Monday, May 17, 2010

I can see clearly now...

...the rain has gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
it's gonna be a BRIGHT BRIGHT sunshiny day!
(Johnny Nash)
I've been hiding from my MAC in a guise to concentrate on my calligraphy.
(Have you noticed the very infrequent posting? Please say yes ;-)

It mostly worked. But I was caught between seasons...
Then today the sun shone down on La Rivière... 
and every where I looked there were nothing but blue skies!
Funny though in spite of the sunshine, 
I just didn't feel like touching ANY
of the projects that I've been working on.
So I scrubbed and cleaned
every nook and cranny 
in the house,
singing loudly about sunshine and blue skies
(housework always seems so much more fun 
when I dance with my mop and imagine myself 
overcoming obstacles with ease and grace)

Then took the time to appreciate some of the work 
I had already done in Chickpea's room.
It's heartening to remember our achievements sometimes, eh?

Sacré bleu! 
I dyed some antique linen turquoise to brighten up her pillows.
Dyed an antique dress 'antique bleu,'
wrote 'it's time to light the stars'
(Guillaume Appollinaire)
at the bottom in white fabric paint,
then sewed it onto her white duvet cover.
I 'patined' an old door various shades of blue.
(It was my first try at colour 5 year's ago and I'm very fond of it still)

The ballerine is just marking the spot for a small applique light.
She is looking slightly worn as she has been sitting there for a while now.
Ahem... Another family project that needs the finishing touches. Oops!
That doesn't seem to bother Chickpea.
Although I'm sure she'd prefer it was a horse now...

Sometimes I just have to get my house in order 
and take stock a bit before diving head first back into 
production mode.
And sing really loudly, 
dancing around my home in wild abandon...
(this IS why I live in the country and have no neighbours, you know)

I even enjoyed mopping the floors today.

Shh - don't tell Beaker ...

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  1. I can't see clearly now - I can only imagine that white duvet cover with antique bleu dress and white writing, and it sounds so wonderful that you can't possibly keep it from us any longer. Any chance of a photo of its full glory?

  2. I love productive procrastination. I'm with Mise though, you must show a photo of the duvet.xx

  3. I love that big clean feeling, and that song which is now a head worm.

    Beautiful bedding

  4. Living in the country, dancing, singing loudly, of sunshine...I can see you in my mind. Refreshingly lovely. That door...Oh my it is beauty. Dying fabrics is not easy...I bet the antique bleu is serene.

    I like the nickname 'chickpea'...mine was 'chickadee'...and dee is my middle name.

  5. Did you honestly sew one of my very. favorite. dresses on one of my french daughter's duvets? It was #1's room, wasn't it? Mon dieu - please tell whoever owns that duvet that the dress needs to be sent to their american mother.


    never mind, it does look darling where it is... can't wait to see it for myself~
    You have been missed. a lot.

  6. Ange, love the little touches you've done for Chickpea's room. What a thoughtful mom you are! And thoughtful friend! I'm still a glow about the package arriving today. Magnifique!
    Hugs ~ sarah

  7. i sing in wild abandon also.....
    but i have neighbors.
    lovin the blue..

  8. Oh, Ange, the ballerina cupboard is lovely and I'm sure the duvet is smashing, as well! Some days we just have to go with the flow in order to reign in creativity for the other days! It is SO good to laugh and sing and just BE. Hope you have much more of it in the coming week!
    xx P&H

  9. I am proud of you, leaving the mac aside and doing your art and cleaning and dancing and singing! Your daughter must have a glimmer in her eye over your wonderful calligraphy in her room.

  10. Yes, I'm with mise....I want to see it entirely! :) Hope you have a great week!

  11. Dear Ange,
    I have a lovely mental picture of you, dancing around the house ,doing the housework and, following you, little sparkles and sprikles of glitter with a tinkling sound, as each room gleams !!!! I do the same but without the housework part !!!! haha.
    My house now seems so dusty after reading your post that it will have to be a housework day for me today ! XXXX

  12. Hello! I thought I was following you and then found that blogger hadn't caught here I am! Sorry I missed you. I am in love with that little ballerina. My daughter would adore that. And on mopping to music - yes I find that makes things go much quicker! Lou x

  13. morning....i have just had a wonderful read of your other blog describing the *finding* of la Fontiane {i hope i spelt that right?}and see you've been writing here- and so now i shall continue the story on this side....i found you through the gorgeous kim at mimi c.....& i'm very happy about that...
    melissa x

  14. oh I love that door!

