Thursday, May 27, 2010

If a story is in you... has got to come out!
William Faulkner

This is one of the many pieces inhabiting my studio dining room that has already been through many reincarnations. I am still unsure what it's first life was exactly, but what I do know is that I rescued it from a premature death by burning when I 'tidied out' a friend's Mother-in-Law's barn... (Remember the blue shutter? This is a smaller member of the same household).

With all the voices it's been hearing eg, my loud singing, and text after text of calligraphy that has been systematically scrapped one after the other for no reason other than me considering  it  'pas beau,' as well as taking into account it's narrow escape from death by bonfire; I've started nicknaming this one Joan of Arc.   Just a few days ago, JoAn looked like this...

Before that she was very brown and dirty. Mustering up whatever pride was left she begged me not to get the camera out. Nah - just kidding, I got her before I started blogging so didn't even think of photographing her. Rather, I scrubbed her up and covered her with lots of blue and white layers of paint. Since then I've been spending time scrubbing them all back off again in order to find her story which, given the number of paint layers she has, is no mean feat. 

I tried R.W. Emerson - but he didn't look right on Joan. Too verbose. Hope we all agree on this because I have already undressed her and started again. Sometimes a girl really does have to go through the icky-trying-things-on-stage before she comes up with the right outfit, n'est-ce pas? You know, the-ugly-duckling-before-you-grow-into-the-swan type transformation...

After a particularly inspiring calligraphy class this morning I raced home and said, 'Joan, you and I are going to play around with drawing gum this afternoon.' She promptly replied, 'What's drawing gum? Anything's better than what I'm in now.  Oh rid me of this verbose attire.'

We definitely had fun playing dress-ups again, but methinks her story still isn't finished. She's destined to be undressed again tomorrow. No mind, we have time to find just the right outfit. Thanks to your very wise and kind comments on my last post, I'm a little less worried about how long it's taking me to get her  and the other 15 or so bigger pieces lying around there. However, I do believe that we are both enjoying the process... 

Speaking of enjoying the process ... This post is specially dedicated to someone who has become a treasured friend over the last few months, Laura at 52 Flea, who is this week's guest curator for the blog Crescendoh, and who has very kindly linked to my website today, presenting me as someone who could inspire others. At this point you could knock me down with a feather...  I feel extremely privileged.

Crescendoh is a blog focused on promoting artists and encouraging them to tell their story. Laura, a million Mercis from the bottom of my heart both for including me in your guest blogging week and especially for sharing more about yourself.  Your blog gives us tantalising glimpses of your exquisite taste and beautiful collections - through Crescendo it was precious to get to know you more as a person and to see another example of how art can transform.  May your own art continue to help you overcome those daily worries that life throws at us... and take you down a path of joyful discovery.


PS - There may have to be another giveaway soon as I now have 200 lovely people following my blog and I love a good celebration. Welcome to all the new people who are along for the ride. Your support is so appreciated that I'm thinking hard as to what the next giveaway theme could be. Watch this space ...

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  1. Why I feel she is dressed quite nicely as she is. I love what you have written on her! I was writing something earlier, considering that that a line of a letter is absolutely art and creative and a talent. You are gifted.

  2. Oh my goodness Ange! You are too kind to me! Now let's talk about Joan D'Arc......just LOVE the blues she is wearing and that curvy shape of hers...gorgeous!
    Of course, now that I have presented myself as a worrywart...I will never live it down!
    Many thanks and much love,

  3. well in September when I am scheduled to do Crescendoh, I hope you will come up with something equally creative like this, so I can link to you!! xx's

  4. what beautiful beautiful blues!

  5. ~l♥ve ange...and what a story ms. JoAn has to share...i think each of her outfits have been suitable and can't wait to her finalized...what a process and so fascinating to see each step along the way of your art! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. Ange - you are firing on all cylinders at the moment! I'm so thrilled to hear that you're creative spirit and hard work is being rewarded with such well deserved recognition and appreciation. Big hugs, Meredy xo

  7. How great to be inspired after a class. I loved that you saved her from a bonfire and the quote seems entirely appropriate.

  8. I think Joan is fabulous Ange. But I know you will find what is perfect for her in your own time. (As well as those other pieces - no rush!)

    Congrats on the mention on Crescendoh and the 200 followers. So deserving!

  9. Ange, you are so talented. I really enjoy coming here to view your projects. :)

    Happy Thursday!

  10. darling, I don't remember seeing her in your collection. she is lovely! I am sure, in the end, that she will say exactly what she is meant to - en francais ou en anglais!
    big love my sweet~

  11. Dear Ange
    Well I just love Joan... she is a beauty and of course comes from good heritage.. aka blue shutter!!!

    Congrats on your crescendo link!!! Laura is an absolute sweetheart.. and your mention is so well deserved.. you certainly inspire us all!!! xxx Julie

  12. Dear Ange,
    I am sure that Joan will look perfect when you have finished with her. She is certainly getting a lot of attention and will definiely not suffer the same fate as her namesake !!
    Perhaps you need a little more thinking time, Ange ? Another hour or so in the garden , coffee by your side and eyes closed so that you can summon up the perfect image of what you want to do......just a suggestion. XXXX

  13. joan is divine in blue and very patient..your word in post and art speak volumes!

  14. Way to go Ange! Your story is definitely worth a read (and a look and pinch!), as in I need to pinch your latest creation!

    Much admiration,

  15. Ange, I'm LOVING blue in any form and Joan is going to be perfection! Congrats on 200 as well as the recognition that you are getting on other blogs ~ fantastic! xx P&H

  16. It's great to think of all the words that will be invisibly written on her. Looking forward to the next incarnation

  17. Hi Ange, I just love this, the choice of words, the choice of colours, of calligraphy, it all looks amazing. Congratulations on being featured by Laura, well deserved of course. I really enjoyed reading her text at crescendo.
    A bientôt,

  18. That shape and that shade of blue say an e.e. cummings quote to me. Or maybe I'm just dizzied by the thought of your next giveaway.

  19. I think Joan's story is coming out!

  20. Geez Ange - I hope tiling the Bathroom-From-Hell counts towards my journey of discovery. Its the only half-pie creative thing I've got going in my poor, miserable life!
    Millie ^_^

  21. Wonderful inspiration always Ange! I'm playing catch up as I've been away on holiday. See what I miss when I'm away - all this good stuff!!

  22. everyone has a story. you are incredible.... she is beautiful, and curvy - like me hehe
    ~laura x

  23. Bonjour ma belle ! Quelle belle écriture ! J'aime énormément. Et mixé avec ton travail d'altération, c'est vraiment fabuleux !

    Merci pour tes passages sur mon blog !

    Pleins de bisous

  24. I enjoy reading your blog, but I was truly thrilled when I found out your (what some might think) an unconventional calligrapher. I agree that R. W. Emerson isn't right for Joan. She is finding her own voice as you strip the layers away. I can't wait to see the finished Joan. By the way what is drawing gum?

  25. I'm loving the 'story has to come out'and agree that Emerson wasnt quite right, but by all means keep the creative process going, I'm sure Joan will be all the more interesting with her many layers.

  26. Ange that saying just so hits home for me with my story “coming out”...I love your work and you so deserve all the followers because you yourself are so supportive ..


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