Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tick Tock Tempus Fugit

Hello possums, it appears that there's been a distinct case of 'Let's do the Time Warp Again' as I check my watch and realise it's been ten whole days since I posted. Once more … GROAN!! Heavens NO! No indeed! Appearances can be deceiving though can't they? I mean, never judge a book by it's cover, n'est ce pas!

Au contraire! The key word over the last ten days has rather been: Effectiveness! Since I watched this video on Youtube. Remember? I mentioned it on my last post but omitted the link.

This talk is over an hour long but it's saved me time ever since. Grab a cuppa and settle in. It's definitely valid for anyone who wants to cut straight to the essential in their daily life.

Effectiveness has indeed been right up there on the agenda at La Rivière since I last popped in Possums. As I said before, you can recognise my exceptional effectiveness by my DISTINCT LACK OF POSTS. Fabulous isn't it. Previously the said distinct lack of posts was due to me being utterly disorganised and not finding time to go near my MAC for fear of falling into it and never coming out. Recently this has all changed for the better! Eh oui mes amis.

What's the difference, you may ask? Other than me feeling a whole load better about what is visibly the same result? The difference is: Discipline. Iron will. Resolve. And a distinct refusal to have a glass of wine on week nights! At least as long as I can physically continue ;-)

Seriously though. Sort of.  This most infrequent blog posting is entirely due to my newly organised and prioritised 'TO DO' list that has somehow relegated blogging down to the back end of the bus just behind:
  1. Finishing the brochures for my upcoming workshops which are due to start mid March 
  2. Planning the count down for our move to a new house end April (including some renovating), 
  3. Honing my CV for the job of Minister for Education
  4. Finishing some new pieces for a small local exhibition (yipee - a few photos coming soon) 
  5. Implementing new homeschooling techniques,
  6. Regular sport and meditation routine, 
  7. Planning scrumptious, well balanced weekly menus and…. 
  8. A few hours of Sleep per week to make everything bright and shiny.  
Ahh the poor blog. But live on it shall, admittedly hobbling along for a bit.  Not long, then it will be relegated to its previous status and more. I'll be harping on again before you know it! A slightly different slant. More colour. More cheer. More life!

So what do you think of the video? Motivational stuff n'est ce pas? It was even recommended to me by my wonderful friend Kovida, a buddhist nun of 20 years! Which just goes to show that effective time management and inner peace go hand in hand.

And you? What's important to YOU now?

Blessings till next time


PS if you want to get a concrete idea of how you spend your time, compared to how you IMAGINE you spend your time, click on this link and get stuck in. You may be surprised at the result.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trust in yourself

At the moment I'm a little lost for words …
A rare occurrence, I assure you, so make the most of it ;-)
(My father used to say I could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles)
It appears that some of the fog clouding my decisions has melted away with the last of the snow. To continue homeschooling or not to continue homeschooling. To blog or not to blog. Which end of my art project to get off the ground first and how much extra sleep deprivation I will  need to pull it all together. Whether or not housework should be counted as an issue in all that...
Trust in yourself
Apologies for the bad scan. I haven't had time to download photos of any new pieces. Scanning's quicker. 
Trying to cut corners

A special friend dropped in for 10 days just when I was looking for direction.
Some early morning meditation by a log fire.
A few sessions watching 'time management' videos on YouTube
Some 'concentric circles' practice for (re)defining clear objectives


Trust in your Self. 
And everything will fall into place
Acrylic, Ink and an interesting piece of metal as a makeshift tool.

I won't be back for another couple of weeks.
There is much work to be done :)
Blessings to one and all

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Staying Creative

Hello possums.

Found these pearls of wisdom 'here.'
And how delighted was I to see some things I do already: shopping lists, to do lists, weekly menu lists, homeschooling ideas lists, art ideas lists, places to visit lists, grateful for.. lists, ways to improve myself lists … and don't get me started on 'pinterest ideas' PULEEEESE!
Thinking of keeping a list journal to keep track of just how much I do get done over a week, month, year… Lifetime. Might help me in trying not to be 'someone else's perfect.'


And you? How do you stay creative?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you can't beat 'em???

Back on track. Desperately searching for ways to motivate the messmonsters to a) Concentrate on acquiring minimal literacy and numeracy skills when the temptation of the freshly fallen snow lies tantalisingly on the other side of the window pane… and b) Arise on the cold February mornings that there is no snow when I have a hard enough time doing so myself!

Flirting with the idea of putting them back in school regardless of what I said HERE.

Tomorrow a science lesson in certain laws of physics, using the slope beneath the house, makeshift sleds and varying weights (read: more or less children on one sled) may be in order. I shall record the results from a warmer perch in a sunny corner of an upstairs bedroom as I work on my own project. I may just win that war yet ;-)