Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Ameeeelia, you're making your art!

Sorry! I couldn't help myself.  It's just that every time I say the name Amelia I sing it to the tune of 'Cecilia' (nope- don't ask me why - just a stupid schoolgirl rhyming thing) and off we go again...

I have been making lots of progress artistically myself these days but have had no time to photograph the results. Let's face it, with the rainy spring weather, the light hasn't been that good either. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;-)

(All photos of Amelia Critchlow's artwork taken from her blog)

So in the event that I can't give you any glimpses of what I've been working on, I thought this would be an ideal time to introduce you to one of my favourite London-based artists,

Had I been better organised, had I had access to my computer much of last week, had I ... well, I would've set up an interview. But I didn't. So before I introduce her in my own words, I borrowed this off her website so you could get a feel for how she sees her art:

My work continues to explore an art (craft) often associated with a feminine tradition, with the use of hand-stitched household textiles. This is then combined with images from contemporary popular culture (magazines), to highlight issues faced by women; particularly the airbrushed and unreal imagery that encourages women to starve, cut and stitch themselves to physical ‘perfection’, making them ‘objects’ to be looked at, rather than active individuals and intelligent contributors to culture and meaning in society.

By using the personal (hand-stitched), with the public (magazines), I wish to investigate personal experiences and feelings about being a ‘woman’ and a 'mother', against public notions of what being a ‘woman’ and 'mother' is, and to explore the way women are portrayed visually. By playing with public images of women and cutting and stitching them together in a different way I hope to say something new, creating alternative narratives, and hopefully raising questions for the viewer. 

Being a mother with two girlies leaning towards young-womanhood, I sort of like her focus here. 

However, what most touches me about Amelia, is the artist herself. I would purchase Amelia's art not only for its beauty, and follow her online art couses not just for their content - but mostly for the uncompromising strength, conviction, sincerity and positivity she shows in every aspect of her daily life. 

You can read here and here about Amelia's personal triumphs and trials in bringing up a son with Asperger's as a single parent, while trying to keep sight of her own personal goals. 

You can read here and here about her current musings on life, what she learnt at art school (little to do with art itself!) and the little things she does every day to keep herself inspired and running on all cylinders ;-)
More importantly,  you can access her talent and conviction that everyone can be an artist here!

Amelia, (like so many of my fabulous blogfriends out there, who are soon to get an individual show of appreciation here over the coming months for the very unique inspiration each of you provide to me and the rest of the blogging world on a permanent basis) is quite simply a remarkable, honest, extraordinary ordinary person, who I admire no end. 

I've been the lucky recipient of a few other tags and awards over the last few weeks from some special people. I will definitely give these my most urgent attention although we are in France and lateness is perfectly acceptable if not encouraged ;-) In the mean time, introducing you to Amelia is my other way of giving some encouragement to a like minded soul who gives so much herself as she earnestly goes about living her dream. 

'Art is my desire to sing my song, tell my tales, and try somehow to rise above it all . . . .'
Amelia Critchlow

See you later in the week - weather permitting!!

Big Bisous



  1. I have to second everything you said about Amelia. I'm currently on her experimental art e-course and it is F A B! In fact, in a moment I'm off to do some collage homework. Funny what you said about the interview... watch my blog this week for as we speak the lady herself is answering my questions ready for an interview all about the course and her art on my blog. I'm working through her course material with a great bunch of other inspiring students. Did I find her via your blog I wonder? I can't remember where I find all these blogs I follow... I'm pretty certain it was. Thanks for the introduction!!

  2. Oh my Ange...
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post about Amelia (I love that catchy song Cecilia )...I have visited her site and this online course of hers may just be what I have been looking for! Things in my world have been spinning this week and I am not sure. when all is settled. where I will be this summer....but with this course...that will not matter!

  3. Her work looks good and she sounds great, I'll go and check her out.

  4. I am loving your new header!

    Over to check out her work...looks uplifting and amazing.
    Hope all is well Ange,(still a little loopy from vacation)
    -have a wonderful week.

  5. well, all I can say is WOW - thank you! And I so look forward to returning the compliment when you are ready!!! With an interview and all oh Ange (will have to think of a song!) I don't know what to say.

    Am looking forward to the course you decide to join . . . . . .



