Friday, June 17, 2011

Mixing the blues… colour of the sky, flying high!

As you can see, I've got a case of the blues. 

Up to my elbows in it. Literally!
You have to use your fingers to knead out the bumps made when mixing lime powder and fine sand with water, before you add the acetate that binds it all together so you can plaster it to the wall.

There's something that drives me crazy about blue pigments
Bleu Céruleum…
Bleu outremer...

I know I have a big load of visiting to do.
But this weekend I am taking the extra special friend 
who spent ALL last Monday helping me 
apply lime putty to my new studio wall 
with a big blue border around the door frame :) 
for the weekend.
In fact there are 3 of us taking her.
And we have reason to suspect she's never taken a plane before.
So it was quite a job getting an identity card for her without her guessing ;-)

We told her she would need her bikini and skis.
So far, so good! She hasn't guessed where we are going!
Although she did try and wheedle a clue out of my messmonsters on the sly!!
It's amazing how kids pull through in urgent situations ;-)

I love girly weekends
Especially when they are a big surprise
for someone so lovely as my sweet friend Nath.
She doesn't read my blog. Or anyone else's for that matter.
Internet is not her thing.
Fortunately for me she is the world's leading expert in mixing and applying blue lime putty or 'la chaux' as we fondly call it here.

So she will never know I wrote this, thank goodness.
She is uncomfortable around verbal outbursts of affection.

She doesn't speak ANY ENGLISH
Hehe. The weekend is going to be a blast.

When I get back, I shall grab a wine and tell you all about it,
(as well as doing a bit more visiting from the seat of my chair :)
She'll be like a messmonster in a lolly shop

Hope your weekend is bright blue too :)


  1. I tried that once with some blue powder from Greece.

    I would love your recipe some time. Still think I can locate some of the blue.

    Looking forward to pics of new studio. Janey.

  2. Love love love your blues! Looking forward to hearing all about the weekend and to seeing that finished studio! :) Have fun!

  3. I equate "the blues" with happiness and sunny weather, not with depression. So keep slapping la chaux, Ange!

  4. This blue is fascinating and I share your love for the colour also. I cannot wait to see the finished result. Just found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it, you posts are habitforming.

  5. What fun! Have a safe trip and a great time. ~ sarah

  6. That blue is the most brilliant of colours. I can only imagine how glorious it will look up on a wall. Hope you have a glorious weekend away with your friends. You're right - it will be a blast! xx

  7. Have the most wonderful time, and when you get back, we really want to see the studio with that blue, blue plaster that looks fit to form the happiest of skies.

  8. Boy Ange I could swim in that blue!!! absolutely fabulous 'darrrrhling'

    So if I paint your walls will you take me to London too? hehe

    Have a fabulous weekend.. cold and chilly here!! ciao xxx Julie

  9. oh my goddess!!! how fun will this be? cannot wait to hear about this adventure and take lots of photos!! xx

  10. Oh, those blues! And what a friend you are!!! Can't wait to hear about your adventure. Have a blast, Ange! xoxo Gigi

  11.! Beautiful color and beautiful shots. Hope your weekend away is wonderful. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  12. Ange,
    Those shots of blue and blue mixtures are gorgeous. Just love the marbled effect. Never heard of how you are making that mixture for your studio but it sounds wonderful- as does your glorious weekend with your girlfriend. Hope you had a blast and look forward to hearing and seeing all about it!

  13. Quels bleus !!! Sublimes ! je me réjouis que tu nous montre le résultat final !

    Bon retour de week-end!
    Pleins de becs

  14. That blue is so pure and lovely. I hope your summer is going well!

  15. Beautiful blues.
    I am waiting for the finished product.

  16. Dear Gorgeous Girl - if only you knew how much I love this blue, if only you knew! MOTH banned all things blue, except for his eyes in this house years ago. Big sigh.
    Millie xx


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