Monday, October 31, 2011

You got me singing the blues...

Well, not you exactly. Something else. Something a little too touchy at the moment to write here.

For a few weeks there, things were feeling pretty sad here at La Rivière. This thing (read: me) was anyway.

Strangely enough, I've never, EVER associated the colour blue with sadness. It's a colour that fills me with Peace and even Joy. Blue is the colour I paint most. So this calligraphy is a far cry from expressing sadness.

Actually, it was born, so to speak, while I was cheerfully listening to 'Annie's Song' by John Denver. The secret's out. Now you know I was brought up on country and western music. I'm a grown up 41 year old now, so I can stand tall in front of you contemporary melomaniacs and say this at the top of my voice… without flinching. (OMG I just  admitted this in front of all 1609706 people who read this blog: CRINGE, I SAY, CRINGE!).  You may remember from this post then, that I'm a closet John Denver lover. Closet, that is, if you aren't within earshot; which technically spans a 2km radius around my atelier.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. At a loss for inspiration and chortling out YOU FILL UP MY SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENSES LIKE A SLEEPY BLUE OCEAN!!!

Then it hit me. I grabbed an old door; one I had been turning around and around for weeks wondering if we were really destined to work together, ripped out my gesso and pallet knife then started whipping up a storm.

A très blue one.

LIKE A NIGHT IN THE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. Yeah! That's it! SPLASH went the Lectoure blue pigment. FLASH went the indigo ink - like drops racing down a window pane.

LIKE THE MOUNTAINS IN SPRIIIIIIIIIIING TIIIIIIIIIIIME. Hmmm - it's nearly Autumn. Bugger it! I'll 'live' a little and make the final touch flame red!! Et TAC ;-)

Now that I've calmed down somewhat. 
I'm curious. About YOU!
How does colour affect your emotions? 
Do certain colours pull you up out of your socks or others sink you down further?
Do you associate certain colours with certain states of being? 

Just asking. 
Sorta wondering if I'm the only  crazy out here…
Love :)


  1. Blue is not sadness for me, either. I like all colours, though I'm uncomfortable in the places some are used/worn. Can't stand (s)lime green cars, but love it as leaves. Yellow? High on my list(with blue) and, though I can't wear it, orange is good.
    John Denver? I'm going to try to forget you said that, Ange! I may require heavy Sinatra medication. :-)

  2. Your art is always gorgeous to me. This piece will be a favorite. Yes, music and colors move me. I have only had my art studio for a year and feel like I am just beginning to delve into all again. At the moment I find myself painting watercolors and acrylics in grey...grey and white are the colors I keep returning to and the pieces that I like the best when they are complete. Kind of like your palette is greys.

  3. and the music... lisa hannigan, acoustic, sounds of nature...and U2 always.

  4. I agree. The blues aren't really blue (are the mean reds really red?). You look up at a blue sky and it can only fill you with peace. And yet we have the blues, and we have une peur bleue...

    Colette xx

  5. I never met a color that I didn't like. But blue is the best. Except when red is.

  6. I've never understood the blue/sad association either but I don't have much of it in my house except for blue and white china. And guess what Ange. I love John Denver. I even have a framed autograph on my desk. How's that for tragic!

  7. Hi Ange,
    I've got a feeling that I'm not as deep as you, as colours don't affect me at all, apart from having to wear black nearly all of the time. Someone once said to me that I must be a very miserable person to wear black.....well, she certainly got that wrong !!!! haha.... That is one thing I'm not.
    I was never really a 'blue' person when it comes to decorating or clothes but, my school uniform was navy and sky blue so, perhaps that put me off a bit.Boys and men always seem to love the colour blue....when our son was young he always chose to have his bedroom decorated in blue and loved blue sweatshirts ! He is still very much the same in his 30's !!
    I love your 'blue' pieces Ange and, the gorgeous heart that you sent me with the blue calligraphy is in pride of place and I look at it everyday and think of you.
    Hoping that the 'thing that is a little too touchy' isn't too serious. Much love Ange. XXXX

  8. Kerry has John Denver's autograph on her desk?!! Well you're definitely not the only crazy out there then! (Just kidding Kerry!)
    Like you Ange, I've never got the blue association with feeling sad. I love blue, it's restful or vibrant depending on the hue, but it always makes me feel great. I know that actually I love all colour, it just depends on my mood as to which sings the loudest on any given day - and by sings I don't mean John Denver! xx

  9. o girl, you are not alone.... the crazy part i mean :)
    awesome work!! - with or without the D factor.
    ~laura xx
    ps, i just went back to ontario to sell my house. i have returned to prince edward island now for the winter again ( then ? )

  10. Hello ma chère,
    Comme j'aime te voir créer ... même si ce bleu, en effet, nous ramène plus à l'hiver qu'à la chaleur . Mais je ne sens pas la tristesse. Plutôt l'absence. Quelque chose est parti et a laissé un grand vide. Quelques strates de brouillards se perdent sur le support. Oui, la vie est toujours là, fragile comme un souffle ... Le souffle frais de l'hiver ... Le printemps reviendra.

    Pleins de chaudes bises

  11. Love, love blues....
    any shade.....somehow
    sage and reds have
    crept in my home decor,
    but this year I'm beating
    them back and bringing
    blue in, again! The only
    colors I'm not really a
    fan of are neons.....sort
    of unsettling. I used to
    love John Denver and would
    play his songs on my guitar
    when I was in middle school
    and croon away!

    Happy November,
    xx Suzanne


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