Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you can't beat 'em???

Back on track. Desperately searching for ways to motivate the messmonsters to a) Concentrate on acquiring minimal literacy and numeracy skills when the temptation of the freshly fallen snow lies tantalisingly on the other side of the window pane… and b) Arise on the cold February mornings that there is no snow when I have a hard enough time doing so myself!

Flirting with the idea of putting them back in school regardless of what I said HERE.

Tomorrow a science lesson in certain laws of physics, using the slope beneath the house, makeshift sleds and varying weights (read: more or less children on one sled) may be in order. I shall record the results from a warmer perch in a sunny corner of an upstairs bedroom as I work on my own project. I may just win that war yet ;-)


  1. Oh Ange,
    You're doing brilliantly. Don't give up (....I know you won't !) I admire you so much.... I could never have attempted home schooling when ours were of school age. There's always time to play in the snow when the school bell rings !! Much love. XXXX

  2. I bow to you being a mother and teacher of them youngsters!
    I remember a time when my son complained profusely about school. I gave him the choice of home schooling pointing out many benefits: surfing for PE, classes on things that interested him... he struggled and chose the social life he was use to. oh well. I bow to you.

  3. Hope you've well and truly stifled that little voice with the towel! I for one, just can't have you giving up the blog - but you mustn't let it feel like 'another job' either!
    A sled lesson sounds like a lot of fun. There must be ways of combining numeracy at least into this for those mess monsters of yours. I've just covered school book number 1021, or so it seems, for this year. I'm sure there are probability statistics that say that the more books one covers with that sticky stuff, the better one should be at it. Not so in my case. Hope Milly doesn't look too closely in the morning! xx

  4. So many times have I wanted to give up....in the end Ange only you will know what the right thing is to do. It's a wonderful gift you are giving your kids, but it certainly isn't easy especially when your needs are seldom met.
    Battle on Ange...either way I wish you the best of luck!
    Hugs from Montana

  5. Keep up what you are doing! I homeschooled our three kids for several years and had so many days where I felt just like you do. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I see that those physics lessons on the sledding hill, the shopping lessons in the grocery store, and the nature lessons in the backyard were exactly what made for a great education. My oldest two children are now gainfully employed in occupations that suit them perfectly, and my youngest is on the dean's list in college. Don't give up!

  6. Your physics lesson sounds enough to convince you that you're doing the right thing! I spent a while trying to convince a mum that she should help her son revise geography by building a river-system in the pile of earth in the back garden, but I don't think I succeeded. But that's what real education is, surely?

    And half the school kids aren't in at the moment anyway, so a bit of a go-slow at your place souldn't come amiss? Or shouldn't I suggest that?

  7. They can read about snow and calculate the volume of snow in various containers after a spot of play, and that'll attend to the numeracy and literacy, leaving only lunch to worry about: could you make them a snowman shaped cake?


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