Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday oops Monday Morning, up with the lark...

...I think I'll take a walk in the park 
Hey Hey Hey it's a beautiful day :)

6.15 wake up
½ hour drive to the pool
1hr training
back in time for breakfast
Beaker leaves for work 
9am start torture lessons with messmonsters
1.00pm feed the starving hordes finish torture lessons

The four of us striding through the fields with compasses 
in order to reach the village town hall 'the back way'
making our way north west through the fresh cut hay

4.30 pm
One hour to don my 'domestic goddess tiara'
5.30pm racing off to rock climbing...
Messies in tow
8pm home in time to cook dinner
9.30pm all in cleaning their teeth 
(we're late tonight so no reading)
9.48 pm finishing blog post
10pm Yogi tea and starting a 'word art' project

Just another ordinary day
A little less (stress)full than usual
Bed time???
Some time later;-)

Hope you are all well
What was your day like???


  1. Waking up at 3 then 6 then 8 then 8:30 (with 3 month old) in bed (mon mari is trained so well!) Jog on the beach with the dog (but we played more than we jogged--hey it's Monday!)Home to shower, clean up and start setting up to take pictures of favorite finds from weekend brocante--shoot pics the rest of the day (heaven!) and take care of 'petite fille'...feed middle garcon lunch and send him back to school, work on web-stuff, neglect laundry, dishes and cat litter box successfully. Feed children dinner and cuddle with middle garcon who is feeling ill, cook and eat dinner with 'French Guy', feed bebe and put her to bed, fall into bed to finish web-work--read facebook posts and write comments to my favorite belle-bloggers..... bon nuit! xx!

  2. I'm hyperventilating just reading about your day. Or maybe that's my springtime allergies, which are worse than ever! :) Seriously, your day sounds busy and full and wonderful. My day is all about getting a piece finished by tonight so that I can send it to my collaborator before our phone conference tomorrow morning. Will I finish? Probably not. No. Sigh. Love that top photo!!! xo Gigi

  3. Up at 7.15am - breakfast in front of The Times online (boys get own brekkie in front of Marsupilami - berk), 8.30am go to work, 3.15pm go for mammography, back home by 5pm, do 20 mins trampolining in front of Midsomer Murders, boys home 5.30 and 5.55. 6pm start writing flipcharts on Royal Wedding. 7pm make dinner. Youngest tells me he needs sarnies for next day so put bread machine on. 8pm eat dinner. 9.15pm Skype with fellow writer on flipcharts. 9.45pm realise youngest still up and watching Jurassic Park, get him into bed. Work on more flipcharts, send off. 10.45pm put dishwasher on, go to bed. Read Kindle until 11.45pm.

    I think that wraps it up. :) (Mammo clear :))

  4. Hi dear Ange
    You have a way of making love orange!! it's one of those colours I fluctuate with!!! [interest that is.. fluctuate interest wise!! haha]

    So.. I'd never keep up with you.. I used to be full of energy but slowing down.. old age !!!

    love your shots today... beautiful!!! ciao xxxx Julie

  5. Very calm in comparison to yours. Hope you are taking the time to smell some roses or similar....

  6. My! But you've got your hands full, don't you? Perhaps I should find more things to do, as lately I'm awake nights.


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