Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Quicklime Quickstep

I'm back from London. 

With THESE!!!

I had to wear them home!!
 Incidentally, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in 12 months in the line-up for customs.

She was behind me. 
Eying off the SHOES thinking 'I could really get on well with the girl wearing those...'
Then I turned around ;-)

Funny how life works, isn't it!

I also came back with 2 other pairs: both rather more sophisticated, rather less 'zany' but with heels so high I could touch the sky.

All 3 pairs are hopelessly impractical for a woman who lives in the middle of a very muddy or dusty countryside, surrounded by horses, who homeschools her messmonsters and plays with pigments and ink at least once per day.

I just ADORE the impracticality of life.

Mind you, it's probably best that I have a propensity to avoid cities and shopping most of the time…

For an art blog, shoes should not be very important. Unless, that is, a girl is wearing them whilst shimmying around her studio to the tune of 'Mamma Mia,' breezily whizzing herself up a quick fix lighting solution for over her work table with some plaster and old bedsprings. 

They inspire me to create
What can I say?

Hope your weekend was fabulous too.

(still have to bunch up my kiwi fruit vines and cement them into a gumboot)

Stay tuned for a 'lighting tutorial' later in the week 
and some specs for those of you who asked about the recipe for the lime mix.

Much love to you all. 


  1. Hello Ange
    Those shoes are fabulous. I want a pair. I totally understand your purchasing these great shoes.

    Enjoy them and wear them in good health


  2. I adore your wonderfully creative zany girl! They make me smile and want to give you a big hug! So glad you had fun! :)

  3. HAHA what amazing shoes!!

    Bed springs are indeed a promising shape. :)

  4. I am impressed by your restraint in only buying TWO pairs of shoes when on a weekend with a girlfriend! I do hope there will be photos of the other pair? My record is SIX by the way--and my travel record is bringing NINE pairs for a two week vacation to France (before I lived here!).....and my close friends call me 'Imelda' there. Top that.


  5. Hi Ange,
    Well, I don't think that it matters what our everyday lifestyle is.....we all need to be frivolous now and again and buy a few flippant items. It makes us feel good and, anything that does that is A Okay in my book !!
    Was your London trip laughter from dawn 'till dusk ? I hope that we hear more about it !! You didn't get the best weather did you ? It's supposed to be 30 C this weekend but, if one is with friend's then the weather doesn't really matter does it ?
    Enjoy your shoes Ange and feel no guilt !! haha. XXXX

  6. Ah that blue is fabulous. And the shoes! Will three new pairs be enough? I never realised this was an art blog, I thought it was a shoe blog. All these months I've been checking back in, suspicions rising in my mind, wondering 'for God's sake, where are the shoes?' And at last, just as I was losing hope, here they are, and worth the wait.

  7. Hi Ange! I´m happy! And I´m happy for you having a great time in London, oh, Londres! And the impractical things, I love them, at the same time as I love sometimes just wearing something really practical and have faith in me shining through anyways. :) High heels! So cool. But I can´t walk them in an elegant way.

  8. Je suis lol, Ange ! Je me retrouve tellement dans ton histoire de chaussures !!!! hihihi ... je marche beaucoup, dans une ville pentue et incapable de marcher avec 12 cm de talons ... mais ... QU'EST-CE QU'ELLES SONT BELLES !!! lol ! J'en ai acheté 3 paires à San Francisco.

    Je me réjouis que tu nous explique pour la chaux. Le résultat est magnifique.


  9. cheeky shoes!
    love the story about meeting your friend.
    i've never been a shoe person but
    at the alexander mcqueen show at the metropolitan museum his armadillo shoes make me swoon.

  10. Hi dear Ange;
    Well your shoes are truly cute and frivolous is much needed sometimes... I threw out all my high heels sadly and now need some new ones... although I wonder if I can still walk in them...

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.. and look forward to your tutorial.. ciao bella.. xxx Julie

  11. the shoes are terrific!
    i found your blog by way of the altered page (seth apter) enjoyed my visit, became a follower, will be back. cheers!

  12. I love those shoes, Ange! I can just see myself wearing them. I love being impractical!

  13. Ange, I want a pair! LOL
    Honestly I think these are fabulous. Love the details. Are they felt?
    Glad you had a good trip. ~ Sarah

  14. Bonjour Ange,
    Je découvre votre blog et j'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère qu'il dégage : ouverture, liberté, bohème, anticonformisme...
    j'adore l'association peinture, collage, calligraphie. bravo !

  15. They are fantastic! Good on you :) Kx

  16. I'm following your blog, just after reading this post!

    1. You're into homeschooling
    2. You love Britain
    3. You're creative

    Looking forward to reading more!

    P.S. Thank you for linking to my blog!

  17. wow, those shoes look fab on you, how fun fun fun! Where I live shoes like these are completely impractical too. Even my driveway is dirt!

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