Sunday, November 1, 2009

I had a DREAM in B&W (No ORANGE!)

I have been reminded. Not so long ago, I had a dream in which I put some black and white photographs on a page for Anne- Marie. I spoke about it, in jest, to the only Anne-Marie I knew at the time. In jest because I rarely put photos on a page (at that time), because the AM I know and love dearly has no reason to receive black and white photos from me, and most of all because I live very much in colour. Life is not black and white for me, nor even shades of grey, but an endless rainbow. A big splash of ORANGE! I rarely even wear black!

These are the photos I offer in Black & White for Anne Marie at Na Da Farm's Sunday. They are of objects that calm me when the sea is rough. I have no idea if the lovely new Anne-Marie (at Na-Da Farm) to whom I am linking, will notice I have done this. But it is ... time...

From JJ, after the Great Fire

Khalil Gibran whom I first read at high school when I was 16, who annoyed the priest at my wedding and in whose words I still find solace.
The violin? Unfinished work - but not for long.

 Another angel on my table (merci CC)

A word I LOVE

Du Vide Naît l'Enérgie, from my teacher Anne Sacramento

May your Sunday bring peace - and inspire...


  1. This is a lovely post. Things happen when the timing is right.

  2. Hey Ange
    I read the opening sentence and thought.. I can tell you who the AM is... and then read the rest and of course you know!!....

    Unfortunately I won't be able to do B&W Sunday this week..I have to work more today... but... you have done a wonderful job for both of us!

    Pop over and leave Anne-Marie a comment.. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have another participant.. especially when this one keeps dropping the ball!!!

    Take care.. have fun
    xx Julie

  3. Mmm, what a yummy post. Even without color, they're so lovely. I especially love the violin pic and the one of "amour."

  4. Lovely photos. You may be surprised to learn that I wear black and grey all the time and we are now renovating our house in shades of white and grey. I love colour, in art, nature, food, clothes(my children's), music and laughter but I need simplicity elsewhere.

    My eldest son read passages from Gibran at Savannah's christening...

  5. Tammie, it's true!
    Deb - I love lots and lots of white everywhere (makes it easier to set off that splash of colour!) - it's the shades of grey and black I've always had problems with. Our house is an old farmhouse with lots of wood so I in fact add white and shades of 'ficelle' (no grey) to lighten it. I can paint grey furniture for anyone - but I can't have grey in my home. Strange - it has to be taupe, or linen, or ficelle, galet, but not grey!
    Leah! What a lovely surprise!!
    Julie I miss your posts! I look eagerly every day and then I think - 'hOpE she's at least out enjoying the Aussie sun! It's hard not to let work take you over!

  6. Lovely photos Ange - weirdly I am going through a phase for grey - I have painted our bedroom that colour (somehow it feels very French now).


  7. I too love grey, I love the way colours bleed into its sombreness as if the space draws them to fill it with gentle colour. Of course I love colourful food and bundles of indian silks, and an autumn landscape, and your Amour picture...your work is lovely.
    Enjoy those kiwis xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  8. Your site is just lovely - very inspiring! The image with the word AMOUR is fantastic. Thanks so much for visiting my site. I will check back to yours often - love to see what you will post next.
    =) Susan

  9. I too am a lover of grey, as it is a mixture of two colours I adore - noir et blanc.


    Leeann x

  10. The word AMOUR is off a table that I did up with here and there with words I loved... And as I read your comments, I am won over again by grey... but that blue grey of a rainy day sea. And grey is very French, Fabulously French ;-)


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