Friday, October 1, 2010

Just another drop in the Ocean?

If each drop of water were to say: 
one drop does not make an ocean, 
there would be no sea.

If each note of music were to say: 
one note does not make a symphony, 
there would be no melody

If each word were to say: 
one word does not make a library, 
there would be no book

If each brick were to say: 
one brick does not make a wall, 
there would be no house

If each seed were to say: 
one seed does not make a field, 
there would be no harvest

Zambian saying found here, at one of the most harmonious places on Earth...

Thought you'd like this as much as I do 
Fitting for a 40 year old state of mind :-)

I wanted to add lots of photos... but my attempts have been thwarted twice.
So I hope you'll just enjoy this one, 
taken from a wee boat off L'Ile Rousse in Corsica 

May your oceans be full 
Your symphony be melodious
Your library be verbose
Your crops be plentiful

Laura, thank you so much for your amazing post 
about my fair trade project over at Kim Klassen's 
'The Inspiration Studio'
I am very honoured
and truly blessed.


  1. May your oceans be full
    Your symphony be melodious
    Your library be verbose
    Your crops be plentiful

    What more could we wish you, dear Ange, at the start of your 41st year.
    Every one of your posts is a moment of joy, long they may last, even in a year when you're home schooling et al
    Hugs, Sharon

  2. If each post were to say
    one post does not make Blogtopia
    there would be no comradeship

  3. Love this Ange!
    ...and I love your selfless, giving spirit.
    You inspire us all!

  4. Popped over from 52 Flea. will definitely be visiting again. Charmaine

  5. Greetings Ange,

    It has been a time since I last visited. Everything takes just so much longer but we are slowly getting back to some kind of normal.

    Love your post, it certainly gives one to ponder and reflect.

    Congratulations on being featured at "the inspiration studio'. It is certainly a huge spread. Great way to start the month.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  6. I expect no less from you, my dear and wonderfully talented friend. Hugs and love this weekend and always.

  7. If each tea leaf were to say:
    one leaf does not make a pot,
    there would be no cuppa!

    A world without tea, now there's an apocalyptic thought!
    (you might guess I'm writing this at teatime)

    Bon weekend :)

  8. Just getting caught up on your posts that I've missed and in honor of your 40th I must include one of our tacky American sayings: Lordy Lordy look who's 40! (Sorry, it's immediately what I'm conditioned to say for a 40th!) Oh my dear you are truly full of energy and inspiration and I so enjoyed Kimberly's images of you on her guest post she did on your birthday! How adorable you are with your kitchen dance! xoxo ~Lili

  9. Beautiful saying, beautiful image and I'm now going over to read Laura's beautiful post !!
    I hope that this finds you and your family well and enjoying the Autumn. XXXX

  10. that makes my heart feel good :)
    ~laura x

  11. I am so so so happy to have you back in blogtopia. Lovely image, and lovely post. Wisdom in my 40's - I shall remind myself of that everytime I catch myself not enjoying another birthday, and once I persuade myself that I can't turn 39 again. xxx

  12. What beautiful imagery that poem conjures up in my mind. Very fitting for you too. I always sense that you've managed to weave together a beautiful life from a note, a word, a friendship, a kindness, a forgiveness, a passion, a vision, a love....precious drops in your own personal ocean. Happy 40th! Meredy xo.

  13. When I was training to to be an adult literacy tutor, my teacher shared almost this very saying with me. I believe it completely. Thanks for your wonderful spirit, Ange. xoxo Gigi

  14. Oh Ange
    I'm back from internet exile.. at least temporarily.... beautiful seascape and beautiful sentiment.. and I love Mise's addition to this also...

    Must pop over now and read your write up!!! Hope you and family are well.. ciao ciao.. xxx Julie

  15. a wonderful quote and reminder!! molto grazie!!

  16. What a stunning image. I'm off to follow your links.

  17. It's exactly such inspiration as this remarkable post that shows just how fortunate your children are to be schooled by YOU. ~ Joy to you, sweet friend. ~ Sarah


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