Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting Wordy...

Would you think I was ludicrous for trying to bring Wordsworth to the ears of my three young messmonsters?

 Had you been at our dinner table this evening, I'm sure you would  have said YES. Then you would have erupted into the same fit of giggles as Chickpea and Libellule when their nearly 7 year old brother let out a resounding BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRP! just as I was preparing to inspire them with the profound words below:

"And I have felt

A presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts; 
a sense sublime 
Of something far more deeply interfused, 
Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns, 
And the round ocean, and the living air, 
And the blue sky, and in the Mind of man; 
A motion and a spirit, that impels 
All thinking things, all objects of all thought, 
And rolls through all things." 

Effort 1: 
Skilfully Thwarted

Do you think Wordsworth ever burped at the table?

Is there a message in there somewhere? A lesson? A cry from the heavens? A couple of extra commandments for a homeschooling (desperately seeking artist within) mother to bear in mind?

Thou shalt not try to disturb the natural processes of the universe by inflicting classical poetry on under age boys, lest the natural processes of the universe rise up against you at the table.

Thou shalt not impose a routine of rules on the motion and spirit that impels life itself  (or at least thine own children) lest the spirit itself make a motion in some inappropriate form and bring you back to your rightful, humble place. 

Sigh… In desperation I ask you, what other meaning can I find in this act?? That joy is definitely present and rolling through my Messmonsters as vibrantly as the light of the setting suns and the blue of the Provençal sky?

Possums, for the moment it would seem that ''calligrapher Ange'' has taken a back seat to 'teacher Ange' - at least until the end of January when I hope to have cleared the rest of the mess organised my studio and installed a satisfactory heating system .

Thou shalt not make unrealistic and untenable deadlines for yourself.

Pffff.  Bravely flouting the rules I say to you dearies, "Be patient! We are going through some unexpected turbulence. 

Programming will return to normal, whatever that is.  There will be more Words on Wood - but in the mean time, the only inspiration I have to share with you is being provided by my three trusty sidekicks messmonsters as we bumble through our homeschooling beginnings together by the fire, for better or for worse, on a rainy Toulousain afternoon." 

Patience? Nahhh - This is it! This is life! Wordsworth and the messies would surely have had a fabulous time together!  Although I doubt Wordsworth ever burped at the table, they all seem to inherently understand that life is not perfection but a crazy roller coaster of uninterrupted interuptions and the sooner you go with the flow, the more enjoyable the experience.

Wanna go for a ride??!!

Just before I hit the pillow, as it is now after 2am, and we all know late nights aren't becoming to an over 40 year old mother/artist come teacher ;), I wanted to share a couple of important personal messages. 

First of all … To Jane, there are more prayers of strength, love and courage, pouring out to you and your family from us all here in Toulouse, for as long as you need them. 

To all my Australian bloggie friends, the fam, and all of flooded Queensland, more prayers that the waters will subside and dry land is found again quickly. 

To those of you who have taken the time to read my last post and comment so exquisitely, I do intend to drop by and write back to you all personally. It will happen. You know my fondness for late entrances ;-)

Much love to all. 

*All photos taken in New Zealand and unmodified due to severe lack of time!!


  1. I believe I would prefer a burp to a collective passing of wind. : D

    When that occurs with two children while sitting on metal bleachers during a brief lull in programming...oh dear....ya just gotta ride the wave.


  2. Dear Ange,
    I am up as late as you...although we are an hour behind !!!!
    I can remember having to learn 'I Wandered Lonley as a Cloud' when I was pretty young.....definitely Primary school. ....and, I know it off by heart....well, at least the first verse !! so, I'm sure that the Messmonsters are taking it in, even though burping came into it (which is quite funny, I think. Good job I wasn't there 'cos I would have laughed !!) When I was quite young, my friend and I would burp into the reel to reel tape recorder and then play it back on the slowest speed !!!! It was really funny. Good job I don't live around the corner as I might give yur children some bad ideas !!
    I do believe that Wordsworth wuld have burped a lot. You don't see it on the BBC period dramas but, I think that belching was thought of as OK .
    I think that your home schooling sounds as if it's going really well.
    I know that Jane is hpme npw and I have seen that she has made a few comments in the past few days. I think that her head is in a very good place . We are all thinking of her.
    ..... and, we are devastated at the floods in Queensland. My friend and I were talking about it today. It looks like a third world country. I saw a family sitting on top of their car and, they looked as if they were in the middle of the ceon. It must be so frightening. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like. I always think that it must be awful just to get a small amount of water in your home, but to be evacuated and for everything that is precious to you lost, must be devastating. Lets just hope that things improve very quickly.
    Lots of love Ange. XXXX

  3. Ange, you've been in my thoughts of late with all the floods in Queensland. I pray for the best for each having to survive this devastation.
    As a 30+ year veteran of the classroom with young mess-monsters, be thankful it was just a burp. LOL I know your "students" are going to benefit from your talents. Lucky mess-monsters indeed!
    Thinking of you, my friend. ~ Sarah

  4. Hi Ange,
    Nice to read your post ;-)
    I'm thinking of all those people struggling with floods in Australia, it must be a real nightmare, I hope you don't have close relatives there...
    Still hoping to hear from you soon, even though I can understand the amount of work you've got, teaching to 3 children! You're very courageous !!! Lots of Love, Nathalie.

  5. Lovely to read your words again Ange...anywhere. Your little messmonster would do very well at our house :) Loving the photos here and your Wordworth selection...something to sleep on :))

    Best wishes Ange..

    Jeanne xxx

  6. I could just do with one of those cocktails.

    My thoughts are with the Queenslanders, hoping it ebbs soon.

  7. Having read this:

    "That joy is definitely present and rolling through my Messmonsters as vibrantly as the light of the setting suns and the blue of the Provençal sky?",

    I have cancelled Wordsworth as Poet Of Note and am appointing you to the position instead, with the Messmonsters as your backing troupe. Are you on?

  8. that poetry is deep... even for me :) although beautiful. your son sounds a bit like my youngest daughter with her table habits hehe
    have fun
    ~laura x

  9. My son told me that his friend, a pretty little six-year-old that all the boys adore, can burp the alphabet! Modern day poetry!

    Don't worry, they'll discover Wordsworth by themselves one day!

  10. Ange, thank you for your kind messages. It was a shame not to have caught up with you but it was a long-shot with your limited time in Qld. You will have to wait for my visit to Provence, no doubt:)

    Well it has been an eventful week for everyone here. Indooroopilly, near the river, was affected by the floods so hopefully your Aunt lives up high.

    How courageous you are to be homeschooling your children. They will certainly gain an education with you as their guide and teacher. Burps should be saved up for the music lesson, I believe.

    Anyway, I haven't yet caught up with your earlier post and will do so shortly. xx Anita

  11. Ange I am SO HAPPY that you are back, I'm rally sorry I didn't get around straight away, but I was thrilled to see your comment the other day and now to read this post.
    I have been thinking about you and your home teaching, although my thoughts didn't immediately connect with burps. I'm sure Wordsworth would have smiled, to write the very human words he wrote he must have been an understanding sort of chap!
    We're all looking forward to hearing more from you.
    When are you planning their first field trip to Paris, I'd love to join in the fun!

  12. Wonderful post, it sounds so very real from this part of the world! (that is, lover-of-words, homeschooler of five, completely irreverent children.)

    I have them memorize the great poets. Even if they make huge fun of what they are doing, it sticks with them forever, my revenge. Persevere!



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