Thursday, October 27, 2011

A heart of Courage: giveaway

Have you ever noticed that when you finally bite the bullet and do something you've been dying to do but dreading internally, for fear of being out of your league, too big for your boots, or just plain not up to grade, that things just fall into place?

Over at Annie Blogs you can win one of my 'Key to Courage' hearts above if you leave a comment on her blog answering one not so tiny question: 'What does courage mean to you?' 

To me courage means daring to believe you're bigger than you feel inside, and stepping out even if you aren't completely sure you have what it takes to make the jump . It means not asking permission for believing in yourself.

Courage to me means: 
Daring to be the change I want to see in the world!
(thank you Gandhi!)

And you? What's courage to you? Go and tell Annie here then come back and share with me

Sending out some bursts of courage to you all till next time


  1. Coucou ma chère ! Je tente ma chance ... depuis le temps que je rêve d'avoir un petit bout de toi chez moi !

    Pour moi le courage c'est être capable de revoir sa façon de vivre pour être + en harmonie avec soi-même.

    Je t'embrasse fort.

  2. For me, courage is summed up by this proverb: "Fall down seven, stand up eight."

    Bon courage!

  3. wonderful response Ange
    I also feel that courage is when I do something I feel a bit frightened to do, but my spirit inspires me to do it anyway.

  4. I went to visit Annie and I said that
    Courage is sucking it up and ploughing forward even when you don't want to.

    Hope you're well Ange. xx

  5. I'll go and have a visit at Annie's blog once I've thought of what I think courage means:) This is an interesting question Ange. I know it's not the absence of fear, but doing something despite fear...someone famous said that once. Hmm, courage is a discipline, much like hope I guess. Hope all is well with you and the lovely ones. Meredy xo

  6. Such a thought provoking subject Ange. It got me thinking and all I could come up with was a formula for what courage looks like to me -- 1 part faith, 1 part resolve and 20 parts fear! ~Lili

  7. This is what I wrote on Annie's blog:
    Courage for me is where I am at now: resigned from a job I HATED to do something I LOVE AND FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT - interior design, getting a half day job I didn't think I would get..and wondering how I am going to do it all, pay for it all...

  8. for me courage is about change ( and hopefully without attachment ) :)
    hope you are well
    ~laura xx


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