Thursday, April 1, 2010

Please Sir: The Art of being an entrepreneur

Before I get into today's rather short post (thought I'd give you a break after the last tome), I just wanted to thank you all for your inspiring and uplifting comments regarding my 'education' dilemma. They have given me lots of food for thought and a good deal of encouragement. I will show you all a picture of that hand painted manifesto as soon as it is finished - and keep you posted about the unique solutions I might find to overcome this situation, all inspired by you!

In the mean time, I read this post (and found the beautiful image) over at Please Sir and thought it may pique the interest of a good many of you artists, crafters and creators out there. It's all about 'The Art of Business.' 

 Below are some key points shared by William Mangum, an acclaimed watercolorist and gallery owner,  on the art of business and what it means to be an entrepreneurPlease Sir would really like some additional input from any of you (us)  who have set out on our own, or are thinking of doing so, particularly in an art related field. Is there anything any of you would add to this list? If so, pop over to Please Sir's blog and let her know. 

What is the "Art of Business?"

A - Alliance: seeing what is possible with other people, corporations and causes
R - Resourcefulness: connecting the dots to make a vision into reality
T - Tenacity: having the fire to get started and stay motivated 

Mangum also said an entrepreneur:

1. Dreams big
2. Takes risks
3. Never rests on their laurels
4. Constantly raises the bar
5. Creates value and carves out a niche
6. Exploits and identifies market opportunities

In any case, it seems that this is another great list to paint up big and stick to a wall for those times when pulling it all together seems a bit much!  I guess the kitchen's where I spend the most time, so I shall put it there. I have been known to paint and cook at the same time, which is why the messmonsters will flinch before no food, even bottle green spirulina ;-) Hmm - it's not a bad English lesson for them either!

Off to grab those brushes again then.

PS... I have been requested to write a few more posts en Français, so every now and again don't be surprised to see a bit of 'Sacré Bleu!!'

PPS. Thanks again for all the encouragement.... There are lots of little windows of opportunity opening up again!


  1. Love the post Ange...especially TENACITY, 'having the fire to get started and stay motivated. Perfect!! I am printing this one too. Off to read more on Please Sir...thanks!!
    PS..found a note in my maibox about signing for a may be here:)

  2. Sacré Bleu! is good in my books.
    Keep up the fight and you will succeed!

    Love to read your determination when you face something; you have to be strong!
    Bon Courage!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Great post! I'll add this- make marketing part of your art. A big part!

  4. The "T" part is the real guts of this, isn't it? Here's to motivation! ~Lili

  5. ahh opportunities. anything bad or good can be viewed as one.
    great post

  6. oh such a lovely blog home you have... love your signs....
    your thoughts are fabulous here....

    marketing, motivation... and hard word....
    all soo good...

  7. Great post Ange, you know what grows out of acorns :-)

    Have a fabulous Easter and a glass of bubbly for Mr FF & moi,
    Mille baisers L

  8. Those are two amazing lists to have on hand to serve as reminders. Happy Easter, Ange. Hope the bunny brings you something special. ;)

  9. yes... be what you want your world to be ;)

    x Robyn

  10. Thanks so much for posting this and I'm glad to read all the great comments. Glad to share the art of business. Best of luck on your future creative endevours!

  11. T for tenacity is your middle initial I reckon dear Ange. You have in it bucket loads & that's why you are a star!
    Millie ^_^


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