Wednesday, January 2, 2013

J'ai déménagé. I've moved

Au revoir Blogger. On s'est bien amusé ensemble
Bye Bye Blogger. We've had some great times 

Maintenant vous pouvez me retrouver en français sur Word Press.
Venez me voir pour un fou rire et un souffle d'inspiration.

Now you can find me in English on Word Press
Do come and visit for more inspiration and the odd burst of hilarity :)


  1. I"ve made note of your new address. I've been absent from visiting. Life seems to keep me away from the computer, but I'll pop in every now and then. Hope life is good for you and your family. Always fun to see what you are sharing........Happy New Year! ~ Sarah

  2. I'll be right over Ange. Hope you are well and here's to a wonderful 2013 fllled with health, happiness and kindness. Much love. XXXX


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