Monday, November 23, 2009

The Paris Episodes: The Plague

Sorry friends, there's an unplanned intermission between acts (read: chapters) I have come down with a case of SST (severly sore throat). Feels like the plague ...
'Should this prevent you from using your fingers for typing?' I hear you ask... 'Do you have to repeat every thing out loud while you type???'

No - but head is pounding too (it's from hearing that little voice telling me to go to bed with a hot lemon toddy and look after myself).
Then, the Adventure Racer in me says "YOU WOOSS! Get over it and get writing, you have a deadline to meet! You've done 500kms non-stop with 7hrs sleep and a dislocated shoulder blade before, this is peanuts next to that! Not to mention other people, like Julie for example, who work sooooo much they start talking backwards! You're a poor excuse! "

Then the WOOSS in me says, 'Yes but I don't want to get really sick and spend a week in bed and get behind in my blog art, with all the Chrismas orders to get off, (scoff scoff, you're a mother, who'll give YOU time off to have a week in bed anyway?) so maybe if I went to bed before 11pm just once I would feel a bit better and then I would make up for it by getting up earlier in the morning...

The WOOSS wins! The Adventure Racer can only win if she is outside and still has 400km to go to get to the finish line. When you don't have a feather bed in sight, it's much easier to brave the rain and make radical decisions like that!!!

See you first thing tomorrow with la suite aux Paris Episodes.

The Scaffolding, the Stalk, and Smell of Greek food...

PS, Found this little book when rummaging through the garage - may take it to bed for a read and see what a 'Parisienne' was in the mid 1700s!!

A demain...

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  1. Oh poor Ange! I do hope you feel better soon. Glad to see that you haven't lost your sense of humour whilst being sick with the plague!!
    Have another hot toddy for me!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  2. sorry you're sore, my remedy involves whisky, ginger lemon and honey with hot water - once you've used up one bottle of whisky you don't notice the throat thing

  3. Sometimes one just has to give in Ange - glad to hear you've heeded the warning! MOTH reckons I'm the world's most painful martyr, please don't join me in that dubious honour!
    Millie ^_^

  4. take care of yourself, premierement!

    no one ever expired of anticipation
    (except maybe Carly Simon)...
    we want you hale and hearty!

  5. Everyone is allowed to feel woossy once in a while! Rest up and enjoy that hot toddy, and I hope you're feeling well enough to recount some adventures tomorrow Ange. xx

  6. Ange, you poor thing. If it is any consolation MR FF is also poorly with grippe and has an awful cough. Hope that you had a lemon toddy before bed last night......

    A bientot my poorly kiwi friend,

    Leeann x

  7. I hope you feel better! Take a long bath, drink a toddy and fall into that lovely feather bed of yours. I know I'd do the same!

  8. Thanks for those lovely wishes. Managed to get up early (5am) as messmonster 3 woke me with sore throat and tummy symptoms. He is in front of la Télé as I type...
    So Lulu - I reckon with half a bottle I should be able to make my PE post extra interesting ;-) !
    Let's see how long I can spend at the keyboard before I hear that little voice say 'Mummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!' He's promised he'll have a sleep this afternoon...

  9. Bonjour Ange. Thanks for stopping by and glad you are feeling a little better. I love hearing from you!

    Just wanted to let you know about the youtube clip. These are the instructions I followed to learn how to do it:
    It is so easy to do.

    Just make sure you choose the smallest screen size for your blog as the next sizes up are too large. That is why I changed to minima stretch for my blog so I can have bigger pictures.

    Hope this helps. Have a great day!

  10. Bonjour Ange.
    Just discovered you on 5 minutes just for me.
    Your name is Perfect. I started reading you; so interesting! you have a way to expressing that touches me. Love your sayings. Can I follow you?

  11. hello dear friend,
    I do hope you are feeing a bit better today. Please take care of yourself and for goodness sake, don't lose your voice! How on earth would we visit then?!?


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