mean about Pinterest...very dangerous. My daughter recently started her own blog. Her early evenings are over, she can't stop talking about Pinterest, she walks around with a journal and I have to be very careful with my recommendations. Remember those days? I think your 15 minute rule is a good one...your are so right...getting around for the hello's is the hardest part theses days.. So happy to stop in and say hello to you my friend!!

    Best wishes for a wonderfully creative week Ange!!

    Jeanne xx

  7. happy 2012 ange !!
    all the best to you, with and without the distracters :)
    discipline is not my middle name haha
    ~laura xx

  8. I am always getting everything!!

    Pinterest is a total addiction. Did you ever believe there were so many amazing pictures out there?

  9. I have never been on Pinterest, and knowing my addictive personality, I will stand firm and never go. Missing your amusing anecdotes on facebook, Ange. Hope you and your little ones are well.


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