Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dream. Love. Faith. Create. Read!!

I am obsessed with words once again
Especially the printed type ;-)
The homeschooling seems to have settled into a full speed ahead
gentle rhythm that is finally allowing us all
to get our hands into the paint and feet into the mud
(read: calligraphy and running through the fields,
not necessarily at the same time)
And thankfully, no time for house work

So in between reading all of Chickpea's school books
and filling bottomless stomachs,
I've been amusing myself, 
and the messmonsters,
by making these

from an idea I saw here.

Libellule, Chickpea and Pokemon made lots of delicate washi paper ones  
but mysteriously, the lollipops we placed inside the paper hearts
(see the link above)
In the blink of an eye and right under my nose!!
When I wasn't looking...
In fact, I wonder if I ever actually bought a whole packet of lollipops at all!

Am I losing my mind?
Or dreaming?
In any case, remind me to whip out the camera more quickly
whenever lollies and children are in the house at the same time.

Bless their little hearts.
Now, where was I? 
Lost in the pages of a book was I not?


Now that I'm teaching children I I know that the importance of using 
can never be underestimated.
I strive every day to get the right message across.

I wonder if this ultra fabulous work by Isaac Salazar
(click on his name to see his other pieces)

will inspire us to use our words more creatively.

On second thoughts, 
given Azzy's next French book review topic...
maybe I'd better not show this to them after all...


  1. So amazing beautiful! Loved your simple hearts as well and would love to try them myself. Hope all is going well for you and your beautiful family.

  2. Oh

    Ange this is unbeeeeeelivable. Truly fascinating and unique.

    All those "Big" words are how & what we feel about homeschooling.

    I adore the hearts...Sophia my budding pianist might love this "for the love of her music".

    Glad you all like the beer bread- good stuff!

  3. Ange, these are awesome. Glad you are enjoying the home school process. I think your little ones are lucky individuals. Hugs to you! ~ Sarah

  4. Kids and lollipops!
    Those creations are amazing! Beautiful way to make those important words take on a life of their own. Have fun painting! :)

  5. What an inspiration you are gorgeous Ange! Those hearts are perfection. Glad to hear the homeschooling is going well. I'm so tempted to give it a try for my two in primary school. Hope you're having a great week with your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  6. Hi Ange! How are you??? you are teaching now? that's are just he right person with words :)

    Anne Marie

  7. Morning across the waters Ange....

    oh i ADORE these hearts....
    i need to find some beautiful old music sheets now at my next boot sale...or photocopy some more vintage *school atlas * maps...

    have just had a read and laughed out you Lillebelle....our gorgeous audrey NEVER wears shoes unless it is a} snowing or b} zero degrees or below!!

    wouldn't they be a team!!
    home schooling -i totally admire you!!

    melissa xx

  8. Those books are incredible, and I love the idea of the musical hearts. So glad to hear how it's all going on your return to France.

  9. ~dare to with love...flourish in your faith...create so and recieve the gift of knowledge...unbelievable is this artist and his creations...simply beautiful...i ♥ your hearts...keep folding away and maybe the wee littles elves who took off with your lollipops will return a few for you!!! i am so happy you have found a rhythm in your day to day...and time for you to create once more...look forward to seeing some soon!!! much love light and blessings be with you and yours always~

  10. Lovely! Am suffering with an obsession with words, with poetic prose, with prosaic poetry these days too. I want to delete all of the "normal" boring posts from my blog, but then I may be left with aught for content, lol!

    Just to tell you how much a stroll through your blog fills up the hunger for beauty in art and writing that is gnawing at my soul, thank you!

    I do have a giveaway going on, and if someone in France wins, I will sponsor the shipping myself, so stop over and take a look.

  11. sounds as though your days are full and wonderful. the hearts are sweet and those books, wow, talk about having a mind for puzzles.... amazing.

  12. serious kudos to you. i love how your work/art and teaching your children are blending.
    ~laura xx

  13. Absolutely inspiring and creatively amazing post! Love the origami valentines, and the book words are incredible. I saw an exhibit of book art here, and am so intrigued!
    I have missed you and am so happy to stop in for a visit...
    are you happy with the homeschooling? always intrigued with the thought...

  14. Surely housework should be a module on the home schooling curriculum, benignly supervised by yourself from the dainty striped sun-lounger where you recline clutching a gin mixed for you by students enrolled in the gin-mixing module?

  15. I LOVE these. Makes me want to start cutting up all my previously read books. Can I go back to school at your house? I promise to behave most of the time. xo

  16. I love thes books...


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