Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Testing, testing ... going live!

Lots of late nights, learning and laughing ...
A few glasses of good red wine...
Some ummings and aaahings...

Thanks so much to Nathalie @ Coaching and Web 
for the hours and hours 
and hours 
and hours (ad infinitum)
she has spent
writing the code,
generally putting it all together.
I think she's done a great job!

Thanks to Mlle Julie@ Being Ruby 
for the great work she did 
on transforming my blue shutter
for the front page.
Can ANYONE help me convince this girl 
to put her photo works/writing into book form?

Thanks to the exceptionally witty 
and verbally gifted Lulu Labonne 
who helped me define 'who I am' 
then put it into some sort of intelligible 
and I like to think interesting perspective. 
DITTO FOR THE BOOK idea above!!
The unintelligible bits are still written by... moi

Mille mercis to Anne Sacramento for her invaluable advice 
and the work she is still helping me do on my logo 
(soon to be replacing the 'Signed by Ange' you see now)

And mille mercis also to my lovely friend
who is on her way to Toulouse
armed with a camera and
enough talent to make a photo of moi
look unfrightening
(if you get the picture ;-)

Thanks for all your patience as I have been very remiss 
and sporadic in my visits recently.
I know :(

Guess I'd better get on to translating this all into Français now!
And maybe get a bit of painting done too
N'est ce pas?

If you get the time to visit my site, 
would you be a sweetie and let me know 
if any of the links don't work, 
something seems wildly out of place 
or if I've made some huge embarrassing 
spSPelling mistakes? 
Otherwise, it's a bit like having a poppy seed 
stuck between your front teeth all day, 
or your skirt tucked into your knickers ...
 by the time you realise yourself, 
it's too late!! 
Lovely spring day to you all.

My brushes are calling...


  1. Ange, I have just checked out your website and it is beautiful, unfortunately I am not the person to check for spelling mistakes, as my own spelling is appalling. I did not see anything that jumped out at me, will have a more in-depth look when I have more time.
    I completely agree with you regarding Julie at Being Ruby, We are going to have to work on her.

  2. The new website looks fabulous!

  3. well done you! Can't wait to pop over!! And also to see an 'unfrightening' image of you ;) heh heh!!

    Good luck and big hug. I look forward to a nice glass of wine one day too . ..


  4. Ange, your website is just beautiful. I loved, loved, loved what you've written at "Who's Ange". As for the gallery.....sigh. Congratulations on a professional and welcoming website. You're going to be busier than ever! Meredy xo.

  5. ~ “All prosperity begins in the mind and is dependent only on the full use of our creative imagination.”
    Ruth Ross

    Ange...your BEAUTIFUL...nice to see your bright smile...you truly shine just as your posts do! the website is oh so l♥vely...i too am not a great speller so to me it looks perfect. i like the photos coming so softly in and out...nice touch! wishing you well on this new adventure...may it be filled with only an abundance of goodness to come forth in your life...blessings aplenty to you and yours~

  6. oh wow Ange! that's great, I'm off to have a peek.


  7. Love it, the font, pics...you also look gorgeous & great to find out some more about you!

  8. Love.
    That is ONE super clean, modern fantastic website. Oh it is BEAUTIFUL Angela. Such a great job..it really shows off your inspiring art.
    ...and you, lovely image of you.
    C'est tres BIEN!

  9. Oh Ange, your website is fabulous, what a great job....WOW! I don't know how to say this without sounding a little sentimental, but I loved reading what you wrote about yourself, it made just so proud to be your friend - if that makes sense! You write so brilliantly....a wordsmith you definitely are :)

    I wanted to say thank you too....for your comments on my blog the last few days which made me laugh out loud, you are one funny girl!! And thank you too for putting my button on your blog and for writing such a nice thing about me....girls are just the best!!

    Love the photo of you too, beautiful!!

