Thursday, October 14, 2010

The world is all gates, all opportunities...

... strings of tension waiting to be struck.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Prayer beads in hand, photograph Sam Webb 2010

I too have prayer beads in hand.
They have been very useful 
ever since I realised last night 
that I'd COMPLETELY forgotten 
Which gave rise to a lovely discussion between three girlfriends 
about all the horrible diseases I was likely to catch while I away...
If I wasn't vaccinated
... did I mention my car's broken down
and has been for two weeks?
Oh well
Lucky I have a bike
and strong shoulders

Anyway, I don't need a car to announce the winners of the giveaway.
Thanks to the horsey, arty, muddy fingers of my 3 messmonsters
We drew 3 lucky numbers!
Once I had wiped the smudges off the paper
these are the names I found:

Julie, from Being Ruby
(A chic chick whom many of you know already, and if you don't you should)

Helen Lewis, from Illuminating Words
(who popped by for the first time to join the game - and won!)
Caterina at La Dolce Vita
(Whose fabulous talent I very much admire)

I do wish I could send something to all of you.
Maybe I will when I get back from India
Create a giveaway where everybody wins 
a trinket, a colour, a thought, a word
Just for fun!!

In the mean time I'd better get to bed with those prayer beads
Or more than one messmonster is likely to strike my own chords of tension
tomorrow morning ;-)
Bonne nuit and love to you all

PS - don't forget to email me your addresses tomorrow girls!


  1. Dear Ange
    Lucky me!!! thanks so much to you and the messmonsters!! Can't wait to see what's in my lucky dip!!! and congrats to the other winners too....

    I feel your pain Ange with those vaccinations... I had a hep shot before Thailand and had an allergic reaction to it and ended up in Phuket hospital.. and had a similar reaction with Malaria tablets before Bali... darn!!!! doesn't pay me to be careful... hehehehe

    Well not long now before you and kids are sailing through the skies my way....Who's more excited. you or the kids?? Okey dokey.... Have a good sleep and catch you soon.. ciao and thanks again sweet Ange.. xxx Julie

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    Safe trip! Stay in touch...
    Happy Trails!

  3. Bonjour budgie, had to smile when I read this post as before we lived in india we were living in Sydney so off I trotted for the vacinations. The doctor took out his book re what was neede for each country, turned to the india page and then stated that I would need lots and that I could have some that night and the rest at the next visit. Needeless to say the needle was large and I think that I rattled every day that I was living in India as a result of all the malaria tablets :-)

    We were hoping to stop and see you on our return (Sunday) but you will be already off bound for exotic places - I am envious!

    Have a fabulous time,
    beaucoup de bisous from us both, L & T

  4. oh my!! how wonderful!! I am so very excited!!! grazie mille!!! xox caterina

  5. Where the hell was I that I missed so many of your posts! And, the giveaway! Damn Ange!

    Bonne chance on your travels to India. They sound exciting, especially with a vague map and an open mind. Love it!

  6. gorgeous blog!!! had to join to see more of it every day!
    wishing you a fabulous time!

  7. Hurrah for the winners, and especially dear Julie. And bon courage with the yucky yet necessary vaccinations.

  8. Oh - those shots! Darn and drat. I hear that oxygen supplements can be very helpful when traveling, to not pick up nasties. I wish you health and vitality!
    Yea to those lucky winners!

  9. Dearest Ange,
    The best gift for me would be to someday meet your fabulous self. And I'm hoping someday soon.
    Love and hugs and have a ton of fun!

  10. Ooooh, congrats to all the winners!! Aren't they just the luckiest! :)

    When do you leave for your adventure? Gosh, it's so exciting! Will you be able to post, at all, while gone? I hope so ... I can't wait to hear about your trip!

    Bon Voyage!

  11. Oh Dear...Dear Ange...
    It's been so long and look at all I've missed!!!
    Have a wonderful trip and a safe one too.
    Will be here more frequently when I am regular {with blogging stuff ;P} again!

  12. Oh dear, you had better get your jabs or you could end up in a spot of bother. Happy travels.

  13. Good greif vacines...gotta have em.
    How are you are your kids with homeschooling?
    My first year homeschooling a highschooler, gulp.
    I am up to my eyeballs being busy.
    Hope all is well.

  14. hi ange ~
    just read your legacy post at gigi's ...
    it was completely compelling ~ wonderfully written ~ thank you!
    i meant to say over there about how much i love that you call your kids messmonsters ~ it just brings such a smile and conjures up so many marvelous images! : )

    sure hope you get over all these hiccups before you head off on your adventure ...
    if by chance you happen upon lovely lily from bigBANGstudio (, an artist who is living in india for a year painting ~ do say hello!

    happy and safe travels ~


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