  15. Love the colour that you have chosen, it is tres belle. I had to smile when I read the bit about cleaning as I have days when I feel that I must clean like a crazy woman and I love that clean smell. This morning the sun is shining here and I have cleaned all the windows whilst singing along to Abba songs on French rado - what is it about old english songs and French radio chanels?

    A tres bientot Budgie girl,

    Leeann xx

    p.s. I have started painting the new kitchen cupboards today, you would love the colour - a kinda grayish white F&B of course!

  16. Oh Ange
    Good think you are not here.. it is raining cats and kittens and cold!!!
    Well love love all your projects.. and love the blue and Aqua!! I want to see the duvet cover too.. it sounds so wonderful .. we need a full showing...

    So.. can you come clean here??? although sadly there will be no dancing or singing.. boy I miss that living in an apartment.. no dancing on the coffee table!! blah!!!!! Isn't it great when you actually get the urge to scrub? .. I'll will leave it to you my your choice of song too!!! xxx Julie

  17. That was a beautiful post Ange...all you!! I can just imagine it all and what fun it must have been. Covered in paint I imagine too!
    Your tropical blue fabric is lovely...makes me want to have a pina colada! The door is so so sweet....good luck if and when you get the horse request :)

    As for dancing around your home in wild go girl!
    All Virgo, I say !!

    Jeanne :)

  18. You always make me smile Ange! Thanks for the inspirational boost!

  19. LOL! wonderful post! dyed antique blue is so beautiful and Yes I did miss you!!

  20. I can see clearly now ... that I have found a treasure here! -- I've just come by for the first time from Beatnheart's blog and oh. Your blog is exquisite :-)

    "There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people," you've written here ... Yes :-)

    I'm going to enjoy poring over your creations; thank you so much, Ange.



  21. wierd, i actually feel a bit inspired to clean... its not really my thing. great tunes and sunshine really do help.
    ~laura x

  22. I love that you sing and dance around the house, thats the reason I tell people I don't mind doing house stuff, that I find it therapeautic, I just dont go into the details of my inner rock queen bursting forth at the same time. Dont worry about the delay in posting, the anticipation of whats coming next is almost as good. xx

  23. I adore your daughter's room, it looks amazing! Those shades of blue have so much emotion......
    Funny how a sunny day can get you cleaning! We have sun here all of the time, so guess what! I clean all of the time...

  24. I LOVE that patined door and that the dye you used on the old dress was *antique bleu*. Love that spelling of blue, it makes it even more romantic sounding. Sometimes there is such joy in just cleaning (I surprise myself sometimes too.) ~Lili

  25. Great looking do know how to have fun while you clean!

  26. Oh to have been a fly on the wall amongst that 'joyful floor mopping'. Now there's a label you'll be posting under often! I also indulge in some productive procrastination, as Anita puts it so well, and I too like to have my house in order. xx

  27. you're a total inspiration - with your pillow dying and your mopping. My goodness, does my house need mopping?! Like SERIOUSLY, do I have time or energy? No! But reading this makes me think I will have to find a day!

    Oh for the love of cleaning and art :)


  28. I love days like those, Ange! My neighbours are way too close but it doesn't stop me from singing and dancing in my living room as I dust. And I HATE dusting but it goes by so much better when I dance and dust!

  29. it seems to me that everything you touch becomes magical...How beautiful and daring of you to do those projects. I love the dyeing of the duvet and the door. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. You always brighten my day. Cheers to you and happy spring...Cynthia

  30. I like your attitude... it puts a smile on my face.

    I too sometimes clean the exterior to order the interior of my mind.
    I think this is unique to woman and something we trained into from an early age.

    I'm sorry I don't make it here as often as I would like.
    A week in blogland I feel is equivalent to a month in the other land.

    I also think that it is okay to have never ending projects.... :)

    best wishes for a wonderful life
    x Robyn

  31. What a bright and sunny post. And even when you are not working on your art, you seem to be bubbling over with creativity. Lovin the door!

  32. Bon jour! C'est moi,,,Dinahmow, whom you saw on a collaborative blog (
    and wondered how I came to find you.

    Easy! You are a calligrapher, as I once was, and you are on the sidebar of Ronnie, who is also part of Bookartobject.

    And, all these serendipitous connections aside, you live in the countryside, you are battling "silly" education regimes, you're funny and witty want more?!

    A bientot!

  33. You amaze me, my sweet! I am so NOT cheerful about cleaning.

    I love the Appollinaire quote. He's an old favorite of mine, especially since he was beloved by painters, and I love people who are not restricted to one world or the other.

    Love all those watery turquoises and blues for chickpea's room. You rule the blues!!!

    xoxo g


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