    I know I owe you an email...will be doing that later, I don't leave for Paris til tomorrow :) So excited!!!! :)

    Hope the sun is shining there like it's shining here :) xoxo

  10. Your website looks great! As I read somewhere, "expect success"!

  11. It's a lovely website, clear and white and elegant with beauty and individuality and a sense of personal conviction rather than consumerism. And I'm so pleased to know what you look like! Well done, Ange, and well done to the wonderful Julie as well for her distinctive and creative artwork.

  12. WOW! you are so talented; congratulations!

  13. it is exciting ... and beautiful!

  14. Dear Ange,

    Looks great! One suggestion, when clicking on the Etzy link, have it coded so it opens as a new window, otherwise one leaves your website.

    I'll have another deeper look and write you privately.

    Warmest regards,

  15. Lovely website update. It all works very well together - am envious of the clouds!

    As Don says... "Expect Success"

    All the best


  16. I looks soooo stylish - how appropriate!

  17. Congrats Ange, website looks amazing. I love the header, and its a beautiful extension of what you've already created with your blog. xx

  18. Sorry Ange but I'm still trying to find how to get to your website...dah?!
    but anyhting you do is lovely and your words are inspiring and help me to get off me backside..

  19. It looks very professional indeed - a wonderful showcase for your work. May you be inundated with commissions!!

  20. It's almost as if I finally got to meet you in person, seeing your lovely image there and reading your written words about yourself. How endearing this is to now be able to visualize you as I read your words! Lovely new place Ange! ~Lili

  21. FANTASTIC!!!! You're website looks really beautiful. I love that it's very light, clean, simple. It all seems to be working right as far as I could tell...spelling is good too. Love "who is Ange", really nice. Great photo too. Good job, congrats!

  22. This is so exciting! I am going to pop over right now.

    I am so happy for you Ange...you really are an amazing and gifted person.

    Best wishes,

  23. I'm back! WOW!!!!
    Everything is stunning and I LOVE what you wrote in your bio (fabulous picture too!)-it really comes from the heart and beautifully articulates your values and beliefs.

    Well done Ange!

  24. Ange, it's fabulous! I love what you've written about yourself and inspirations, and personally think the photo is great - not at all frightening!! Sooo pleased to see that lamp in the gallery with the shoe lasts. I only foresee one problem - having enough time to keep that shop filled with your lovely inspiring pieces!! Congratulations. Amanda xx

  25. Ange, thanks so much for your kind visit...I have my email address in two places on my blog, with my profile and below in the part that says: about my shop...maybe they are not showing up??? wouldn't surprise me...Anyhow I found your Website, click on the word Website!!!! it's awesome Ange...good on ya!!! cawolff29@yahoo.com

  26. Ange,
    CONGRATULATIONS! Your website is just wonderful, I love all of it except for the fact that your shop is empty....but I will be looking and watching, and will end up with a treasure by you one day!
    Drink some more wine and celebrate your success...I will have a glass too!

  27. Ange, your website is gorgeous! As are you, but I'm sure you know that by now. I had fun learning a bit more about you, so I hope that you don't mind that I looked through it all. And true, you are indeed a wordsmith.

    I agree that Julie@BeingRuby needs to do something with her photography. I keep hoping she will.

  28. Awesome Ange! I love the calligraphy writing...the colors and the overall clean look to your website - well done!
    HTML is a bear!

  29. Ange bravo it looks fabulous. It is you to a "T".

    All that hard work has paid off.

    A tres bientot my dear and very talented friend,

    L x

  30. How very exciting! I am off to look (even though I should have been in bed LOooong ago).

  31. Its wonderful and congrats...and you are 100% right about Julie/Ruby's photos. She has to do something with them

  32. Ange, your website is wonderful! I began looking last night and saw your beautiful face and I smiled and smiled. Not today when I went to click around and see more- it is gone, even your link does not work. I am guessing you know all this and are doing something to your website. Just wanted to mention this, in case you do not know.

  33. bravo. good job! its clean and clear, and user friendly.
    all the best


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