Friday, April 30, 2010

Take the weather with you: 6th photo post

Before I start this post I have to thank both the lovely Amanda at Small Acorns and the gorgeous Jeanne at A Collage of Life for tagging me in their game. I have been so flat out trying to organise the coming months of my life (Exciting news for me to tell you when it's all sorted out properly. SHHHHH. All will be revealed), that I had almost... 
I said

forgotten to blog

They brought me back with this really fun idea:

Amanda got me first with 'Post your 6th photo.' 
Remember right back when we started our blogs? 
My 6th post was written on a day much like today -
A little grey and drizzly... 
And I have a few opinions about the weather
This is what I posted...

To introduce our guest star, is what I'm here to do. So it really makes me happy, to introduce to you... introduce to you ...(anyone hearing the Muppet Show in their head???Sorry - got a bit carried away there ;-)

A big welcome to DORIS my positive pig. Her flying highness in flesh and feather! 

Hovering up there, she looks like she's snubbing you but infact she's warming herself after her flight in the last rays of sunshine before the rains of this weekend (funny how our own disposition at a given moment affects our interpretation of how others see us - but that's another topic). And I say 'rains' on purpose of course, for there were many. There was one rain that was great for watering the parched plants that I had shamefully forgotten to shower this summer. Then there was a second, slightly more insistant rain that drenched the kids when they took advantage of a break in the weather to pick some figs and quinces. Then there was the last rain that battered insistently at the windows and nearly drowned our border collie to the extent that he howled until we let him inside.

Now, while I firmly believe that every cloud does have a silver lining (plants watered, kids giggling, dog washed are just minor examples), for tonight Doris and I leave you with these wise words from Crowded House:

'Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you...'

It pops into my head whenever it rains and people complain about the weather, which I find most intriguing given that the weather is something that we can do absolutely nothing about! Complaining about the weather appears to me about as futile as trying to take it with you! But that's just my simplistic view of things.

Guess therefore that I shall let the weather do whatever it pleases tomorrow while Doris and I adapt ourselves accordingly. Painting inside it shall be then piggers!

My 10th photo has no flying pigs but it is about food!
And speaking of, my eldest messmonster 
has her Jeannettes (Brownies) 
dinner tonight for which we were asked to 
cook according to the theme of JP II
Hmm - I've comme up with
Jeune pousses de roquette avec Jacket Potatoes and duo de Patates douces et Panais rotis
(young rocket with Jacket Potatoes hehe, and duo of sweet potato and parsnip)

Do drop by on Sunday so we can dally over a 10th photo of
 carrot cake that even pigeons wouldn't eat ;-)

Have a lovely, weather filled weekend 

PS - have to rush out so will add the mystery tagged ones later tonight...


  1. I'll be back for the cake Ange. xx

  2. I just love Doris, your positive pig! How fun and how uplifting your words are! Looking forward to hearing your news! Have a wonderful weekend dear Ange!

  3. oh happy pigs eh?! To fly in the sun - now that sounds soooo good.

    I am intrigued to hear your news????? well, as I launch the Summer experimental art e-course I feel like flying - yes, dates are up on the site, if you know anyone that wants to join so spread the word on that one! Everyone is making the most wonderful work on the first one and I am loving it!

    Will be checking back ;)


  4. I love this post! i agree, complaining about the weather is futile! besides the sun is always shinning just above the clouds!

  5. It all sounds like a most sensible thing to do flying pigs and all. Take the weather with you my friend...

  6. Crowded House is my all-time favourite band (my Dad was Neil Finn's highschool teacher at Te Awamutu College many moons ago) so as soon as I saw your post title I started singing...which is ironic after reading your post because I moan and rant about the Queensland heat every day without fail...drives my family mad. I feel somewhat rebuked (in love of course) and will do everything I can to correct my "futile" behaviour. Thanks Ange, I needed that:o)

  7. Ange I have a flying pig too and I always say that it's one of the things I would certainly save if the house was burning down! I pass him every day and he always makes me smile.

  8. Oh, I am so late with my 10th photo. Lovely Sharon tagged me a week ago and I still haven't posted.

    My tante used to have a bunch of pigs. They were shiny and pink and we used to ride on them and pretend they were horses.

    Thanks for the memories your photo inspired. I had almost forgotten about that.

  9. Dear Ange,

    I confess that I have complained about the weather, especially when it gets hot, so I have been delighted that the rain has stuck around for so very long. Besides we needed the rain after a three year drought.

    In general, I love the rain as I find it very romantic.

    Wishing you all the best,

  10. I love your flying pig, Ange. We had lovely weather here today, in which I made sure I was out and about. A drive to pick up coffee this aft was a much needed pick-me-up, both for the caffeine and the jaunt in the sunshine. We're expecting rain on Sunday and I will dance out in that too. Ya gotta dance!

  11. Dear Ange
    Well I just love your Doris.. and love your reference to Crowded House.. and that song will be in my head all night now.. and I suspect everytime it rains.. I wonder how many ppl will know this one.. all us aussies and new zealanders of course... Now I've had a little pink pig pate knife for eons but the knife part fell out of his bum the other day... very sad.... a broken pig!!

    Well rain is a wonderful thing.... we had rain all day yesterday and I found it to be just the ticket to relax and unwind.... Another fun post from you and .. looking forward to your good news.... have fun xxx Julie

  12. Your blog's tone is perfectly consistent throughout - I'd never have guess that that wasn't a new post. I always admire it when people's posts are so unmistakably them. I hope that pig still flies.

  13. Most of the members of Crowded House were in a band called Split Enz first and several of them came to my 21st birthday party.... their music will always have a place in my heart for that reason

  14. Dear Ange,
    Your Doris is wonderful. I thought that your introduction was very Sgt.Pepper's !... and, I think that, maybe a few flying pigs were spotted by the Fab Four in their Sgt, Pepper days !!!!
    Can't wait to hear your exciting news. I am waiting with baited breath. XXXX

  15. Yay crowded house!

    Were you a fan of "A country Practice" by any chance....Love Doris!

    Talking about muppets, hope you can swing by my blog for 5 minutes!

    Can't wait to hear your news...

    Best wishes and happy week, Ange,

  16. I lived many years in a town famous for it's flying pigs. Cincinnati, Ohio...also known as Porkopolis because of the meat packing industry. They always made me smile then too! ~Lili

  17. i heard that pigs in germany represent good luck. i learned that while buying a pig shaped summer sausage at christkindl christmas festival.
    great pic and great post.


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