Friday, October 14, 2011

A little inspiration to get on your bike...

These final days of warm sunshine mean I'm still trying to fit in as much painting as I can after the homeschooling finishes for the day. Coincidentally, I shall be racing off on my poor, neglected mountain bike later to run some errands since I conveniently blew a car tyre last night racing messmonster number two home from singing and don't have a spare.

Just in case you weren't feeling too energetic at the moment. I thought this short video of gorgeous French women pedalling might inspire you.

Contrex - Ma Contrexpérience - 97s from Marcel on Vimeo.

So whadaya reckon? It really made me smile!! Sigh, my 'errand' ride is likely to be much less interesting.

Have a great weekend. I'd better get that pedalling in quick. Dinner out tonight and tomorrow night make for tight pants!
Much love


  1. Just LOVED that Ange, thank you. I'm afraid it won't make me like exercise bikes though, real bikes that move yes, those that don't, no - unless I could have some sort of incentive ?!!
    have a lovely weekend

  2. Too funny! I want one at my bootcamp!

  3. Love that video Ange !! Itwould certainly make me pedal faster, that's for sure !! haha
    Enjoy your dinner. XXXX

  4. That's brilliant, Ange!
    I'd love to chat, but I'm off to hit my own pedals.(sadly, no such inspiration...)

  5. That video is hilarious Ange! Now, if only the gym was hooked up the same way:) Hope your car gets fixed soon. Love to you and yours. Meredy xo

  6. why is it that when we eat out, we seem to get a little heavier? Could it be that we overeat?


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