Friday, April 15, 2011

Gratitude: discovering the meaning of life

Go on! Watch this.
It's less than three minutes  long
It will make you smile
It made my day 

So - did it make you smile? Do you feel a little gratitude for those crème brulées that you love? Have you been following your heart (to the crème brulée section of the supermarket)?

I have a little personal gratitude to share. For Jeanne, who gave me a sweet blog love award a few weeks ago (yes - I do have my tail between my legs, and am now virtually looking up at her with big, pleading brown blue eyes hoping she'll forgive my rather late lateness)
and …

...for all of you who keep popping by to check in on me, even though I'm lagging behind in the 'post' stakes ;-).  My new motto is ' the finisher is the winner.' I borrowed it from the Nice (as in French Riviera, Nice) Triathlon finisher t-shirts, thinking it was pretty apt for many aspects of life especially housework.

Every day, life has an uncanny way of teaching me humility: that I'm not, no matter how hard I try, ever going to be super human, and never will I be likely to grow even ONE extra set of hands in my lifetime - how ever many affirmations I write to the contrary ;-)

As I watched that film above though, I mentally ticked off each piece of simple, meaningful advice it gives, and realised that a good many of them are part of my daily or weekly routine.

So, while being consistently behind in blogging finishing off my own art projects, inspite of all the disorganisation and constant restructuring that characterises my homeschool beginnings, I'm happy. And grateful for life.

Just wanted to share that with you… including the 'blog love' award. I just love 'youse' all as we say in Skippy speak ;-) If you feel like sharing a little 'blog love' then pass it on to some inspirational, motivational and just plain likeable bloggers that you know.

Dutifully, I am posting a link to my first (actually second,  because it has a photo) post.

A Virgo always acts virtuously Jeanne so I am denying the rebel in me and obeying instructions ;-)

Now tell me dear friends, what are you grateful for? And what makes you happy?


  1. Yes, it did. Thanks Ange. Made my day on the other side of the world too. Sending you a virtual hug and a smile. Jxxx

  2. charming little film about such important ideas. If I did half of these I would be alot happier. Actually, I am working on all of them and trying to make them part of my everyday life. Thanks Ange.

  3. I'm grateful for you, Ange and your inspiring words and posts even though you've been lax! I need to watch this video every day to reaffirm my priorities. Thanks for the sharing (and congrats on the blog award).

    Much love,

  4. It's a very charming film and I realise now that I've been living my life All Wrong, and to the wrong soundtrack. 'The finisher is the winner' - I'm going to have to pretend I thought of that excellent saying myself.

  5. You should never apologise for being behind blogging must go on. And I couldn't agree more with your motto. The finisher is the winner. xx

  6. loved your charming and uplifting video!! and love the quote! xx

  7. Brilliant video, Angela. I think I might share it with Son 1, who gets stressed at times and could do with permission to lighten up!

    I did a gratitude post last Sunday which included thanks for the scented flowering olive in the evenings... and lizards! Wow, I love having them back...

  8. Yes it made me smile, for the images, the music and the sentiments. A charming ensemble, and so true.

  9. Hi Dear Ange
    Wish I could have watched it.. I'm sure it was just what I needed.. haha.. but my internet is a louse.. and my blog rations make me grateful just to be visiting.. haha

    Have a lovely weekend my friend. ciao xxxx Julie

  10. Ange...that was lovely and in answer to your question, at this very moment, you have made me happy :) I thank you for sharing the video and in the Blog are most deserving!

    Best wishes Ange for a wonderful week!!

    Jeanne xxx (another virtuous Virgo)

  11. And I'm a virtuous Virgo too! I smiled all the way through this little film. It is so very lovely.
    P.S I don't believe that you're not super human for even a moment. xx

  12. No matter if you have seen this before or not, it still touches your heart eac and ever single time.
    And the music is so lovely too.
    Thank you for giving me something to smile about today.

  13. merci pour cet adorable moment de poésie. Thank you for this adorable moment of poetry.

  14. That is one super adorable clip!
    I am grateful for friends like you, Ange: friends I've never met in person, yet feels like sisters. The joy of connecting over the internet is one of life's unexpected treasures.
    Hugs and love to you!

  15. And I love youse too Ange, you make me happy!!
    Millie x

  16. I love this little film . . . I have seen it before but everytime I see it it is like the first time.


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