Sunday, April 3, 2011

Setting sail with a pop!

It's been nearly a month since I blogged… Does that sound like how a confession should start?  Oh paff! Winter is over. Spring has popped it's flowery yellow head around the corner and shouted a big 'cooooooooeeeeeeeeee' to us here at La Rivière. Well, maybe not Cooooeee as that's Aussie Speak and we're in France. You get the picture I'm sure. 

It's time to start afresh! 

I'm setting sail again. We've finished here in the boat yard; the vessels are all ready to hit the high seas and meet the oncoming waves that life tosses their way ;-) Tonight will be the last fire in the hearth (FINGERS CROSSED!!!!) as we toast our dreams and visions of the future.

Soon this 'dreamer' will be berthing near Les Adrets in Provence. 
Home of my godson Dorian. 
Cargo aboard? None visible.
Only wishes ...

The one below has set its compass in the direction of Barcelona. As it navigates just south of our base in Toulouse, TRUST that Beaker won't now, after 12 months of careful use, rip a button off one of his designer shirts and have to go looking for a spare as I've used it for the rigging. (sheepish grin)

 Do you think that the écolier who was surely whiling away his school hours in the early 1900's dreaming of becoming a hero, ever once imagined that pages and pages of the handwriting from his history book would one day be used to make a small, papier maché boat for another child. 
(Trust in yourself and everything will fall into place)

Three more boats are ready to hit the water but I thought you may have had enough for one post. From NO news to 10 pages of news in one hit seemed a little overboard - even for Moi ;-) So I have outsmarted myself and given myself something to write about next week: the remaining boats, Pokemon's 7th birthday, how excited I am about having finally picked up the window for my new studio, my first mountain bike orienteering race by night with an all girl team last night, all the secrets the astrologer said to me yesterday...

Thrilling stuff - I'm sure you'll all agree!!!
Until then, may the great ocean that is France Post please be merciful with my vessels and speed them on to 'bon port.' Which, incidentally, doesn't mean 'a damn good port' my friends but does prompt me to ask, " Shouldn't I be popping open a bottle of champagne to launch my ships?"

Chin chin possums :) 


  1. Ange, these are absolutely gorgeous! Bravo mon amie - je l'adore! You have so much talent my sweet - I can't wait to see what you do in your atelier!

  2. Mais oui, open up that bottle of champagne to launch those ships! I love them...
    Trust is a beautiful word!
    :) Laura

  3. Beautiful they are, and I always look forward to posts from you, whenever they come and whatever the length. Hugs to you, Ange. xo Gigi

  4. oh the boat of trust! I love it - want to see the whole of it. it's a poem all by itself.

  5. Beautiful boats and I just love the recycling of old words. Pure magic!

    I had noticed you've been AWOL so skipped right on over when I saw you had posted.

    More soon please - you owe us!

  6. LOVE your boats Ange! And yes, pop open the cork on a bottle of bubbly *smiles* xo

  7. Les beaux bateaux! Bon voyage, petite flotille.

    (I think I could launch a whole navy in this incessant %68&*!ing rain!)

  8. I think my posts have been averaging a month lately... no rules right? your boats are darling!!

  9. Nifty boats. Good luck with La Poste. I hope you celebrate their sailing with a little snifter of something.

  10. je pense aussi que le champagne est tout à fait adapté pour "baptiser" les nouveau bateaux ! Santé ! Et bon vent à ta jolie flotte !

    Pleins de bisous

  11. Definitely the champagne. A bottle of the best. Just don't smash it too hard against those beautiful little boats. They are treasures.
    And I've been wondering and worrying as to where you've been - and then I go and miss the long awaited post - not overdue, just long awaited!!
    Amanda xx

  12. hello dear Ange,
    your boats are simple.... wonderful!

  13. I hope to hear more about your mountain bike orienteering race. Sounds like great fun! And, I too am smitten with your boats!

  14. Ange, I'm hastening to accept your so kind invitation and pop over to stay for two months, but I thought I'd drop you this note from the ferry (Rosslare to Calais) en route to say that your boats are exquisite - may we please see more? They are the daintiest, jauntiest things, and I'd say you should sell them if selling didn't somehow betray their trust.

  15. These boats are dreamy, or filled with dreams or ready to be filled with dreams - you should be selling these Ange, wonderful


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