Sunday, April 11, 2010

Food for thought: Qu'en penses-tu?

Cette façon de voir les choses me semble très juste...
C'est exactement le genre de réflexion qui me passe par la tête
pendant que je peins dehors par ce dimanche ensoleillé.
La vie au bureau ne me manque pas finalement,
même si je prends des risques...

I think I found this photo at FIT TO BE SEEN
Very, talented photographer, Andrea always provides
a unique perspective on life
through her lens and a few well selected words.*

In the mean time - pop over there for more food for thought

Tomorrow I'm going to be posting some photos
that are horribly late for
C&C Photography's assignments.
I have 3 to catch up on and the fourth assignment
will be posted soon!
Hopefully Kim will be able to give me some pointers
with the next assignment.
I'd really like to know how to use my camera!
She'll be here tomorrow

Have a lovely Sunday, I'm off outside armed with brushes and ink
while the messmonsters cavort in the daisies.

* Remember, I am blonde, so if I didn't find this at Fit to be Seen like I thought ... 
please let me know so I can humbly apologise 
and make amends.

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  1. Great quote Ange and so true. Certain people in my life spring to mind who were in completely the wrong occupation for the way they are wired but remained there due to the accolades they kept receiving.
    Good luck with the camera.

  2. oooh enjoy the sunshine whilst kiddies cavort! Sounds like fun and wish I was there making too!

    Thanks for lovely comment.


    PS It will HAPPEN - I just need to find the energy first on my wish list!

  3. Enjoy the sun, a perfect day for taking lots of pohotos. That said I forgot mine this morning and I wanted to photograph the blossom.

    Bon dimanche a toi,

    Leeann x

  4. It's true. Is it better to be successful at the wrong thing or unsuccessful at the right thing, especially when you factor in responsibility to others? I guess most of us are sometimes somewhat locked in.

  5. ~starbucks cup yes! they can offer up some nourishing words while you savor your coffee...enjoy and embrace your sunshine filled moments painting away...brightest blessings~

  6. This quote has certainly got me thinking Ange...and thinking...and thinking! Mmmm.
    Anyway - enjoy that lovely spring sunshine. A cavort amongst the daisies sounds perfect. xx

  7. Dear Ange,
    I have to say that success at the right thing can be dangerous as well, bringing stress, jealousy and many other nasty things ! .. Just playing devil's advocate, but, true all the same !!
    Enjoy your Sunday and have fun with Kim and Kasey. XXXX

  8. I guess it all boils down to your definition of 'success!' Especially compared to how you personally can view it, and how society at large views it.

    Does responsibility mean we can't be successful at the 'right' thing? What is responsibility? Are parents who never see their children because they are 'successful' business people and provide more material goods than any child could ever need 'responsible' because there kids don't go hungry?

    The questions on this subject are never ending - but all equally thought provoking. I still think it boils down to a personal definition of success though ;-)

  9. OMG - the spelling police really will get me. I MEANT 'THEIR' and not there!!

  10. Have a wonderful time!!! Is that from a Starbucks cup?? Have a great day.

  11. hmmmm, thats an interesting thought because it depends on the paradigm you re in, or how you see things at the time. ( without judgement )
    and like grisolm (from CSI) says "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." thats someone elses quote, but i love how grisolm said it.
    have a great day with your petite pooches
    ~laura x

  12. Bonjour Ange,
    I am back home and trying to get back to my blogworld. Tour topic is very deep. I feel in life you always have to reach for success; but the end result is very individual. Success is a personal thing. Love Food for Thought.

  13. Heh. OH oh!
    Dear Ange...
    Not mine! Oh no! I've all the credit but none of the work! I love what you've said about me though! Heh. Perhaps I'll go to Starbucks and take a photo for you but these quotes have been long gone...Now replaced by a spiel telling how great Starbucks+the buyer (you) are for buying their coffee. I'm a little sick of reading it myself...
    Now my dear blond, You have the task of finding the real photographer! Though if you ever want to use any of mine you are more than welcome!
    Love the post. Something to really consider when wishing...

  14. Once again a delightfully inspiring post Ange! I got a smile out of the last part :)..I am not blonde, but my techical abilities are limited, and I fear I set something up incorrectly inside my blog world...I have someone checking out why I am not linking, and will let you know when it is repaired!
    Enjoy your day and your messmonsters! Mine got into some fun yeaterday, if you stop by you'll see...oh children :)

  15. You always come up with the most thought provoking quotes Ange. ~Lili

  16. I wish I could cavort in the daisies...
    Great quote Ange! And I see nothing wrong with your camera skills.

  17. I love this quote and bit of wisdom.
    Congratulations on your new website! Wishing you grand success, the kind you are ready for~

  18. Ange...I can see a few days out of the blogging world has put me completely out of touch with what is going on. A new website!! I just had a look and it is easy to use and intriguing. It just makes you want to see more. I wish you all the best with it. I am sure truly great things will come of it.

    I love the artwork you recently posted, I am off to explore as I saw something very similar by Nic Moon, a New Zealand artist. She traced the leaf of a pohutukawa tree and used the pattern on similar objects. Mostly garden tools and I loved her work. She looked for old garden tools and brought them back to life. I have her brochure. I will scan a few images for you. I think you will enjoy it.

    Off to start my day... just wanted to say hi and wish you a wonderful week. I am slowly catching up and look forward to posting on my new purchase from you. Just checking, does it say 'For the good, the world is good' in the middle? I am hopeless with french which makes the cross so special :)

    Jeanne :) :)

  19. Hi
    I've just popped in to let you know that there is an invitation for you to join myself and others in a creative project.
    Please drop by when you can to read more on my post titled 'creativity and an invitation for you.'

    I hope you can join us.
    Thank you
    best wishes
    Robyn ;)


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