Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunny side up!

While my gorgeous visitor is under running water somewhere upstairs I'm sneaking in a blog post and catching up with C&C Photography's photo assignements. Thought it was time to improve my photographic skills.

"Ange, this will help when you want to take pictures of your own work!" I said to myself.

1st assignment: photograph A WHITE EGG
Try and find a white egg in France!
Camilla suggested I paint it ;-)
In the end Skippy's parents came to the rescue.
One of their chickens had laid an original egg
It was cream!
That'd do the trick

Until I realised that, no matter how many times I took a photograph of that egg, I could never again reproduce the same shot as I had no idea what buttons I was fiddling with on my camera.  Oh well ...looking on the bright side, I never knew a cream coloured egg could be so interesting...

Then there was composition - I'll post that later in the week.

For now, I'm still onto the colour. 
Guess which one I chose. 
Humour me! 
If you can guess, it means I got my assignment right!

In the mean time, there's more of that gorgeous colour in the sky outside and I feel the pull of reality tearing me away from the virtual. That's my round about way of saying I'm sorry I haven't been popping over much in the last couple of days but tourism takes up time!

Now, after a run through the green pastures that surround our house this morning I have to get Kim into the colourful world that is the kids' candy section at the local supermarket before getting dirty and dusty in a couple of Gimont brocantes... 

In return, Kim has just explained to me how APERTURE works... I may be able to complete these photography assignments yet ;-)

Have a 'sunny side up' kind of day !!

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  1. Goodness, I like them all! Must I choose? I am not very good at multiple choice questions.

  2. Welcome to the club! (Bienvenu a la clique?)

  3. So long as you're having a great time with your visitor, we'll cope with your absence for s short while. And your images look beautiful! Enjoy the blue skies Ange xx

  4. Beautiful pictures Ange! I am so impressed and yes, your egg is quite spectacular!

    Enjoy these lovely moments and have fun!

    Best wishes,

  5. Have fun in those dusty brocantes...and breathe in all that fresh spring air! New cameras are scary!

  6. your mosaics and the eggs made me smile and wait for more creativity from you my friend!

  7. Oh I love the egg and the daisy. Beautiful collage Ange, great variety. The reflection turned out so beautiful.
    The creative it seems asif you also incorporated texture with the peeling paint on the chair too...
    Beautiful color story , the shutters and the rocks "bluetiful" collage.
    You have a great eye.
    I am so glad you joined....just a little late in the game...ehem.(hehe)

    It is so cloudy, grey, rainy foggy,icky this a.m...your post is sunny, I feel cheery already.

  8. great shots and love the creamy egg!!

  9. Wow - loving the photos! The egg looks so much more classy than you would think an egg should look. Well done!

    Enjoy your company!

  10. Hey Ange,
    Good to hear that you are enjoying yourself. I was starting to worry; I got so used to my ange daily shot ;-)
    I LOVE the pictures! really impressive!

  11. ~i think your lessons are coming along quite nicely! beautiful pictures you have taken...i too have never been able to re~create a shot...i guess thats they beauty of looking at life through the lense of a camara...BLUE is your color?!? warm wishes and brightest blessings upon you always~

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets what settings she's just used on her camera! Your photos are gorgeous, Ange, and I love that cream egg! xo

  13. I'm guessing the assignment is "Blue"? God, I hope I'm right. I hate being wrong!

    You are the sunshine in my day, Ange. Happy day!~

  14. Ange, It is such a good idea to learn how to photograph your work! Never a dull moment chez toi. I like your egg too. xx

  15. Great blue, lovely eggs, sweet jeans

  16. well im impressed.... i still use my cell phone camera hehe
    have a good one

  17. Dear Ange
    I think they are eggscellent!!!! sorry!! .. have fun out there broncante and sunshine .. good friends and photography... what could be more fun... maybe you can send Kim around to explain APERTURE to me also.. although I doubt she'd find too many flea finds in Sydney....

    Have fun xxx Julie

  18. I love your images have a great eye. Is this an online class? Aperatures have always baffled me...another way of saying that I am really dense! Which camera are you using? Great clarity!

  19. lovely images, you are doing well! I will hop over and have a look. Can anyone join in at anytime? Guess I should go over and find out really! :)


  20. Please tell me; is that little flower beside your egg a pâquerette?
    We do not have these tiny daisies here, but I remember them from my visit in France. While we were in Victoria BC, they were all over the fields and they call them daisies. I am a daisy LOVER, so these beautiful flowers really make me happy.

  21. could the color be blue ;-{}
    looks like you are having fun and learning too~

  22. Its blue, its blue. Yaaay, my favourite colour. Great work girl, all these images are eggstremely lovely. xx

  23. Beautiful images Ange! I only learned in recent years that each chicken offers it's own distinctive egg color and shape. Growing up on white-white eggs, I had no idea. Each of your photo collages is lovely, but I feel a very personal connection with the little jeans.

    I'm going to enjoy following along. And I'm still thinking about your functional art lamp with the wooden shoe forms.

  24. Your pictures are lovely!

  25. I like your eggs... there's something very lovely about eggs ;)

    I am a fan of blue too... it says so many things.

    A big part of my attraction to the blogging world is the creativity... it's diversity and instant availablity - but you can't beat spending time in nature for feeding the soul.

    Enjoy your sunshine and green pastures.

    best wishes

  26. You've been on my mind all week, Ange. I hope you are having a wonderful week with Kim. Love to all, Meredy xo.

  27. I see Photoshop in your future, dear Ange, a perfect marriage with calligraphy. ;) And i just visited your new website...wicked cool, as the kids say. This is so exciting! Now, everyone will have a chance to collect your exquisite art work. :)

  28. I just love the egg, Ange...I am sure you are having fun with your guest...sometimes it is nice to be a tourist in your own backyard, you see things differently...however I do not like to tour TOO much in my "Vegas backyard.
    How is the ash your way?

  29. Oh how fun to have photography assignments! I badly need lessons, but assignments sound like a fun part of it. I enjoyed seeing how you positioned the egg in the grass near the daisy. Have fun with your visitor!!! ~Lili

  30. Hi Ange - so very pleased to have found you and Kim! Sounds like a fun week in France. I too am still trying to work out what buttons I push to get the correct photo - I now just keep flicking the dials until one turns out ok- will keep watching in hope you can teach me a thing or two. Leanne (Mrs A) xx

  31. Dear Ange,
    I am loving your photographs. The egg is brilliant as is your 'blue period' !!
    My husband bought me a new camera for Christmas and, I haven't touched it yet !! I'm scared ! Perhaps Kim could get the ferry over and give me a lesson ! How is Kim doing ? I hope that she is O.K. I guess she has just got to wait it out. Our daughter is in Australia and goes to Bali tomorrow. She comes home at the end of the month but, I think she may have trouble as the flights will all have stacked up by then. Mind you, Bali is not a bad place to be stuck in, is it ? Same goes for Kim. I bet you are looking after her and she is having a wonderful time.
    Have a great time you two. XXXX


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