  6. It's good to meet Amelia, who seems wonderfully idealistic and determined, a very powerful combination. What a lovely warm introduction from you. (And your French lateness will be belatedly recognised as greatness, or quelque chose.)

  7. Yup, I'm loving the course too, and happy to have made a good friend in the lovely Amelia ;) Tonight I sat in a meeting and did one of my assignments from Amelia's course while I listened (doodling, you know!) and am so chuffed with what came out at the end of it! I wouldn't have been able to do that without the prompts and confidence of Amelia's course. x

  8. Oh thank you Ange, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and have spent a good ten minutes browsing Amelia's wonderful artwork and blog. I love her textile pieces.

  9. Dear Ange
    Thanks for introducing us to Amelia.. I can tell from your warm welcome that this is going to be something very special... plus it has the Ange vote of approval so I will head off there right now... I love that first piece you chose.. something about newspaper print that gets my creative juices flowing....

    PS.. thank you once again my wonderful friend for your kind words and birthday post... and thanks to all Ange's lovely readers who popped over my way.. you made my day!! xxx Julie

  10. Should I? Would I? Could I? Ange, the most non-artistic, can't paint or draw to save herself person in the world (me) has just signed up for Amelia's next course. What have you inspired in me? xx

  11. Thank you for the introduction to Amelia. I like your taste.

  12. Wow Ange, great post and aren't you wonderful to introduce Amelia! I like her style and can't wait to get a closer look at her work. Can't wait to see yours too! Thanks for your comment on
    Happiness Moments...often times I go to the post just to see the clip and hear the music.. A kickstart to the moment:)

    Hope you have a wonderful day Ange!

    Jeanne xo

  13. Love the photos of her work and am now off to check out her website.It is still crazy here but am hoping that the June will be less busy :-)

    A tres bientot budgie ami, L xxx

  14. I really like the second image - the one with the tiny word "voice" in it

  15. love Amelias work! great post!!!

  16. Hey! I'm in France too, and found you through Amelia. Great post on her work and inspiration.

  17. Hi Ange, didn't come round to comment until I had time to look at Amelia's blog. Her last article is so moving and informative. An autistic child has a very special view on the world, but it's not always easy to share with them. I am full of admiration for the girl.

  18. Thanks for the tip towards Amelia. My world has expanded a little bit!

  19. ange
    i HIGHLY recommend take a listen. this is the guy i saw a few weeks back

    you wont regret it :)

  20. ange

    nvm the last one. just youtube type in jesse cook - cecilia.
    awesome version
    the link doesnt work

    ~laura xx

  21. Poochy, it so does work and it's fab! Think my Itunes bill is going to increase rapidly over the next few hours ;-)

  22. Am loving Amelia's image with the lady the birdie and the tiny *voice*. Very awesome. ~Lili

  23. Late to the party here Ange, so I am just repeating what everyone has said already! She is FAB and a great friend too, which is usually an explosive combo! Fab & Friendship, the sure path to great things!

  24. Oh Ange,
    Amelia's work is bautiful. It is so delicate. It is so lovely to be introduced to new and talented people.... and, I am so in admiration of the way that she deals with the cards she has been dealt.
    Hurry up and get the camera out, Ange so that we can see what you have been doing !! That damn light is a curse, isn't it ? XXXX

  25. What a nice informative post about a great girl and her artwork!!! She does beautiful work :-)

  26. Thank you for directing us to Amelia's blog, Ange. I've got one for you to check out, too. I've added an inspiration section to my b&w blog. We all go through creative droughts. Being around creative people inspires us. ;) Linda's other blog is wonderful as well.

  27. She certainly does beautiful work, Ange. Thanks for the introduction, friend. :)

  28. Now you've got me going on the Ameeeeelia singsong thingy, we have a dear little 10month old Amelia in our extended family. Thanks for the headsup on Amelias blog, love her work.

  29. Ange,
    Thank you for sharing...I love reading about inspirational women. Her work is very cool....Myself I have been caught up in the kind of end of school year stuff that makes me want to follow in your path the homeschooling route...why they have to make the end of the year when you are so fatigue' so crazy I have no idea.
    Days away to poolside launging, working on all of my projects that sit in piles and stare, unblinking at me ....and, hopefully, some sleep and relaxation!
    I hope the sun visits you soon...I will send some of ours your way!

  30. thank for sharing this great artist Amelia- will go check out her work


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