Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shedding a little light on the subject: a makeshift tutorial on what to do with an old shell and a piece of driftwood

Given that:

a) Homeschooling has hexed my mind into a seething pit of viscious French verbs and evil rules of grammar, exhausting all form of creativity in the process,
b) Time has packed its bags and left La Rivière in disgust

in a desperate bid to think of ANYTHING something remotely interesting for a blog post, I have resorted to carrying the camera with me about the house hoping to find gold in an unsuspecting moment! 


I've come up with an idea for you. Well it will be interesting to YOU, if you too happen to have the following:
  1. a bare wall from which protrude unsightly electrical wires topped with a builder's light socket (mine was in the bathroom for example), 
  2. a spare shell purchased years before at a brocante  
  3. a forlorn piece of driftwood lying around. 

Take said piece of driftwood and cut a slit through the middle lengthways, nearly to the end, so the shell sits comfortably but firmly. Honestly possums, it has to sit there for a long time, maybe even years (if you're lucky), before your bulb blows, so give it a comfy seat. My chosen piece of driftwood was already conveniently formed that way but I figured out how to replicate it in case I wanted a second bathroom sconce.

Drill a small hole diagonally through the wood at the back (behind the shell of course) for the electrical wire to pass through. Take a small screw thread, about 1cm high and fix it onto the top of your wood, over the hole. This is what you will screw your light socket onto.  

You can't see how it is used in this photo as we are in a rented house and I didn't bother to take the ugly light fitting off completely (This is duly explained by yours truly being too lazy to go downstairs and switch of the electricity main when she's all excited about having a quick fix light on the wall two flights' up). I just hid it behind the shell, on top of the new light socket I've screwed into the wood. However, for your own home I strongly recommend you drill the hole through the wood so the wall wiring can be integrated up through your sconce.  

If you want yours to look prettier, I suggest you DON'T LOSE PATIENCE like me and, unlike me, DO take the time to make the notch that is needed to insert your wall bracket into the back of the  driftwood, rather than fixing it rapidly to the bottom in a very non professional manner.  

OK - it's only a quickie idea. But it works out well on a bathroom wall.
Don't you think?
Righto possums, I'd better race off and think of another quickie lighting idea for my atelier, the last idea I had hasn't worked at all and the dark October evenings are finally drawing in. 

Bisous to all I haven't seen lately.
I'll be back!


  1. Alas, I don't happen to have those three things This Very Moment, but I am delighted to live my life vicariously through you, dear Ange.

  2. Such creativity! I love the finished effect.
    Helen x

  3. I do love your inventiveness, Ange. It looks fantastic! xx

  4. What a cool idea! I don't know how you come up with all these awesome things, but I sure am impressed, Ange.

  5. I'm fiddling with lighting at the moment too - that ones a great idea xx

  6. Comme c'est beau, Ange ! Quelle douceur également ! :-))
    J'ai justement ramené une grosse coquille des USA ...

    Je t'embrasse fort.

  7. Geez Ange, Martha should be worried, very worried!
    Millie xx

  8. totally cute... and i happen to have an abundance of driftwood and shells. the beach combing is awesome here in PEI
    have a fun weekend
    ~laura xx

  9. apropos shell -
    this really is a charming
    video despite being viral...



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