Monday, October 11, 2010

Every journey conceals another journey within its lines...

"... the path not taken and the forgotten angle. These are the journeys I wish to record. Not the ones I made, but the ones I might have made, or perhaps did make in some other place or time. I could tell you the truth as you will find it in diaries and maps and log books. I could faithfully describe all that I saw and heard and give you a travel book.  You could follow it then, tracing those travels with your finger, putting red flags where I went. "

Jeanette Winterson
Sexing the Cherry

 This is the feeling I get when I sift through the dusty old objects in the many vide-greniers and brocantes that are held every weekend for most of the year around France. Fragments of memories decorate the stalls, calling out to the passers by as if searching for their lost home. Each object has a past life. Was one of them mine? Are these lives still carrying gaily on their merry way in some parallel universe? If so, how did these random pieces slip through the cracks into our own realm? Maybe they passed through the twilight zone with the adventurous sock that always leaves an orphan in the laundry basket.  For all the socks that have disappeared from my laundry through the washing machine, not one 18th century stocking has taken its place so far. I'm still waiting though ;-) I guess some things will just forever remain a mystery.

These little goodies are only some of the items I'll be sharing between the 3 winners of my giveaway, which will  be announced Wednesday. Other strays are sure to meander their way into the pile as I'm still ruthlessly decluttering tidying up a little before I leave for my India/Australia trip this Friday. 
It's not too late to enter. 
All you have to do is leave a comment HERE (on yesterday's post) and if you want a second chance to win, 'Spread the Word' by putting the giveaway on your sidebar. Don't forget to come back and let me know.

I still have to add a sliver of calligraphy to each package, for I couldn't have a giveaway without a word or two of my own hand.

This was just a sneak peek at some of what will be in the wee packages...

And of the journey? 
I humbly travel to Dharamshala next week with no expectations. 
In spite of my big plans. 
This is uncharted territory for me.

I take nothing but an open mind for a compass 
and a  blank page for a map. 
This is how I most love to travel.

There will be artists, women's refugee groups, Tibetan calligraphy and pigments in colours so vibrant they leave me breathless... but in what way we will link up I can't even begin to imagine.  I dare hope I'll find some pieces of wood discarded in a corner somewhere, relics of other lives, that require little more than a tender brush stroke and a word of encouragement to draw out their wings so they can fly out to the four corners of the Earth.
Your kind words of support so far really warm my soul. I'm shy. I'm nervous. I'm afraid I'll come back to you "empty handed." I know it won't 'happen' overnight, or even during this first three weeks in India ('You mean there's more planned?' laments Beaker from his position at the helm of the finances??) 

I may have nothing more than my tales of friendship and discovery with which to regale you on my return in December.

A thousand thank you's in advance though for making this journey with me.
If I'm lucky, I'll have some regular internet access so you and I 
can put those little red flags on that page 
and mark our map together.  

Cross fingers :)


  1. I'll be crossing more than fingers! You can't go and disappear for more than a couple of days - I miss you terribly when you do...
    Talk before you leave?

  2. I do so hope that you can manage some posts from India. I can't wait to read your take on what you are experiencing. I just know it will be magical.

  3. Bon voyage, Ange!
    No, I didn't comment yesterday; I've had a few wins recently and must not be piggy.
    I hope you're not headed into a flooded part of this "Sunshine State"? Bring wellies, in case!

  4. Wow Ange! How wonderfully fabulous for you. What an adventure...Enjoy and relish each beautiful moment as I am sure an artist like youself will be able to...lots of love, Cynthia

  5. Sounds so exciting! I look forward to seeing and hearing of the treasure - whatever they me be - that accompany you home...

  6. Angie, I haven't added my name to your giveaway because I've already been a lucky one to receive from you.
    A trip to India and Australia. I can only dream of such adventure. You are truly an inspiration to me. I admire your spirit, my friend.
    Travel safely. I'll look forward to hearing of your adventure.
    Hugs of love and caring thoughts sent to you ~ Sarah

  7. you are soooo cute i cant even hardly take it

  8. Dear Ange
    I wish I were coming with you!!! I wouldn't worry about coming back empty handed.. I think no matter what the results you will find a wealth of inspiration, beauty and the wonderful spirit of the people you meet... I'm dreaming now of the sights and sounds.. and all those fabulous colours as only the indians now how... Please say hello to Dalai Lama for me!!! and take lots of pics!!!

    And just as exciting.. soon you will be here in Aussie land.. so so close!!!.... Have a wonderful angst/excitement/nervous energy filled week... xxx Julie

  9. What a lovely post. I love the idea of an 18th century stocking appearing in my washing! I feel other worlds touching so close to ours that sometimes I imagine I'll walk round a corner or through a doorway and find myself in another reality. I'm still waiting for that.......

  10. I'll be with you all the way. What an amazing journey to be beginning. I so hope you'll be able to make a little contact internet-wise along the way. Need to know that you are safe!! Imagine the inspiration that will come your way. And if you're coming MY way, you know there is always a bed ready and waiting. xxx

  11. Dear Ange,
    What a fantastic trip you are embarking on......I am sure that it will be filled with everything that you want it to will meet some wonderful people, make many new friends, see some amazing sights and learn so much.
    We will all miss you, but I am sure you will try to keep in touch from time to time, if you can, with tales of your adventures.
    Wishing you a safe and out-of-this-world trip. Lots of love. XXXX

  12. oh my goodness, what a unique journey you are about to embark on. wishing you treasures that will forever live in your heart. wishing you a safe and wonderful journey!

  13. Wow ... I think you'll have an amazing experience! Best wishes always and travel safe, my friend!

  14. Hey kiddo - thinking of you getting ready for that trip, I know you'll be fabulous xxxx

  15. oh gosh, you will have such a magical, life-changing time no doubt! I wish you all the very best. I wish I could do it too.

    That quote at the top is so inspiring, it makes me want to go off and map my very existence!


  16. Have a fabulous time Budgie. Wish that I was going too as I do miss India and the time that I spent there.

    Leeann x

    p.s Can you email me the address of your place in Provence as we want to have a look whilst we are in the area :-)

  17. OMG, what are those things, it seems to me that they are at least 60 years old, I think that you can make a fortune if you sell them on ebay.


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